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Example sentences for "deft"

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defrauding; defrauds; defray; defrayed; defraying; defterdar; deftest; deftly; deftness; defunct
  1. He became steady and alert and noting that Patsy had now bared a portion of the gaping wound the doctor seized a thermos flask of hot water and in a moment was removing the clotted blood in a deft and intelligent manner.

  2. Patsy stood by to watch this surgery, her face white and drawn, for this was her first experience of the sort; but Maud and Beth volunteered their services and were so calm and deft that Doctor Gys was well pleased with them.

  3. Under the Northman's deft strokes, the beautiful letters of the Irish script flowed from the quill's point as by magic.

  4. Deft hands had already lashed together spear-shafts and branches for litters to bear the women; and now Hildegarde and the two maidens were placed on the swaying seats.

  5. Tears of gratitude shone in her violet eyes as she stooped to bind up with deft fingers such of Roland's wounds as the Danes had failed to stanch.

  6. It was on the westbound train that they encountered Sam--Sam of the rolling eye, the genial grin, the deft hand.

  7. She stood her ground until almost at the last, then with a deft side-step she shifted lightly to one side and swung the lamp out in a quick little semi-circle at the big scavenger.

  8. She took her fair-haired child in her arms, while Allen, with deft fingers, took off her hat and veil.

  9. Indeed, even Henriette was not so quick or deft as was this dark-eyed young woman who was the spy of a gang of thieves.

  10. Yet in a second, so deft are they, they can change both cravat and hat, and consequently the person robbed fails to recognise them in the excitement of the moment.

  11. Consequently, as they entered the flaming bit of Hong-Kong on the opposite side of the square, Gwynne, infinitely to his satisfaction, found that there had been a deft exchange of partners.

  12. But my fears were needless; the deft gallant animals got safe through without a scratch.

  13. By deft cutting through cross streets Chacon got between the two bodies of madmen, and pleaded the indignity to Spain and the violation of neutral ground.

  14. Ah Sing lifted his glass to meet the sailor's and suddenly found it snaked out of his hands by a deft motion of Peter Gross's middle finger.

  15. With deft motion of the other she made an ineffectual effort to cover her nut-brown limbs, cuddled among the ferns and grasses, with the shortened kabaya.

  16. For standing before one of the plate-glass cases and patting into place with deft fingers the satin bow of a hand-wrought chemise was Ray Willets, in her shiny little black serge skirt and the braver of her two white shirtwaists.

  17. Terry was twenty-two when Orville Platt, making his initial Wisconsin trip for the wholesale grocery house he represented, first beheld Terry's piquant Irish profile, and heard her deft manipulation of the keys.

  18. When he awoke an hour later his clothes were folded in a neat pile by the deft hand of some jackie impatient to use the drying space for his own garments.

  19. Ray, her deft fingers busy straightening a bow here, a ruffle of lace there.

  20. Dickon blew up the fire and went to work, with strong, deft strokes.

  21. The shuttle, flung to and fro in deft strong skill, was not like the needle with its maddening stitch after stitch, and there was no petty chatter in the room.

  22. There will be two more princesses some day," said Joan, cuddling Marguerite in her arms as she watched Quentin's deft strokes.

  23. One of these was a deracinee, a child with a foreign touch in her twang; a legend of other climes in the dexterity of her deft fingers; some memory of an exile from France in her name: Lorraine.

  24. Immensely relieved at being left alone, Ethel locked the door again and went over to her dressing-table, where she repaired damage with quick, deft fingers.

  25. She arranged the covers over Peter's shoulder with a deft and sympathetic hand, and then took Graham's arm and led him out into the passage.

  26. Under the deft touches of the master hand, the ragged bloom rapidly develops into a thing of greatest beauty.

  27. If you saw some of the magnificent prize-winning and highly commended blossoms which are the feature of the great annual shows before they had been through the deft hands of the floral barber you would fail to recognise them.

  28. Each, of course, had been put together by deft hands and spinning-wheel, and was of firm, strong texture.

  29. Instead of loitering close in shore, he had taken to the clear water, or propelled the boat with a deft swiftness that placed him beyond all danger from the irate white man.

  30. The Duke had emphasized the cosmographical studies of the age by this appointment of an energetic young student of geography, who seems to have had a deft hand at map-making.

  31. Photography has revealed another extraordinary nebula or group of nebulae surrounding the stars in the Pleiades, which the deft manipulation of Barnard has brought to light.

  32. Across the landing she stole, and with deft fingers opened Max's door without a sound.

  33. The deft skill, the swiftness and silence, show the veteran in the enemy's country.

  34. She looked up quickly, while her deft fingers fluttered about the dry tobacco and the paper.

  35. Ornaments of gold and silver, studded with the rarest jewels, were fashioned into beautiful forms by his deft fingers.

  36. Strolling through the workroom with the foreman, John automatically, and without knowing what he was doing, picked up a square piece of the bark, and fashioned it with two or three deft cuts of his penknife into a smooth tapering cork.

  37. Then with the deft fingers of a rider he slipped Sage King's bridle.

  38. And while he staked everything on that chance, he thought of Frida as he had first seen her, as she sat tragically at the whist table at Coton Manor, dealing out the cards with deft and supple fingers.

  39. It had stayed with him through all the excitement of the evening, and now needed only a deft touch or two to make it quite presentable.

  40. Another was bending towards him on the other side, and soon he felt that deft hands were going through his pockets.

  41. Deft hands pulled this, half-full of greasy water as it was, away from where it originally stood.

  42. Seeing what Jack was about, she placed her baskets on the ground, calling upon the men to help themselves, and then with quick deft hands completed the bandaging which Jack had clumsily begun.

  43. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "deft" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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