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Example sentences for "defying"

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defunct; defuncti; defunctorum; defuse; defy; degeneracy; degenerate; degenerated; degenerates; degenerating
  1. He looked so impish, defying me, like a miniature Ajax, that with all the will in the world to box his ears, I burst out laughing.

  2. Spratt became insulting in his manner and remarks, and ended by defying his superior officers and forcibly resisting the mate's attempt to bring him from the poop to the main deck for the purpose of being put in irons.

  3. He challenged to the combat Cyrus Doyle, a long-limbed native, big enough to eat him, with the assurance of a gamecock defying an emu.

  4. Moreover, Gambetta and his friends believed, probably with reason, that the Khedive would never have gone so far in defying England and France if he had not felt that he was backed up by other Powers, as well as by Italy.

  5. The other Ministers would almost seem to have been chosen for the express purpose of defying the majority of the Chamber.

  6. Certainly Gambetta would not find the nation in heart to follow him in defying Germany.

  7. In uttering this challenge Jehu stared about him with a hectoring air, but without meeting any one’s eye, as if defying things in general but no one in particular.

  8. Tom was more manly than you; he despised you because you were afraid of Grantley, instead of crushing him, or, at least, defying him.

  9. Do ye not read them, deep cut, defying the tooth of time, on all the marble of our greatness?

  10. A nation, renouncing and defying this, cannot be free, cannot be great.

  11. Destitute of all means to batter the fortifications, the town remained uninjured, defying the mighty army which raged and roamed before it.

  12. Here they maintained themselves for two years, defying all the efforts of the Spartans to drive them from their stronghold.

  13. But Laegaire and Conall united in defying Cuchulain and ridiculing his claim, and a great fight began in the hall, till all men shook for fear; and at last King Conor intervened, before any man had been wounded.

  14. The romance of life for many a worthy citizen must have been found in secret sympathy with Robin Hood and his merry band of banished men, robbing the purse-proud to help the needy and gaily defying law and authority.

  15. Forked tongues of scandal can not penetrate through those rock-ribbed hills yonder, nor dart across that defying sea; and neither wail nor wassail of men or women can disturb me more.

  16. A rook, taking a last look at the world before retiring to rest, watching from his leafless bough, saw a mortal spirit defying the universe, and sympathised with it.

  17. For nearly a week he had been chafing under her restraint, combating her commands, defying her orders.

  18. Yes, Morgan had closed up the town last night, defying even Peden in his own hall, where defiance as a rule meant business for the undertaker.

  19. After the assassination of Conde she remained the champion of the Huguenots, defying her enemies and scorning the court of France.

  20. He slid around on this slope, calling aloud, as if he expected the spirits of his loved ones might have remained there, defying all the power of suddenly expanding gases.

  21. But it was with blazing soul that he went; every instant he imagined himself turning back, defying the angry finger, shouting down the imperious voice, even smashing it back into the throat from which it came!

  22. She knew that she was a helpless prisoner, she knew that this man was powerful in the West, yet she stood before him, looking straight into his eyes, defying him to frighten her or to bend her to his will.

  23. I should hate her for defying me did I not desire her so much.

  24. Benton stood sturdily, like a gnarled oak-tree, defying all who offered to oppose him.

  25. Here is the same characteristic, a God-defying pride.

  26. They were a proud, a boasting people, defying God and hating His chosen people.

  27. These nations, the final actors of the times of the Gentiles, in their inhuman, God and man defying actions, will not be permitted to go on forever.

  28. He may have stood there with sneering lips, defying the Lord's mouthpiece, when sudden death was meted out to him.

  29. In the morning when she was strong, in the midst of some social success, when people swarmed about her and men bent deferentially, then she held herself like a soldier on a tower defying capture.

  30. It pleased me to think I was stooping--defying the laws of my house.

  31. But, Brother Dutcher, the child is doing outrageous things--heathenish, defying her God.

  32. He came back gay and self-satisfied, eager and busy, caring nothing for Miss Woodhouse, and defying Miss Smith.

  33. I dare say you did all for the best, and there is no defying destiny.

  34. She was indeed a lawless waif of a law-defying generation, and her mind was set on great flaming sensations, hating conventions and resolved on rebellion.

  35. This last provocative thought aroused the danger-defying little devil within her.

  36. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "defying" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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