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Example sentences for "converged"

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conventu; conventual; conventus; convenyent; converge; convergence; convergent; converges; converging; conversable
  1. The three men converged at the same moment.

  2. A mile of the way lay over a stretch of attenuated grass along a ridge that sloped away to the depths of a narrow valley, which converged upon the river some miles to the north.

  3. Even at this period of deepest darkness and humiliation the world still converged upon Rome, and in the very centre of the web sat the successor of St. Peter, the appointed guardian of Heaven and Earth.

  4. They picked their way along the edge of the palisades, concealing themselves among the rocks, and as they thus worked to the southward the precipitous heights and the river converged until they were almost directly above the water.

  5. This was the first open statement the boys had heard as to the new roads, all of which converged suspiciously in the direction of the Swiss frontier.

  6. The dragoman dwelt at Rama for the reason that the routes to Jerusalem, west, north, and south, converged there; and for that same reason we will go on to consider route No.

  7. The two former routes converged at Florence.

  8. Two hedges converged upon it in the form of a V, but without quite meeting.

  9. These gradually converged upon the base of the hill, and the flocks became individually visible, climbing the serpentine ways which led to the top.

  10. This branch cave was soon explored, for in about two hundred yards the roof gradually converged to meet the floor, and we found it necessary to crawl on hands and knees--a painful thing to do over the rough angular lava blocks.

  11. Presently we reached what looked very much like an impasse at the end of a valley, the sides of which had gradually converged until the channel was then scarcely wider than the ponies were broad.

  12. But the fire of the enemy converged nearer and nearer, and the bullets sang a ceaseless little song in his ears as they passed.

  13. The savages converged in front of them in a semicircle, and their fire grew heavier and heavier.

  14. The battle converged toward them again, and Paul knew that he was needed to help the others hold the little neck of land so important to all.

  15. Those expected from Corinth, Mississippi, were routed by General Forrest, but the needed men were obtained from other quarters, and the three columns converged upon Atlanta, July 20th.

  16. But dreadful strings of mystery converged persistently to one point: Adam Craig, the pitiful old miser who for some reason huddled every book in the farmhouse on his shelves.

  17. The lantern light rayed off grotesquely through the leafless orchard but the silent group, intent upon the energetic digger, watched only the spot where the fan-like rays converged upon the spade.

  18. I should have supposed that, on the contrary, they converged more, since they meet in a point.

  19. Before the messengers arrived the Confederate infantry, in every quarter of the battlefield, swept forward from the woods, and a vast wave of men converged upon the plateau.

  20. And when all the efforts of great men converged to the re-election and election, Lee converged towards Washington.

  21. At the point where we first struck their tracks they had been going in full speed, and the trail of the steed converged until it closed with theirs at an acute angle.

  22. Their line converged to the rear, and met behind the grove--so that the camp was embraced by an arc of browsing animals, the river forming its chord.

  23. No two had been galloping together; their tracks converged or crossed one another--now zigzagging, now running in right lines, or sweeping in curves and circles over the plain.

  24. Upon this struggling mass the Federals converged from every side.

  25. As the fugitives converged toward the bridge in the rear, a shell burst among the teamsters' wagons, a caisson was overturned, and the passage choked.

  26. Between these drums massive iron rods, fastened to the circumference of the table, rose, and converged around a small hollow cone of iron through the upper flooring of the factory, at a height of 12 or 14 feet above the table.

  27. There was in this little world of ours as much ever-varying excitement, as much elation and depression, as if it were a focus into which converged the joys and sorrows of humanity.

  28. The summit, too, streamed fire, which intensified as the ring converged toward it, raggeder now.

  29. All the protestations and half-veiled threats of the British and American governments converged upon Villa.

  30. This line of movement converged with that of Bagration's retreat, and served essentially to favour the desired junction of the two Russian armies.

  31. Scoresby succeeded in exploding gunpowder by the sun's rays, converged by large lenses of ice; here we have succeeded in producing the effect with a small lens, and with a terrestrial source of heat.

  32. And I saw the flights of planes that seemed endless as they converged at the concentration camps.

  33. There were direction-finders that had taken the message from several stations; their pointers converged upon one definite location in southern Ohio.

  34. From the far corners of the shrinking Empire the whole combatant strength of the Japanese Navy converged on Leyte Gulf.

  35. They withheld their fire until the barge was within fifty yards of the pier and then all weapons converged their fires upon the craft.

  36. His path converged towards that of the noisy company, and on coming nearer he found to his relief that they were several Egdon people whom he knew very well, while with them walked Fairway, of Blooms-End.

  37. The eyes of each were then so intently converged upon the stone that one could fancy their beams were visible, like rays in a fog.

  38. A profile was visible against the dull monochrome of cloud around her; and it was as though side shadows from the features of Sappho and Mrs. Siddons had converged upwards from the tomb to form an image like neither but suggesting both.

  39. O is reflected by the inclined face of the mirror M, and the rays are again reflected and converged by the ellipsoidal reflector R R, which effects the same purpose as the object-glass of the compound microscope.

  40. They converged in a rush as Conn and his father and Lucas came in.

  41. Immediately, every piece of contragravity equipment in the place converged on her; men dangled on safety lines hundreds of feet above the ground, cutting away beams and braces with torches.

  42. At the point where the wolf tracks converged he noticed a small triangular patch of darkness close to the ground.

  43. A few miles farther on Connie again halted and pointed to another trail that converged with the one they were following.

  44. On that little shape had converged all the inauspiciousness and shadow which had darkened the first union of Jude, and all the accidents, mistakes, fears, errors of the last.

  45. He saw a figure on the other side, which turned out to be hers, and they both converged towards the crossmark at the same moment.

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