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  1. But when it is understood that they are used in a neutral or metaphorical sense, I cannot see that any harm arises from their use.

  2. This possibility arises from the occurrence in nature of a principle which has been called the Correlation of Growth.

  3. Now, from the latter deduction there arises a point of first-rate importance in the present connexion.

  4. But no doubt a greater difficulty arises where whole groups of species and genera, or even families and orders, appear to arise suddenly, without anything leading up to them.

  5. Jefferson, who had taken an expanded view of it concluded a letter to Washington containing a detailed statement of his ideas on the subject in these terms: "But a most powerful objection always arises to propositions of this kind.

  6. Another most important mode of segregation among animals arises out of habitual or instinctive preferences.

  7. This is an emotion that arises from the idea of evil having been inflicted or threatened.

  8. But if their performance is prevented or thwarted, there arises a sense of want or dissatisfaction.

  9. Hence arises a vague notion that through the eye-gate, for example, a sort of picture of the external object somehow enters the mind.

  10. But I have next to notice that out of this intelligent examination arises a new, distinct mental process, the analysis of constructs.

  11. Among these there arises a struggle for existence, and hence what Darwin named natural selection.

  12. Another mode of segregation arises also out of geographical conditions.

  13. Their peculiar way of managing things arises from their habit of looking to authority, of moving under pressure of a force majeure; they have not, and can form but a faint idea of, that English liberty which is in our air, which M.

  14. This, however, arises not only from the individuality of the writers, but also from the very circumstances in which their works were produced.

  15. The principal reason for tracing the Tyropoeon from the Jaffa Gate arises from Josephus's description of the valley as an open space or depression within the city, 'at which the corresponding rows of houses on both hills end.

  16. This arises from greater rapidity of circulation, and also from the fact that, weight for weight, each half sovereign presents a greater surface for abrasion than a sovereign.

  17. Consciousness dwindles and flares up most irresponsibly, so long as its own flow alone is regarded, and it continually arises out of nothing, which indeed is simplicity itself.

  18. The horror of mechanical physics arises, then, from attributing to that science pretensions and extensions which it does not have; it arises from the habits of theology and metaphysics being imported inopportunely into science.

  19. Nothing arises in nature, Lucretius says, save helped by the death of some other thing.

  20. To the question, as the logician states it after transforming men into letters, it is certainly irrelevant; but it is not irrelevant to the case as it arises in nature.

  21. And if the locus in which the good is to arise is somehow pronounced to be indifferent, it will certainly be indifferent whether that good arises in me or in you.

  22. It arises from his total want of faith in all virtue; he is no more capable of conceiving goodness than she is capable of conceiving evil.

  23. It arises out of a sense of the sacred duties of hospitality, and out of parade, if they have not the reality of that humility so strongly inculcated in the Koran.

  24. This account may have some foundation, but inquiry and observation satisfied me, that the wealth of this sensible minister arises out of those more honourable sources which his industry and good management have created.

  25. My admiration of these festive chansons arises from my appreciation of them in their native costume and diction.

  26. A difficulty arises when two bodies are composed of the same elements combined in different proportions.

  27. The inconvenience which arises from the stings of bees and wasps, also from the fluid ejected by ants when irritated, is due to formic acid.

  28. Not for the first time some words of the Parson's came back to him: "Casual encounters where no such question arises .

  29. Great inconvenience often arises from the exclusive character of the parclose.

  30. I can of course get at the date from historical books, and from that kind of artificial memory which arises by itself without any memoria technica.

  31. Some children may be more fearless than others, but whether that fearlessness arises from ignorance or from stolidity is again by no means easy to determine.

  32. A distressing feeling arises in my mind that such marks of kindness as these on your part are caused by a belief that I am ever likely to join your communion .

  33. This arises from induction, each adjacent turn of wire acting upon its neighbor.

  34. This swing of course indicates that a current is passing through circuit C, but as there is no battery or other source of electrical energy included in it, it is clear that it arises from the action of the current in circuit A.

  35. Among other things I also sought to remedy the difficulty which arises from the great dependence on the skill and industry of the printers.

  36. With every new invention there arises the question if it is useful, and if so, in how far, for science, arts, and industry.

  37. This double conception arises from their possession of the lightning-spear, or arrow, which also gives them in some cases the character of a war-god.

  38. This arises from the circumstance that from these quarters come the winds which carry the fertilizing rains.

  39. In the autumn, ere he takes his winter sleep, he fills his great pipe and smokes, and the smoke which arises is seen in the clouds which fill the air with the haze of the Indian summer.

  40. Sir, it arises from the hemp which we are macerating.

  41. By heaven, she has a bust and hips to warm the bosom of an anchorite, and depend upon it, all that Cranstoun has said arises only from pique that he is not the object preferred.

  42. The question arises as to what natural selection would do among a hundred million say, who, through many centuries, might be subject to a gradual attenuation of the air.

  43. The danger that arises is lest the Divine Persons be confounded one with the other in faith or worship, or lest the one Nature in them be separated: for "This is the Catholic Faith, that we should adore one God in Trinity and Trinity in Unity.

  44. That is the cry, desolating and pitiful, which arises from the higher followers of every religious faith.

  45. This arises from two causes: from the profound sincereness with which Wordsworth feels his subject, and also from the profoundly sincere and natural character of his subject itself.

  46. Either the thoughts and diction are different from that of the poet, and then there arises an incongruity of style; or they are the same and indistinguishable, where two are represented as talking, while in truth one man only speaks.

  47. The last question that arises is, to what degree of northern latitude this coast extends, before it trends more directly to the westward.

  48. The deep and agitated beating of the forepulse of the left hand arises from the febrile state, due to the weak action of the heart.

  49. There was also a pair of scrolls, the text of which was: A thorough insight into worldly matters arises from knowledge; A clear perception of human nature emanates from literary lore.

  50. It arises entirely from the strength of licentious love.

  51. This illness arises from the injury done, by worrying and fretting, to the spleen, and from the inordinate vigour of the liver; hence it is that the relief cannot come at the proper time and season.

  52. They all, when looked into, appear dark and dusky; but the infernal spirits that are in them are in such a luminosity as arises from burning coals.

  53. The difference is that in the latter case the pronouns alone signify being, and contain this notion in themselves, whereas in the other cases this notion arises from the conjunction of subject and predicate.

  54. This arises partly from the difficulty of the subject; partly because his anxiety to avoid dogmatic statements led him into vagueness of expression; and partly because in some cases he was uncertain of his ground.

  55. This division arises from the original double nature of each radical, as expressing both Being and Action.

  56. A second substantive verb arises from the conjugation above explained, with the tense signs.

  57. The latter readily arises when a substantive verb offers an easy means of conjugation by uniting with another verb.

  58. From this arises an essential and real graduated difference between languages.

  59. The former arises from accidental causes having relation only to these tenses, not to the verb in general.

  60. We have now to consider that form of isolation which arises in consequence of mutual infertility between the members of any group of organisms and those of all other similarly isolated groups occupying simultaneously the same area.

  61. When, for example, any section of a species adopts somewhat different habits of life, or occupies a somewhat different station in the economy of nature, homogamy arises within that section.

  62. Segregate Breeding, or homogamy, which arises under any of the many forms of discriminate isolation, must always tend to be cumulative.

  63. They take refuge on board a drifting hulk, a storm arises and they are cast ashore upon a low sandy key.

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