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Example sentences for "defunct"

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  1. It is well that his lordship has been defunct this hundred and fifty years.

  2. How absurd these pompous images look, of defunct majesties, for whom no breathing soul cares a halfpenny!

  3. Ex-procureurs of the defunct Parliament carefully hoarded all that remained of the Champagne formerly lavished upon them by their ex-clients;[243] whilst the latter had to content themselves with tea at London and beer at Coblenz.

  4. To take charge of all these, Jehan le Breton, the defunct prelate's assistant butler, was retained by the executors for half a year, at the wages of 74 sols or 3s.

  5. However, the TFG continues to face violent resistance from extremist elements, such as the al-Shabaab militia previously affiliated with the now-defunct CIC.

  6. Fortunately for Lit'uania the political foresight and energy of her defunct Grand Duke had descended in full measure upon one at least of his sons, Olgerd of Vitebsk.

  7. His brother Glieb, decoyed from his principality of Mourom by a feigned message from his defunct father, was waylaid while travelling down the Dniepr and met the same doom--shared also in the attendant glory of subsequent canonisation.

  8. About midnight we presented ourselves at the portals of that virtuous but defunct institution, and were refused a box on the plea of inebriation.

  9. As a punishment, the cat, as applied in prisons, is not to be compared to its defunct namesake in the army or navy.

  10. Valenzuela was in fact one of the chief movers of the rebellion; this was confessed by Domingo Franco, the late president of the then defunct Liga Filipina.

  11. Kalayaan purported to be and was always considered as the soul of the defunct Solidaridad (see note 24).

  12. Such was he who fairly frightened Hogarth himself, by assuming the face of the defunct Fielding!

  13. From these defunct illuminati originated the suppositionary virtues of the magically-endowed divining wand.

  14. And Annersley plodded to the yard, picked up the defunct rooster and entered the cabin.

  15. They lugged the defunct mountain lion in and laid it by Bill Haskins's bunk.

  16. She was perfectly sincere in this, for the defunct ship chandler had lived in a basement and two attic chambers.

  17. Wilton Ames was disposed to sell the assets of the defunct company, despite the loss to his bank.

  18. He knows most about the formation of the defunct Simití company.

  19. Blanc's account differs from this, inasmuch as it asserts the resemblance to the defunct Czar to have been very slight.

  20. And a runaway serf, Ivan Bolotnikof by name, undertook to personate the defunct impostor.

  21. Frost, and said that he represented some minority bondholders of the defunct London and Chicago Company.

  22. The next step in the proceedings was the sheriff's sale of the defunct corporation's effects, which was ordered by the court for the following Monday.

  23. But the third man, who had been the treasurer of the defunct corporation, held out for a higher figure.

  24. He is reported also to have been tenderly affected by Mrs. Inchbald--for he composed a Latin epitaph for the tomb of her defunct husband.

  25. That some of her heroines, in dull and defunct tragedies, rank only next to failures, must be laid to the account of the poets.

  26. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "defunct" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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