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  1. Unless a Freshman shows unusual ability, we are apt to forget all about her.

  2. Because he was good-looking and had agreeable manners, older men and women were apt to flatter him, and his schoolmates fed his vanity in their eagerness for his friendship.

  3. The gibes, therefore, of Radcliffe plays were more apt to be directed toward local faults, such as muddy sidewalks and dusty streets.

  4. But even such inartistic juxtapositions are much less common than we are apt at times to think.

  5. Human nature is so earth-tied, after all, that a post-mundane existence is very apt to seem immaterial as well as be so.

  6. Too apt is it to prove an ever-present, undesirable double.

  7. One is very apt to turn to them again from the reasoning of his second thoughts.

  8. Such lakes are exceptionally shallow, and are apt to have irregular outlines and extremely low banks.

  9. More than in most texts the attempt has here been made to teach directly through the eye with the efficient aid of apt illustrations intimately interwoven with the text.

  10. It is found in all deserts under much the same conditions, and is especially apt to be present in sandstone.

  11. While biotite is the commonest dark colored constituent of granite, hornblende is more apt to take its place in syenite.

  12. In the house they hide in the closets, behind the bureau, behind the head of the bed, or underneath it, or in any place where they are not apt to be disturbed.

  13. Particularly is this apt to be so in places where cats or dogs are members of the household.

  14. Especially is this apt to occur if there are offensive discharges which attract the fly.

  15. It was also observed that those who slept on the first floor were more apt to take the disease than those on the second floor.

  16. They are more apt to attack the feet of men, especially those who go barefooted.

  17. They do not seem to like a draft and consequently will be more apt to frequent rooms or places where there is little circulation of air.

  18. As they feed largely on the algæ or green scum on the surface of the water they are especially apt to be found where this is present.

  19. Those who fail in life are, however, very apt to assume a tone of injured innocence, and conclude to hastily that everybody excepting themselves has had a hand in their personal misfortunes.

  20. The young man who comes to the city to seek his fortune is more apt to be the victim of vile associates than the city raised youth whose experience of men is larger, and who is fortunate in his companionship.

  21. The man who declines to make a beginning till everything he thinks he may need is ready for his hand, is very apt to make a failure.

  22. We have to be on our guard against small troubles, which, by encouraging, we are apt to magnify into great ones.

  23. In the event of a Dealer's declaration which is not apt to produce game coming up to the Fourth Hand, he should pass, unless his holding convince him that he will be able to go game should he declare.

  24. This is most apt to happen in two-suit hands, or when length in Trumps is coupled with a cross-ruff.

  25. A Queen and one other manifestly will not stop a suit, and a Queen and two others is not apt to do so unless the leader hold both Ace and King.

  26. The Third Hand is, therefore, practically in the position of having twenty-six cards spread before him, and the question of what he should declare is not apt to be at all confusing.

  27. A game is always to be preferred to a double which is not apt to net more than 100.

  28. This hand, especially with an adverse Heart call, is much more apt to go game at Royals than at No-trump.

  29. The trouble is evident--the result apt to be unfortunate.

  30. The extra sheet is also apt to prove annoying, because of the space it occupies upon the table.

  31. Declarer is not apt to be easily deceived by any ruse so transparent.

  32. For one thing, it is apt to call forth a spirit of contemptuous pity in the youthful spectator who is still a long way from needing to employ such laborious, self-denying arts.

  33. I have done nothing wrong; indeed, I believe I have conferred a real benefit on Mrs. Jennings, though she is apt to put it the other way, and indirectly on Hester.

  34. After considering and cogitating for some time, as a man is apt to do when in a maze of vague ideas, he made a desperate dash at a remedy.

  35. These connections frequently take place for a season, and sometimes continue for years, if not perpetually; but are apt to be broken when the free trapper starts off, suddenly, on some distant and rough expedition.

  36. Certainly not," replied Peter Logan, who was apt to take things too literally.

  37. The captain had recommended patience, tobacco, and philosophy, and had enforced his recommendations with sundry apt quotations from dead and living novelists, dramatists, and poets.

  38. Blessed Francis, indeed, always welcomed poverty with a smiling countenance, though naturally it be apt to cast a gloom and melancholy upon the faces both of those who endure it and of those who only dread it.

  39. Our Blessed Father illustrates this by two very apt comparisons.

  40. Perhaps there is nothing of which men are more apt to complain than of their own condition in life.

  41. For his words, though often plain and striking, are, like the utterances of other great teachers, apt to provoke discordant explanations.

  42. No distinguished or applauded man ever was less apt to talk of himself and his performances.

  43. He makes no mention of it, which he would have been very apt to do had it been inhabited.

  44. It seems that before the arrival of the whites, the Indian tribes throughout North America, with few exceptions, were apt potters.

  45. We must remember, however, that a migrating people are not apt to leave monuments until they reach the end of their migration.

  46. They would be more apt to chance on the production of some other metal.

  47. It is not probable that fishes would have been apt to choose the outside faces of the ribs on the right side for their meals.

  48. It is well to keep this in mind, because with this feeling between the two tribes, they would not be apt to have similar traditions unless there was a basis of fact.

  49. We are very apt to suppose that change of place will produce a more delightful state of feeling; forgetting that in a little time we should become familiar with all these objects, and then we return again to our former selves.

  50. These were both good girls, but, as may be judged from the conversation we have just related, Clara was the more thoughtful, while Mary was very apt to act without much reflection.

  51. His five brave boys no less the foe defied; Whereon the Russian pathos grew less tender, As being a virtue, like terrestrial patience, Apt to wear out on trifling provocations.

  52. Peel was naturally reserved in manner and in his Cabinet he occupied a position of such unquestioned superiority that he had no need of advice to make up his mind, and was apt to keep matters in his own hand.

  53. But Morier's spirits were mercurial, and between moments of elation he was apt to fall into fits of melancholy, when he could find no outlet for his energies.

  54. This was supplied readily by the natives in return for European goods, and could be cooked in different ways; but after many weeks' sojourn it was apt to pall.

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