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Example sentences for "dissipation"

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dissimulation; dissipate; dissipated; dissipates; dissipating; dissipations; dissociate; dissociated; dissociates; dissociating
  1. And he parted from the housekeeper on the steps of the church, going home much vexed by his dissipation of mind.

  2. The unhappy Marie loathed the dissipation of a life which hindered her from ever being alone with her God.

  3. Abstention from this dissipation now added a few weekly shillings to the great adventure fund.

  4. On the morning after my first evening's dissipation in Sydney, I made my way to the business premises of Messrs.

  5. My notion of dissipation and extravagance would have proved amusing to the bloods of that day, and merely incredible to those of the present time.

  6. Then, as happens to people of weak character, he desired so passionately once more to enjoy that dissipation he was so accustomed to that he decided to go.

  7. It was indicative of dissipation and the exercise of authority.

  8. It had kept him from plunging deeply into dissipation when youth was hot in his veins.

  9. She never disturbed him but was ready to talk when he wished to listen, listened eagerly when he talked, and was silent and beautiful and restful to look at when he wished to indulge in the dissipation of mental laziness.

  10. She says John's rich relation's locatin' here is a dissipation of Providence, if you know what that is.

  11. Why can some live and die in a whirl of dissipation with apparent relish, whilst others get clogged by a few balls, and fling worldly enjoyment to the winds on account of the very nausea it creates?

  12. Let us not, however, imagine it was all dissipation at Althorp.

  13. While shameful secret dissipation ruins the noblest of men, in frank and open irregularities there is some palliation even for the most depraved.

  14. They plunged into the dissipation of wine and courtesans.

  15. The same may be said for those who contribute to the dissipation of others, by being dissipated themselves.

  16. A very generous father enabled him to partake of every fashionable amusement, and the natural bent of his mind soon led him into all the dissipation which the gay world affords.

  17. They too must have their evening parties, they must attend the places of public diversion, and must be allowed perpetual dissipation without control.

  18. Her love for reading returned, and she regained the quiet happiness of which flutter and dissipation had deprived her without substituting any thing so valuable in its place.

  19. Surrounded with every snare that can entrap a youthful mind, she became a victim to dissipation and the love of fashionable pleasures; destitute of any stable principles, she was carried full sail down the stream of folly.

  20. She had indeed by dissipation often chased Mr Alworth from her thoughts, but at the first moment of leisure his idea returned in as lively colours as if it had always kept possession of her mind.

  21. A renewal of the same dissipation scattered them with every other serious thought; and she again entered into the hurry of every trifling amusement.

  22. As the town filled she began to try if dissipation could dispel her melancholy.

  23. She was not however so totally engrossed by this pleasing dissipation as to neglect any means of serving the distressed.

  24. The dissipation of the vapour produced at the surface of the platina, and the contact of fresh oxygen and hydrogen with the metal, form no difficulty in this explication.

  25. A] When heat does confer the property it is only by the destruction or dissipation of organic or other matter which had previously soiled the plate (632.

  26. A copper boiler 3 feet in diameter was insulated and electrified, but so feebly, that dissipation by brushes or disruptive discharge did not occur at its edges or projecting parts in a sensible degree.

  27. The charges were low in these experiments, first that they might not pass off at low pressure, and next that little loss by dissipation might occur.

  28. After a life of horrible dissipation and vice, Major Jackson, by this time Sir Henry Jackson, died, and his son came into the property.

  29. Then for a time she devoted herself to various charitable undertakings, and found religious dissipation in attending conferences and comparing sensations with those who were similarly affected.

  30. The theatre offered for a time another form of dissipation than his religious hysteria.

  31. At seventeen he had formed "a tender connection with a lady of position," whom he lost sight of later and forgot in the race with fast young noblemen, whose dissipation he rivalled.

  32. Some say that the long course of reckless dissipation has told upon his constitution and the general break up, which is always and inevitably the result of burning the candle at both ends, has arrived.

  33. His dissipation and lack of piety, however, were less direct causes of his fall than his ambition; he coveted, rumour said, a kingdom of Lombardy or even of all Italy.

  34. What portion in the world can the artist have, Who has awakened from the common dream, But dissipation and despair?

  35. In spite of the vast scale on which he worked his devilish will, his life presents a total picture of sordid vice, differing only from pot-house dissipation and schoolboy cruelty in point of size.

  36. Mr. Creamer, her medical man, would not hear of her returning to her old haunts and dissipation in London.

  37. Native character had enabled him to persist, as the exasperating function of success which dissipation declined to eliminate.

  38. Madame Duval joyfully consented to it; and the Captain though he railed against the dissipation of the women, did not oppose it; and therefore Maria and I ran up stairs to dress ourselves.

  39. Your lengthened stay in London, and the dissipation in which I find you are involved, fill me with uneasiness.

  40. He found that the momentary dissipation was proportional to the degree of electrification at the time, and that, when the charge was moderate, its dissipation was not altered in bodies of different kinds or shapes.

  41. His experiments on the dissipation of electricity possess also a high value.

  42. He found also that the dissipation of electricity along insulators was chiefly owing to adhering moisture, but in some measure also to a slight conducting power.

  43. The temperature and pressure of the atmosphere did not produce any sensible change; but he concluded that the dissipation was nearly proportional to the cube of the quantity of moisture in the air.

  44. Again he says: "The progress from the most diffused and insensible state to that of concentration and definition is called evolution, and is attended by the dissipation of motion and the integration of matter.

  45. But, thanks to his enormous vitality, no trace of this serious dissipation showed.

  46. Probably in no direction did Norman do so much mischief as in unconsciously leading men of his sets down town and up to imitate his colossal dissipations--which were not dissipation for him who was abnormal.

  47. She and the Major and the limousine accompanied them occasionally to church, the only form of social dissipation in which they still indulged.

  48. Who can compare the frittered and divided affections formed in cities with that which crowds cannot distract by opposing temptations, or dissipation infect with its frivolities?

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