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  1. Since the mind, in all its thoughts and reasonings, hath no other immediate object but its own ideas, which it alone does or can contemplate, it is evident that our knowledge is only conversant about them.

  2. The Teuton doctrine and practice are that Germans may insinuate themselves into a country, and in the guise of loyal citizens become conversant with its secrets, and then use them to its hurt.

  3. Those who are most conversant with these elements of the problem are haunted by a restive consciousness of disappointment and apprehension.

  4. On the contrary, I believe myself to stand before many who are able to judge, rather than merely accept, my opinions, and in the presence of an assembly exclusively composed of his admirers, thoroughly conversant with his works.

  5. His name would now scarcely be known, nor would any at this day be conversant with his comedies and satires but for the exalted position which his widow subsequently attained.

  6. I have since been told by an old woman conversant with sleepy cream, that a quart of milk nearly boiling hot will wake it up.

  7. To those who are already conversant with bread-making, churning, etc.

  8. And I warn you I shall fine you heavily--you, a judge yourself, who should be conversant with the courtesy and dignity of courts.

  9. Also, he saw that the revolver did not wabble, nor the hand shake, and he was thoroughly conversant with the size of hole the soft-nosed bullets could make.

  10. We will allow two years of indefatigable research to have passed over our model governor; by that time, and not before, he may have become thoroughly conversant with the colony in all its bearings.

  11. Far from the scenes of dissipation and frivolity, conversant with the grand and the sublime in nature, her sentiments assumed a corresponding elevation.

  12. To supply the want of this knowledge, she had recourse to Mr De Courcy, who removed her perplexity with the ease of one conversant with his subject, and the accuracy of one who speaks to a reasoning creature.

  13. Indeed she was little conversant even with the name of this quality.

  14. Physica, touches not amiss on its nature, and with his divine and clear intellect would have published much more, had he been conversant with magnetick experiments.

  15. Gilbert had already spoken of St. Thomas Aquinas as a man of intellect who would have added more about the magnet had he been more conversant with experiments.

  16. Above all, they must be conversant with its highest ideals and understand the relationship of the same to those of their own faith.

  17. He is a rash man, indeed, and little conversant with human nature, and especially has he an erroneous estimate of the character of the people of this country, who supposes that a feeling of this kind is to be trifled with or despised.

  18. No patriotic Southerner can become conversant with the facts without experiencing a feeling of alarm and indignation.

  19. This result may surprise many not conversant with the profits which are constantly being realized from small farms.

  20. However this might be, its structure has puzzled not a little even those most conversant with antiquities.

  21. The king, they say, hath a fairer word for the dames than for those stout hearts who won him his crown," said the victualler, seemingly conversant in the common rumours that were abroad.

  22. Mr. Locke very justly and finely observes of wit, that it is chiefly conversant in tracing resemblances; he remarks, at the same time, that the business of judgment is rather in finding differences.

  23. The passions therefore which are conversant about the preservation of the individual turn chiefly on pain and danger, and they are the most powerful of all the passions.

  24. As to his next, the lessening of the deficiency of the land and malt-tax, particularly of the malt-tax, any person the least conversant in that subject cannot avoid a smile.

  25. With great truth I may aver, that I never remember to have talked on this subject with any man much conversant with public business, who considered short Parliaments as a real improvement of the constitution.

  26. All the natural powers in man, which I know, that are conversant about external objects, are the senses; the imagination; and the judgment.

  27. Ever active, ever employed, and ever faithful to his trust, this extraordinary youth became mixed up with great events, and conversant with great people everywhere.

  28. It is true, I was conversant with stirring themes.

  29. Long conversant with Indian habits and customs, Nathan felt sure he should play this difficult part with all the perfection necessary to deceive even sharper eyes than those of the savages.

  30. Prisoners conversant with the recommendation of the Royal Commissioners, anticipated quite a different policy on the part of the authorities.

  31. I learnt their slang and thiefology, and as a theorist became tolerably conversant with all the mysteries by which the professional thief and scoundrel preys upon society.

  32. I am not very conversant with those books (pointing to a volume before him), not so conversant as I should be and will be.

  33. He who sees the flames only, and is unmindful of the fire which emits the flashes; is said to be ignorant of the material element, and conversant with its transient and evanescent flash only.

  34. Accompanied with these, there proceeds the entity called the Jiva or living spirit, which is conversant with its oscillation and respiration, in the form of a pencil of air.

  35. From these reasons it is plain that there is no world in existence, nor even the mind, which is but a part of it; the world being a non-entity, there can be no mind which is conversant alone with it.

  36. Thus they are conversant with the practices of all opposing parties, without mixing with any one of them.

  37. Anyone requiring a really good guide, thoroughly conversant with the Chaco, ways of wild Indians and animals, please apply "T.

  38. I speak only of that part relating to the insect kingdom; the merits of the other parts are best known to those conversant in the respective branches.

  39. Yet such are the truths existing in nature; truths known to every one conversant with this study.

  40. Here the two men were soon convinced that each was thoroughly conversant with the whole machinery and working of a mine.

  41. Any one who is conversant with "Don Quixote" will remember the skit upon the island of Barataria, and the affecting meeting between the ass and his master.

  42. And that it is by being conversant with the inventions of others that we learn to invent.

  43. How incapable those are of producing anything of their own who have spent much of their time in making finished copies, is well known to all who are conversant with our art.

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