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conventus; convenyent; converge; converged; convergence; converges; converging; conversable; conversance; conversant
  1. Nor are signs of a convergent evolution wanting on the economic side.

  2. Evidently, any one who should try to pursue two very separate but convergent lines of reasoning, must undergo a most toilsome task, and one little likely to be performed without long and continued effort.

  3. The fact, however, remains that each of these gradations of reasoning may be stated just as easily and more logically as separate and convergent lines of thought, because each can be rested on a separate combination of proofs.

  4. Each argument allowed by the reader to be valid, will finally link itself to its neighbours; and all thoughtful persons know how to estimate the strength of convergent conclusions.

  5. Perfection of Mind in Nature estimated from convergent fitnesses and correlations, as exemplified by Sight and Hearing.

  6. From the broad base of each spine run eight to ten deep furrows convergent to its apex.

  7. Around the base of each radial spine the shell is usually elevated in the form of a conical or cylindrical sheath; the crests are prolonged into the sheaths as longitudinal ribs, parallel to the spine or convergent towards its apex.

  8. Taken concretely, the experience of convergent lines contains within itself the elements of the transformation of its own content.

  9. To return to the illusion: If the experience of the lines as convergent is illusory, it is because of some elements in the thing as experienced, not because of something defined in terms of externality to this particular experience.

  10. Lambert for expressing as a continued fraction of the preceding type the quotient of two convergent power series.

  11. We may require to represent the infinite convergent power series a0 + a1x + a2x squared + .

  12. Every convergent is a nearer approximation to the value of the whole fraction than any fraction whose denominator is less than that of the convergent.

  13. Every even convergent is greater than every odd convergent; every odd convergent is less than, and every even convergent greater than, any following convergent.

  14. It is always possible to find the value of the n^{th} convergent to a recurring continued fraction.

  15. Every convergent is nearer to the value of the whole fraction than any preceding convergent.

  16. When we can solve this equation we have an expression for the n^{th} convergent to the fraction, generally in the form of the quotient of two series, each of n terms.

  17. A continued fraction may always be found whose n^{th} convergent shall be equal to the sum to n terms of a given series or the product to n factors of a given continued product.

  18. Its n^{th} convergent is not equal to the sum to n terms of the series.

  19. In this case the sum to n terms of the series is equal to the n^{th} convergent of the fraction.

  20. Cortex white or brownish, composed of long slender spines, often curved and convergent at the apex, which at length fall away from above downward, leaving a pale smooth surface to the inner peridium.

  21. Cortex of long spines, curved and convergent at the apex, which fall away and leave a smooth surface to the inner peridium.

  22. Cortex consisting of a pale yellowish farinaceous layer, covered by a coat of soft, fragile white spines, curved and convergent at the apex; after maturity it soon disappears, leaving a pale smooth surface to the inner peridium.

  23. Cortex of large stout spines, convergent above, becoming smaller downward, which at length fall away, leaving a tomentose surface to the inner peridium.

  24. The lens of the electric lamp was now placed so as to form within the tube a strongly convergent cone of rays.

  25. The slightly convergent beam of the electric light was then sent through the mixture.

  26. In the track of the beam was placed a large plano-convex lens, which formed a fine convergent cone in the dust of the room behind it.

  27. With convergent mouthpieces there is a contraction within the mouthpiece causing a loss of head, and a diminution of the velocity of discharge, as with cylindrical mouthpieces.

  28. Transformation of a spherical wave-front into a plane wave-front by a convergent diopter.

  29. A convergent lens which will change the long spherical incident waves into shorter plane waves, will transform the short incident waves into concave waves whose curvature is opposite to that of the original waves, i.

  30. But "many different images, borrowed from very different orders of things, can, by their convergent action, direct consciousness to the precise point where there is a certain intuition to be seized.

  31. Mouth constricted, one-third as broad as the shell, with three convergent short triangular feet.

  32. Feet convergent (the distance between their ends being smaller than that between their bases).

  33. In each of the three sides of the thorax descend five convergent pairs of stronger ribs, the three upper of which are crossed and form large rhomboidal meshes.

  34. Feet three to five times as long as the shell, cylindrical, semicircular, with convergent and crossed distal ends.

  35. Shell urceolate, with nine smooth prominent curved ribs, prolonged into nine triangular convergent short feet, scarcely one-sixth as long as the shell.

  36. Feet broad, triangular, shorter than the thorax, with convex back and convergent ends.

  37. They did not know how tired I was, how exhausted mentally and morally, nor how cruel their convergent attack on me chanced to be.

  38. Capillitium of numerous convergent ribs, which extend from base to apex, and are united by fine transverse fibers, thus forming a network of rectangular meshes.

  39. This very serious deformity is often the result of the operation for convergent squint, and is associated with a fixed, leering, and prominent eye, and frequently with most annoying double vision.

  40. Additional Cristo figures appear on the convergent walls of the east morada sanctuary.

  41. This area is emphasized by an arched entry, lateral pilasters, raised floor, and characteristically convergent side walls.

  42. The convergent wall of sanctuaries is often visible from the exterior.

  43. This shows, as the varieties of the sheep and cow are convergent in character, that the less divergent the varieties the less is the good attendant on crossing.

  44. The age of isolation and divergent evolution is passing away, and that of international association and convergent social evolution has begun.

  45. The psychic evolution of social groups is divergent so long as isolation is fairly complete, but becomes convergent in proportion to association.

  46. When the waves are convergent and the recipient screen is placed so as to contain the centre of convergency--the image of the original radiant point, the calculation assumes a less complicated form.

  47. A very general problem in diffraction is the investigation of the distribution of light over a screen upon which impinge divergent or convergent spherical waves after passage through various diffracting apertures.

  48. These series are convergent for all values of v, but are practically useful only when v is small.

  49. It retains the best preserved metastoma in the collection, but was used by Professor Beecher especially to illustrate the convergent ridges on the inside of the ventral membrane in the axial region of the thorax.

  50. These ridges are very low, and on each segment of the thorax there is a central one, outside of which is a pair which are convergent forward, making angles of 35 to 45 with the axis.

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