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Example sentences for "dissipates"

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dissimulated; dissimulating; dissimulation; dissipate; dissipated; dissipating; dissipation; dissipations; dissociate; dissociated
  1. A real investigation of its validity by the modern methods dissipates it as the sun scatters fog.

  2. Reason, recollecting the immateriality of the soul, dissipates the ghastly dream beyond the possibility of restoration to belief.

  3. As too long a retirement weakens the mind, so too much company dissipates it.

  4. Fretting weakens one's self-respect, dissipates the regards of others, and breaks asunder the bonds of affection.

  5. The first fear of the human heart arises from God forsaking us; but life dissipates it, and mankind, created after the image of God, consoles us in our solitariness.

  6. What dissipates the rapture of this individuality and universality, and suddenly leaves us solitary and alone in a clouded life?

  7. Too low and too slow a heat dries it up without producing the full aromatic flavor; while too great heat dissipates the oily matter and leaves only bitter charred kernels.

  8. The most valuable part of the coffee is soon extracted, and it is certain that long boiling dissipates the fine aroma and flavour.

  9. And when it dissipates its revenues without giving any service in return, it makes a bad use of them.

  10. A moderate heat dissipates the mercury, and leaves the silver.

  11. The combined charcoal, however, changes by the action of muriatic acid into gas and oil; sulphuric acid also occasions a great loss of carbon, and nitric acid dissipates it almost entirely.

  12. The roasting dissipates likewise the water, the carbonic acid, and any other volatile substances which the minerals may contain.

  13. To extract its full strength, coffee should invariably be ground as fine as oatmeal or finely-ground hominy, and protracted boiling dissipates the aroma and destroys its fine flavor.

  14. I ought to be awed by the superiority of your understanding and of your character; yet there is an indulgence in your nature, a softness in your temper, that dissipates fear, and irresistibly attracts confidence.

  15. Now the proper application of metaphysics frees the mind from vulgar prejudices, and dissipates the baby terrors of an ill-educated conscience.

  16. I have a sort of primitive horror of ambition, of struggle, of hatred, of all which dissipates the soul and makes it dependent upon external things and aims.

  17. What saves us from the sorceries of Maïa is conscience; conscience dissipates the narcotic vapors, the opium-like hallucinations, the placid stupor of contemplative indifference.

  18. Extreme individualism dissipates the moral substance of the individual.

  19. Whatever increases perspiration injures these patients, as it dissipates the aqueous particles, which ought to dilute the urine.

  20. The next Assembly dissipates our fears, The stately, mourning throng of British Peers.

  21. He further added, that a single Ray of it dissipates Pain, and Care, and Melancholy from the Person on whom it falls.

  22. Gold is a wonderful Clearer of the Understanding; it dissipates every Doubt and Scruple in an Instant; accommodates itself to the meanest Capacities; silences the Loud and Clamorous, and brings over the most Obstinate and Inflexible.

  23. Education, we said, dissipates the evils of ignorance.

  24. Then later it dissipates with the same quiet indefiniteness with which it gathered.

  25. They must be kept in a bottle perfectly well stopped, and always in a cool place, because heat quickly dissipates the volatile parts.

  26. The cheat is easily discovered, by moistening a linen rag with the Oil supposed to be thus falsified, and then holding the rag a little before the fire, which presently dissipates the odorous part of the falsified Oil.

  27. But these Extracts are of inferior virtue; because the fire dissipates many of the oily and saline parts.

  28. The action of fire dissipates or consumes the sulphur it contains, and its phlogiston also, so as to convert it into a calx and a glass, as it does the Regulus.

  29. On the last idea, he dwelt with peculiar force, showing how the revelation of immortality dissipates death's fears and glooms.

  30. Moreover, it was a tactical error to give prominence to the personal quarrel between Guise and Mugeroun, for it dissipates upon a private matter the force which, devoted to an exalted ambition, might have been impressive.

  31. After the congregation is dismissed, it dissipates the impression received.

  32. It dissipates the mind, and creates a diseased imagination.

  33. When visiting is excessive, it dissipates the mind, and unfits it for any laborious employment.

  34. Sidenote: Light Dissipates Fear and Doubt] Fear usually arises from something unknown; it is due only to darkness.

  35. Sidenote: Emotive Pitch] The emotive (chest or heart) pitch dissipates opposition as naturally as the mind tone provokes a quarrel.

  36. It appears that the pure atmosphere of religious conviction which you breathe victoriously combats all dark doubts, as light dissipates darkness.

  37. If clouds gather in the matrimonial heaven, she dissipates them with the breath of love.

  38. But the victory which the French obtain at Bouvines, dissipates the hopes of their enemies: Otho is no longer emperor, save in name; and John would have been already dethroned, if Rome had not obtained for him a truce of five years.

  39. The man or woman who dissipates the capacity for love is the destroyer of his or her own soul; the flirt and the coquette are the losers,--the forsaken one has saved his own soul and gained the other's as well.

  40. He dissipates his energy, scatters his forces, and executes nothing.

  41. The great man is the one who never steps outside of his specialty or dissipates his individuality.

  42. No man can utilize his normal power who dissipates his nervous energy in useless anxiety.

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