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dominam; dominance; dominant; dominantly; dominants; dominated; dominates; dominating; domination; dominator
  1. A hundred years later Mithra's power was such that at one time he seemed about to eclipse both Oriental and Occidental rivals and to dominate the {150} entire Roman world.

  2. As it gains in power it also has a tendency to dominate its companion gods and to concentrate their functions in itself.

  3. As with the Egyptians, whom Herodotus had termed the most religious of all peoples,[71] devotion assumed a tendency to fill out the whole existence and to dominate private and public interests.

  4. As long as it was admitted that malicious spirits constantly interfered in human affairs, and that there were secret means enabling the operator to dominate those spirits or to share in their power, magic was indestructible.

  5. Egypt had ceased to dominate the public life of the area.

  6. During periods of rapid social change they take the center of the stage and dominate the drama.

  7. As western civilization has matured, power struggles at the top, conquest, occupation and exploitation have come more and more to the fore until, in the era of monopoly capitalism, they dominate the field.

  8. They occupy the skyline and dominate the economic life of modern industrial society.

  9. The kingdoms of Asia-Minor were still warring for supremacy in a field which none of the local kingdoms was able to dominate and hold for any considerable period of time.

  10. For many years Washington through its control of all Latin American states (except Cuba after 1960) had been able to dominate United Nations policy, exclude socialist nations, notably China, and hem in socialism.

  11. The forces of regionalism, nationalism, and separatism still dominate European life.

  12. It had been able to dominate the Italian peninsula.

  13. No single power or single dynasty must ever be allowed to dominate the others.

  14. But as soon as the Roman Empire had been destroyed, Asia made another attempt to dominate this great inland sea, as you will learn when I tell you about Mohammed.

  15. When the idea of duty comes to dominate a man, the grace and impetuosity of youth, the overmastering love of beauty, and the appreciation of the mere joy of living are apt to die away, and the poetic fire burns low.

  16. This is the feeling that must dominate the action of every successful commander.

  17. It is not correct to define the condition as a disease in which fixed delusions dominate the conduct and are the chief mental symptom present.

  18. Innocent, determined that the Hohenstaufen should not again dominate Italy, offered the crown of Sicily in turn to Richard of Cornwall, Charles of Anjou, and Henry III.

  19. In all cases of head injury, the questions that dominate the whole clinical outlook are, whether the brain is directly damaged or not, and whether it is likely to become the seat of infection.

  20. When the disease is of the meningeal type, symptoms of general purulent lepto-meningitis assert themselves, and soon come to dominate the clinical picture.

  21. Life and mind and consciousness do not belong to the material region; whatever they are in themselves, they are manifestly something quite distinct from matter and energy, and yet they utilise the material and dominate it.

  22. We have, until the present day, wished to dominate the child through force, by the imposition of external laws, instead of making an interior conquest of the child, in order to direct him as a human soul.

  23. This ignorant assumption led us to dominate the scholar, to subject him to a species of slavery, in order to render him apparently disciplined.

  24. That it shall secure and control at least five thousand acres of land, to more readily enable it to dominate the township, as the lowest political unit of the republic; and also to give room for the planting of suitable forests.

  25. In connection therewith, they are instructed to observe closely, the initial and pre-natal conditions, which dominate this primal stage of embryo life.

  26. In answering other arguments advanced to show why the city should dominate the country, and therefore absorb its population; the question of rent plays an important part.

  27. And when we receive the Blessed Sacrament our souls are developed and fed from God Himself and enabled to dominate our bodies.

  28. But Harry says, too, he pines at first hand to solve the inwardness of a land destined to dominate us all.

  29. Napoleon understood that to dominate them he must not belong to any one of these parties.

  30. One of the most striking of these is the impotence of violence to dominate men's minds in permanence.

  31. The mystic and affective elements which dominate the mind of the Jacobin condemn him to an extreme simplicity.

  32. In the centre of Europe a formidable military Power is increasing in strength, and aspiring to dominate the world, in order to find outlets for its goods, and for an increasing population, which it will soon be unable to nourish.

  33. By their despotism they contrived to dominate her, but they never governed her.

  34. It is possible to dominate them--and the more a people does overcome them the more civilised it is--but they cannot be destroyed.

  35. This fact, which I have already noted, proves once more the impotence of material constraint to dominate moral forces.

  36. For as the Southern States grew richer they would have more political power, could dominate the North.

  37. Rugged mountains dominate the terrain and make the building of roads and other infrastructure difficult and expensive.

  38. Increasing integration with Western Europe will dominate the economic picture over the next few years.

  39. But the triumph was only partial, condemning Spain and Italy indeed to intellectual barrenness for a season, but not sufficing to dominate and suppress the development of rationalism.

  40. Should the Jesuits in France get hold of education, they will dominate the university, and eradicate sound letters.

  41. One hue, or a group of analogous hues should dominate all color schemes.

  42. This is not to say that Nietzsche was not very happy and witty in his description of the passions that dominate artists and philosophers, and in urging that the life of the spirit was an impassioned thing.

  43. Nevertheless, the fact that Nietzsche's attention was fascinated by the will to grow and to dominate shows that he was in sympathy with young things, that his heart was big with the future, and that his age believed in progress.

  44. She can dominate it even when it is wounded through her sympathy with you.

  45. She can dominate it even when it is wounded through her sympathy with you.

  46. England is in the Mediterranean solely to secure her passage through it, not to dominate it.

  47. Can France lastingly dominate and menace a country like Germany, which at no distant date will have a population double that of France?

  48. To dominate the coast it is necessary to have the certainty of a large hinterland.

  49. The Romans in order to dominate Dalmatia were obliged to go as far as the Danube.

  50. She enslaves herself in order to enslave others, and pretends in her disorder to control and dominate much more intelligent and cultured peoples.

  51. The new patriots dream of an immense Poland, the old Poland of tradition, and then to descend into the countries of the Ukraine and dominate new territories.

  52. And vice versa, if Georgia and the other States of the Caucasus had sufficient strength to live autonomously, how can you dominate Aryan people who have risen to a notable state of development?

  53. The Turks have always brought to a standstill those who would dominate her, by a stubborn resistance which is fanaticism and national dignity.

  54. All powers that dominate me I then reduce to serving me.

  55. I must first of all examine the aspirations for peace, which seem to dominate our age and threaten to poison the soul of the German people.

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