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Example sentences for "impression"

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impressed; impresses; impressibility; impressible; impressing; impressionability; impressionable; impressionism; impressionist; impressionistic
  1. The engineer-in-chief looked curiously at Carleton, and the awakened light of a new impression gleamed in his eye.

  2. Their entrance had made but little impression upon her; she was too tired to move, and too much absorbed in her charge to offer the fine lady a chair.

  3. Its last impression wore away only when Kate had taken her out on the lawn, on the second morning of her visit, to show her a secluded summer-house smothered in climbing vines and overlooking the water.

  4. It made no more impression upon him than if he had been an offshore buoy.

  5. The curiously inscribed door had evidently made a deep impression upon him.

  6. The fact that her husband was exposed in an open boat to the fury of a southeaster made no more impression upon her mind than if he had been reported asleep upstairs.

  7. Under this impression she had trifled, she had coquetted, she had played with the serpent till it had coiled around her; and she could not escape its fascination and its folds.

  8. Upon her fancy and her thoughts Maltravers had made an impression not to be obliterated.

  9. Even the old man gradually lost the impression of his first conversation with his son, and the old trusting feeling soon regained its place between them again.

  10. But I watched the impression that the wild course had upon Caterina; her joy broke forth when one chariot swept rushing round the corner before the others, or made some daring turn.

  11. My impression seemed to be all backward, travelling up to me a moment or two behind time.

  12. At first my preparations seemed to make no impression whatever, but finally, when I was about to divest myself of the last of my few garments, they smiled and went away.

  13. They are Protestants and worked for a great number of years without making any noteworthy impression on the natives, but of late years they have been more successful.

  14. However, it must be conceded that their presence helped to make an impression on the next kampong which was expected to furnish another gang of carriers.

  15. To see the coaling of the steamers in Japanese harbours, which is done by baskets handed from one to another, makes an impression on the traveller.

  16. The package made a profound impression on the Dayaks as well as on the Chinese interpreter, all of whom crowded around my tent to observe what would follow.

  17. Standing in front of this cave a strange impression was created by the sight of leaves, branches, and plants in violent movement, while outside there was absolutely no wind.

  18. She had extensive knowledge concerning this matter, an impression later confirmed by submission of the baskets to another woman expert from the Tappin, of repute as a maker and for knowledge of the designs.

  19. It made a strange impression in this apparently abandoned country where the dead are left in solitude, feared and shunned by their former associates.

  20. This young man had no philosophy beyond the general impression that the universe was under infinite obligations to be good to him, a belief that had found itself rather rudely shaken.

  21. He let his eyes rest a moment on her signature as if he saw it for the first time, as if it renewed for him the pleasing impression of her personality.

  22. He could not seize it; it was a decidedly unpleasant impression of having seen him before, but where he could not bring to mind.

  23. It was the impression in the mud of the same peculiar foot-print they had tracked so far in the park.

  24. In the morning the housemaid was terrified by the impression of a hand in the dust of the 'little parlour' table, where they had been unpacking delft and other things the day before.

  25. It served to strengthen my impression that Leah had been in error.

  26. I gathered an impression while Lady Level was talking to me that it might really be some escaped madman.

  27. To this day the impression that big books contain wisdom is all but universal.

  28. Nearly the entire impression was seized and burnt by order of the Inquisition, and the few copies that remain are extraordinarily rare and valuable.

  29. As in the case of other illustrated books, the value mainly depends upon the earliness of impression of the plates, and the condition; and consequently original editions are more highly esteemed than those which followed.

  30. Others, who met Sun only casually, or who could know him only through his writings, have a quite different impression of his thought.

  31. This impression was confirmed by the mysterious conversations of Glyndon, and by her own perception of the fearful change that had passed over one who represented himself as the victim of the enchanters.

  32. The inevitable effect of so much hackneyed diablerie--of such an accumulation of wonder upon wonder--is to deaden the impression they would naturally make upon us.

