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Example sentences for "dominantly"

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domina; dominae; dominam; dominance; dominant; dominants; dominate; dominated; dominates; dominating
  1. Obviously, this was a dominantly Anglo-Saxon Protestant area of settlement.

  2. The lowermost beds, as at Pongo de Mainique, are dominantly marine, fossiliferous limestone beds having a thickness estimated to be over two miles.

  3. It is noteworthy that the farther east the Carboniferous extends the more dominantly marine it becomes, though marine beds of great thickness constitute a large part of the series in whatever location.

  4. And the welfare of this great country, which you have come here to assist in making dominantly Catholic, is it not so, Monsignor?

  5. Now you will pardon me when I say that I am sure it is the avowed intention to make America dominantly Catholic that brings you to this country to work toward that end--is it not so?

  6. And should constitute a most potent factor in the holy work of making America dominantly Catholic," added the older man.

  7. It is evident from this outline of "orthodox" or Marxian socialism that it is primarily and dominantly an economic program.

  8. It would seem, therefore, that the dominantly economic program of Marxian socialists must stand or fall with the economic interpretation of social organization and evolution which Marx proposed.

  9. Thanks to the coming of the Loyalists, those exiles of the Revolution who settled in Canada in large numbers, Canada was after all to be dominantly a land of English speech and of English sympathies.

  10. Quebec was dominantly rural; its men married young, and the country parishes had little touch with the outside world.

  11. But while some poems are dominantly classical, others dominantly romantic, Tennyson's genius as a whole is the spirit of romance expressing itself in forms of classical perfection.

  12. Images have a dominantly synthetic character and make for good composite tools.

  13. They consist dominantly of the oxide minerals, though in several ore bodies sulphides have been shown by diamond-drilling.

  14. Hypogene ores are dominantly primary, and supergene ores are dominantly secondary, but either may include both primary and secondary ores.

  15. While an ore of iron may consist dominantly of some one of the iron minerals, in few cases does it consist exclusively of one mineral.

  16. In the month previous, in a lull between those letters of hers, he had set himself doggedly and determinedly to the renewed task of what had become so dominantly now a part of his very existence--the solving of HER identity.

  17. As already shown, it had been the intention to establish branch societies everywhere, whose delegates would regularly meet and control the entire work, giving the Church in America an approved, powerful auxiliary dominantly made up of laymen.

  18. He was essentially and dominantly a spiritual man, fond of prayer, regular in all religious duties.

  19. Such speculations are a trait throughout the diary, though they are everywhere subordinate to the practical ends which dominantly interest him.

  20. He had begun to ignore Christianity, simply because his own problems were dominantly social, and orthodox Protestantism, the only form of religion which he knew, had no social force corresponding to its pretensions and demands.

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