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  1. The rays from the object are here made to converge at A A, immediately in front of the field-glass, and here also is placed a plane glass on which are engraved divisions of a hundredth of an inch or less.

  2. If we wish to know what the principal qualities are which form common sense, we shall turn over a few pages and we shall read: "Common sense is the synthesis of many sentiments, all of which converge in forming it.

  3. This statement could be illustrated symbolically by comparing its truth to a fan, whose blades converge toward a central point where they remain fixt.

  4. It is incredible that the descendants of two organisms, which had originally differed in a marked manner, should ever afterwards converge so closely as to lead to a near approach to identity throughout their whole organisation.

  5. The anterior surface of the iris is variously colored in different individuals and marked by lines which converge toward the pupil.

  6. The rays of light go through this body and converge to a point at the back of the retina.

  7. When the thighs of the hind-legs converge and the tibiae diverge so as to form an angle which is armed with spines.

  8. Similarly, in most arguments of policy there are a number of considerations that converge in favor of or against the proposed policy.

  9. Reasoning from circumstantial evidence differs from reasoning from analogy or generalization in that it rests on similarities reaching out in a number of separate directions, all of which, however, converge on the case in hand.

  10. In this specimen they converge backward, cross each other and at the distal end are more or less intertwined.

  11. Here the test shows on the inner surface at each segment of the thorax a series of low ridges which are roughly parallel to the axial line, but which really converge in an anterior direction.

  12. Leaving the equator, degrees of longitude gradually diminish, since all meridians converge at the poles.

  13. All the main streets converge on the Plaza Mayor, where the site of the old teocalli is occupied by the no less famous Cathedral.

  14. It has a large river and canal traffic, and many railways converge here.

  15. Besides the traffic brought to Hamburg and Bremen by their rivers, all the railways of the northwest converge toward them.

  16. Puerta del Sol, the square which is the heart of Madrid; here converge the principal electric lines, and in it and the streets branching off from it are situated the principal shops and places of business.

  17. But in the geologic series both meanings converge and become one.

  18. From all the ravines of the mountains the muddy waters then converge toward the valley.

  19. These opaque striae may occupy either the anterior or the posterior segment of the lens, and spring from the centre of the crystalline or converge toward the centre from the circumference.

  20. He will find that all the horizontals at right angles to the glass will converge to his own eye.

  21. All true principles run over with it, all phenomena converge to it; it is truly the First and the Last.

  22. Thus they differ in importance; and according to their importance will be their influence, not only on the mass of knowledge to which they all converge and contribute, but on each other.

  23. The retirement becoming known to General Lyttelton, who was directing the operations, the pursuing columns were ordered to converge on Philippolis.

  24. Traced backward, their paths were invariably found to converge to a point in the constellation Leo.

  25. Thus a third line of separate research was found to converge to the same point with the two others.

  26. Of course, as soon as she bore away we bore away too, steering such a course as would enable us to gradually converge upon her.

  27. And it was obvious that within two minutes' time they would converge somewhere disagreeably close to the spot where I stood.

  28. And a moment later he was swinging negligently out across the pavement at a line which would converge with the path of the nervously pacing stranger.

  29. Illustration] A straight line on the polyconic chart represents a near approach to a great circle, making a slightly different angle with each meridian of longitude as they converge toward the poles.

  30. As the meridians of longitude converge toward the poles, the lengths between each lessen.

  31. A minute of longitude is a mile only on the equator, for the meridians are coming closer to each other as they converge toward either pole.

  32. The azimuths converge towards the same region as in 1881, but the area covered by their intersections is larger.

  33. Most of the lines of direction, when plotted on the map, converge towards an area lying between the meridians of Oneglia and San Remo, and between nine and fifteen miles from the coast.

  34. He also notices that most of the azimuths converge towards Casamenella, and intersect within an elongated area.

  35. A large number of them clearly converge towards an area lying to the west of Casamicciola; and, from their arrangement, Dr.

  36. We may thus imagine these surface-undulations speeding outwards from the epicentre in ever-widening circles until they have passed over a quarter-circumference of the earth, when they should begin to converge towards the antipodes.

  37. At this point they converge to the boss in the middle of the central octagon.

  38. The inside of the polished metal cover of a hunting-watch will sometimes converge a sufficiency of rays, to burn.

  39. Then all the emergent pencils now converge to a point on the axial line mM (produced beyond m), and an eye suitably placed can take in all of them at once.

  40. Spherical aberration causes those parts of a pencil which fall near the boundary of a convex lens to converge to a nearer (i.

  41. Mercy, faithfulness, and righteousness all converge and flow into the great river of the divine 'judgments.

  42. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "converge" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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