  33. No; all is confused in these dreams, whether of day or night; and when at the sound of thy footsteps I recover, my memory retains nothing but a vague impression of happiness.

  34. Their Platonic mysticism, their bold assertions, the high promises that might be detected through their figurative and typical phraseology, had early made a deep impression on the young imagination of Clarence Glyndon.

  35. On the contrary, he gives the impression that the whole California Pioneer Society was constructed upon the same lofty plane,--as indeed it was, barring a few renegades.

  36. Perhaps the most valuable impression which Bret Harte carried away from Crefeld was that of the German children.

  37. What he always gives is his own impression of the scene, not a mere description of it, although this impression may be conveyed by a few slight touches, sometimes even by a single word.

  38. It should be recorded, as an interesting contrast to the impression made by the Luck upon the San Francisco young woman, that it was also a girl, Miss Susan M.

  39. The tone of this letter is so exaggerated that it might seem as if Bret Harte had been a little theatrical and insincere,--that he had endeavored to create an impression which was partly false.

  40. The impression is as deep as it is sudden.

  41. They give the impression of having been written "by gentlemen and for gentlemen.

  42. He was naturally very near the point of translation, and gave a vague impression that he did not require to be born again, but remained on earth for the benefit of American tourists.

  43. These young women were noted for their beauty and amiability, and so strong was the impression which they produced that it lasted even until the succeeding generation.

  44. Bret Harte thus describes his first impression of the new acquaintance:-- "His head was striking.

  45. But this observation, transient as it was, left with him the indelible impression that her eyes were the saddest he had ever seen.

  46. At least, this was the porter's impression as he bowed to her in the midst of the verbal bombardment.

  47. My one permanent impression of you is the young man who was always forced to borrow car-fare whenever he returned from Monte Carlo.

  48. Arthur was small, thin, blond like his brother, but the hair was so light upon the top of his head that he gave one the impression that he was bald.

  49. My impression is that of all his unseen friends Fritz Muller was the one for whom he had the strongest regard.

  50. If you are so inclined, I should very much like to hear your general impression of the book, as you have thought so profoundly on the subject, and in so nearly the same channel with myself.

  51. Natural History Science I have met with has made so great an impression upon me, and I do most heartily thank you for the great store of new views you have given me.

  52. I have remonstrated (and he agrees) against the impression that he would leave, that sterility was a universal and infallible criterion of species.

  53. It leaves the impression on my mind of the Lamarckian doctrine (which I reject) of habits of life being all- important.

  54. I want to know, to ascertain whether I am a member; I suppose not, for I think it would have made some impression on me; yet I distinctly remember receiving some diploma signed by Ehrenberg.

  55. It is of great use and interest to me to know what impression my book produces on philosophical and instructed minds.

  56. It naturally happens that my review of your book does not exhibit anything like the full force of the impression the book has made upon me.

  57. I have been very glad to see your impression from memory on the expression of Malays.

  58. If I get the "Athenaeum" to-morrow, I will add my impression of Owen's letter.

  59. You will see that I have exceeded your request, but, as I said when I began, I took pleasure in writing my impression of his admirable character.

  60. I wish I had known your father better, my impression is confined to his remarkably cordial, courteous, and frank bearing.

  61. It took me long years, and I assure you I am astonished at the impression my book has made on many minds.

  62. All of these four figures were of wonderful power, and make a strong impression on the spectator; but there are two more.

  63. The facade of the church, and especially the portal, is so elaborately ornamented with carved work as to convey the impression of chasing, instead of sculpture.

  64. Now every word of Byron's poem, that we had read and heard recited at school, and which made such an impression on our mind when a boy, came back to us.

  65. Never, probably, were so many sinners driven from the error of their ways in so short a time, by mere dint of the impression of terror on their nerves.

