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Example sentences for "domination"

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dominants; dominate; dominated; dominates; dominating; dominator; domineer; domineered; domineering; domineers
  1. Unless they could put an end to the irresistible movement that daily brought new conversions, their domination over the Arabs would soon become a thing of the past.

  2. Soudan railway will not be the substitution for an Egyptian domination there, of an English domination .

  3. In any event, the domination of the Provisional Government by a class so weak and so narrow in its outlook and aims was a disaster.

  4. Such were the causes which had established a favorable scope for Bolshevik propaganda; to introduce their domination they knew how to make use of the shortcomings of the people and the defects of Russian life.

  5. Militarism, especially as it was developed under Prussian leadership, has exactly the same philosophy and aims at the same general result, namely, to establish the domination and control of society by a minority class.

  6. We do not forget Lenine's statement that this new domination of the people by a ruling minority differs from the old régime in that the Bolsheviki are imposing their will upon the mass "in the interest of the latter.

  7. It is a degradation to submit ourselves, even as much as many of us do, to the domination of human authorities, or to depend upon men as much as many of us do for our completeness and our satisfaction.

  8. There is only one way by which the brute domination of the lower part of our nature can be surely and thoroughly put down, and that is by turning to Jesus Christ and saying to Him, 'Lord!

  9. But Perdita had that day asserted an empire which she was resolved to maintain--a domination which she was determined to grasp indivisibly.

  10. While the Vedic religion is imbued with a spirit of strong belief in the efficacy of sacrifice and prayer, we find that this steadily increases in domination as we approach modern times.

  11. He will find his nationality a passport to their liking, and soon discover that Arab hospitality has left an abiding impress in these wild regions; as, indeed, Moorish domination has done on every Spanish thing.

  12. Differentiation and coordination Mediation also implies breaking the immediate connection, to escape the domination of the present-shared time and space-and to discover relations characteristic of adjacency, i.

  13. The scientification of philosophy could not have happened under the scrutiny of language and the domination of literacy.

  14. The domination of language and the ideal of literacy, which instills this domination as a rule, was and still is seen as the domination of rationality, as though to be literate equals being rational, volens nolens.

  15. This domination takes place through imposition of its rules, which prevent practical experiences of human self-constitution in domains where literacy has exhausted its potential or is impotent.

  16. Even if the domination of the written word somehow resulted in a relatively low awareness of the role drawings played over time, experiences were shaped by them and knowledge transmitted through them.

  17. The prototypical male-dominated structure of the sexual relation between man and woman marked the history of this relation more than female domination did.

  18. Even more, in countries making a point of avoiding the domination of one religion over another, the holidays of the dominant religion become the holidays of the entire nation, enjoyed foremostly as market celebrations.

  19. While the implicit symbolism is worth more than this passing remark, it is worthwhile noticing that in our days, the domination of the right in writing and in literacy expectations is coming to an end.

  20. The Italian Queen Mother soon fell under the domination of two other Italians, the Concinis, husband and wife.

  21. And from all evidence this Philistine domination must have lasted a considerable time.

  22. All these facts proclaim in an undeniable manner that the soldiers from Alsace-Lorraine are not treated like ordinary citizens by the German Army, but like foreigners temporarily under the domination of Germany.

  23. Voltaire could neither submit to the domination of the Court coterie nor to that of their master.

  24. He already envied the ascendancy and domination Douglas exercised over his followers, and felt keenly the slight given him by others of his own faith whom he conceived were disposed to prevent his attaining the leadership of his party.

  25. A compromise, to be effective, must be made either with those who control the rebel army, or with the people first liberated from the domination of that army by the success of our own army.

  26. One cause at least of the insurrection is clearly pointed out by a proclamation which was here issued, in which the chief stress was laid upon the foreign domination imposed upon the nation by the late Union.

  27. Philip, notoriously uxorious, speedily fell under the domination of his strong-minded bride and Alberoni became the all-powerful minister.

  28. While thus its domination over the people was secure and unvarying, its relations with the royal power varied with the temperament of the sovereign.

  29. Still it required considerable time to accustom the nobles and people to unquestioning submission to a domination so absolute and so foreign to their experience.

  30. Spanish domination being thus assured, the Navarrese tribunal became useful chiefly as a precaution to prevent the subject kingdom from continuing to be an asylum for heretics.

  31. But that did not last long, for we were compelled to leave all our property and flee from under the domination of the English.

  32. It means political quiescence and domination by a financial-military group.

  33. The only true extension was trade, and to secure trade political domination was unnecessary.

  34. That city, with the command of the straits, is likely to go to Russia if the Allies win, and to fall under a disguised German-Austrian domination if the Central Powers are victorious.

  35. The Western bishops favoured the designs of the pastors of Rome, either from jealousy of the Eastern bishops or because they preferred the supremacy of a pope to the domination of a temporal power.

  36. Every tribe, language, and nation of Christendom, fall under the domination of this spiritual king, who has received power to conquer.

  37. John Laillier, a Doctor of Sorbonne, declares, in 1484, against the tyrannical domination of the hierarchy.

  38. The Lombards in Italy fell to a greater degree under Roman influence, and towards the close of their domination adopted general laws of some severity against the practice of sorcery, irrespective of the injury committed.

  39. In the territories subjected to Latin domination the conditions were somewhat different.

  40. With the English domination the Realists triumphed and expelled their adversaries, who were unable to return until the restoration of the French monarchy.

  41. The avarice and lust of domination and the foul and abominable lives of the ecclesiastics are the cause of all the misfortunes of Christendom.

  42. In the West the Barbarian domination introduced a new element.

  43. Armagnacs, and the Burgundians welcomed the foreign domination of England as preferable to that of their hereditary sovereign.

  44. They think otherwise, but without arguing this point, I say that clerical domination will ruin the country.

  45. He dreads priestly domination above everything, and yet would approve of giving the priests a chance of being masters.

  46. Clerical domination and the means by which it is attained are therefore proven by undeniable evidence.

  47. It was probably during the Irish domination that a large portion of North Devon and East Cornwall was colonised from the Emerald Isle.

  48. A history of the domination of Cosimo, Piero, and Lorenzo de Medicis.

  49. They lie chiefly in their destruction of initiative in our people and the dangers of political domination that can grow from governmental operation.

  50. The result has been to force the building up of a domination by certain concerns who control many of the cars and stifle free competition.

  51. I do believe that we can attain it by systematic prevention of domination of the few over the many and stimulation of individual effort in the whole mass.

  52. With open arms were the liberators from Prussian domination received, and joyfully lodged.

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