  66. It came to her almost as a new impression that conversation as we know it was almost impossible with her companions.

  67. Mr. Cartwright has already made some impression on these fair ladies, or I am greatly mistaken," said Henrietta.

  68. Whoever has repeated to you the hasty expressions of Sir Gilbert, my dear mother, in such a manner as to leave a painful impression on your mind against him, has not acted well.

  69. Far, however, from wishing to impart to them the painful impression he had received, his principal object in immediately seeking them was, if possible, to forget it.

  70. That is not at all the impression she makes upon me," said Fanny: "I should call her rather sullen than gentle, and obstinate instead of subdued.

  71. So strong is the impression that the subsequent details of the long ceremony, including the anointing with the holy chrism, fail to engrave themselves on my memory.

  72. These and other reforms of a less important kind made no impression on the young irreconcilables.

  73. Meeting everywhere those well-marked types, he naturally assumes that Russian society is composed of exclusive castes; and this first impression will be fully confirmed by a glance at the Code.

  74. This fact adds powerfully to the first impression which the city makes on his mind.

  75. When I discovered this unexpected peculiarity in Bashkir manners and customs, I almost regretted that I had made a favourable impression upon my new acquaintances.

  76. From this brief sketch of the Mongol domination the reader will readily understand that it did not leave any deep, lasting impression on the people.

  77. This I have often noticed, and my impression has been confirmed by men who have had more opportunities of observation.

  78. And this first impression was amply confirmed by subsequent experience during several years of friendly intercourse.

  79. The impression produced can scarcely be realised by those who have always imbibed current history in the homeopathic doses administered by the morning and evening daily papers.

  80. When we examine the complicated formalities and labyrinthine procedure by which the administration is controlled, our first impression is that administrative abuses must be almost impossible.

  81. This column measured no less than a foot and a half in diameter, and gave precisely the impression of a ship’s mast.

  82. As he sucked at the stem, his hard lips, corded throat and great jaws gave an impression of brutal power, in no wise differing from that of old Alpheus Briggs, half a hundred years ago.

  83. Sometimes this impression comes as an inspiration, sometimes it is the result of hard thought during or after the play.

  84. In brief, watch for the most interesting and most striking statement in the entire speech, and in selecting this statement be fair and just and try to avoid giving a false impression of the speaker or of the speech.

  85. Your readers would get a false impression and the preacher would be angry.

  86. These circumstances made such an impression upon George that there was no further occasion to watch him; he always pushed away the glass when Mrs. Dolly filled it for him.

  87. This speech made a terrible impression upon me, young as I then was; and every accident that happened to me afterwards confirmed my belief in my nurse's prognostic.

  88. You have known them, I understand, from their childhood; and your own character is such that whatever you say in their favour will doubtless make a weighty impression upon the jury.

  89. These hints, from a father whom he heartily loved, made so strong an impression upon Frank, that he took great pains to correct the natural violence of his temper, and to learn patience and industry.

  90. These words left an indelible impression on my mind, and gave a new turn to my thoughts and character.

  91. I will agree that at first impression all methods look alike to the medical man, but when explained by an intelligent teacher they will bring their just reward.

  92. I do not know as to that, but I do know something of the impression such a display makes on the mind of an intelligent layman.

  93. It will not do to use any mechanical appliances, for if you do you cannot keep up the impression that you are "handling the body with the skilled touch of a master who knows every part of his machine.

  94. By this strange combination of dactyliomancy with christallomantia, an effect was produced so amazing and unaccountable that my wondering vision became riveted upon it, as gradually my mind cleared of the chaotic impression it had received.

  95. From every point our guns blazed away with monotonous regularity, and our rifles flashed everywhere, yet we seemed not to effect the slightest impression upon that city of colossal strength.

  96. Having carefully read some words thereon inscribed, they examined the impression of the seal.

  97. One thing I happened to be puzzling over was how the impression first became current that this god of the Jews was a being of goodness.

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