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Example sentences for "impertinence"

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impersonates; impersonating; impersonation; impersonations; impersonator; impertinences; impertinencies; impertinent; impertinently; imperturbability
  1. At their first volley I was as embarrassed and confused as a modest girl would be at the impertinence of some young scapegrace.

  2. Whilst rudeness and impertinence will ever be looked upon as disgusting, good manners and politeness will be considered as commendable and beautiful.

  3. Trust me, fellow-citizens--I shall see that the impertinence of these ultramontanes is duly punished.

  4. I'm an idiot to mind it or let such impertinence vex me," she said, when the first outburst had passed off and relieved her.

  5. Klesmer went on-- "This would be the last impertinence in me, if I meant to found anything upon it.

  6. You would have wished me to take his ignorant impertinence about a 'mere musician' without letting him know his place.

  7. A year younger than herself, Time had had the impertinence to whiten his hair.

  8. She turned and with blithe impertinence looked her sister up and down.

  9. To this impertinence the driver made no reply; but the fiery passenger intimated to them that, if they would come within his reach, he would give them boot enough to make their accounts foot up even.

  10. What do you think of such impertinence as this, Holderness?

  11. What Peals of Laughter and Impertinence shall we be exposed to?

  12. The great Regard you have so often expressed for the Instruction and Improvement of our Sex, will, I hope, in your own Opinion, sufficiently excuse me from making any Apology for the Impertinence of this Letter.

  13. A like [3]] Impertinence is also very troublesome to the superior and more intelligent Part of the fair Sex.

  14. It shows Virtue in the fairest Light, takes off in some measure from the Deformity of Vice, and makes even Folly and Impertinence supportable.

  15. Just fancy the folly of an impertinence that condemned a fellow being on no evidence whatsoever; neither eye nor ear were brought in as witnesses.

  16. I don't know that I ever asked you to," says Miss L'Estrange with such open impertinence that Barbara flushes up to the roots of her hair.

  17. She deserves to wait a twelvemonth for her impertinence in troubling you at all about it.

  18. The tone of freedom and almost impertinence which young George Esmond had adopted of late days towards Mr. Washington had very deeply vexed and annoyed that gentleman.

  19. Goaded into fury by the impertinence of a boy, he had used insulting words.

  20. I could not do it with impertinence without trespassing on the monopoly of another.

  21. One newspaper said I patted his Majesty on the shoulder--an impertinence of which I was not guilty; I was reared in the most exclusive circles of Missouri and I know how to behave.

  22. He, therefore, openly censured the meanness of those who proposed taking further notice of Tyrrel, and referred to the unanswered letters, as a piece of impertinence which announced him to be no gentleman.

  23. To Sir Bingo, Captain MacTurk, I have no apology to offer--I think I treated him more gently than his impertinence deserved.

  24. No one can plague you there with that disguised impertinence called sympathy.

  25. It seemed almost an impertinence to suggest that such eyes could know weariness.

  26. I wish to marry her very well," Osmond went on with a dry impertinence which, in another mood, poor Rosier would have admired.

  27. His solitude, his ennui, his love for his daughter, his good manners, his bad manners, were so many features of a mental image constantly present to him as a model of impertinence and mystification.

  28. Impertinence at first is borne With heedless slight, or smiles of scorn; Teased into wrath, what patience bears The noisy fool who perseveres?

  29. Where'er her eyes dispense their charms, Impertinence around her swarms.

  30. Shortly after entered Saul, overwhelmed with confusion at the impertinence of that heavy-limbed warrior, who had defied him and all his people.

  31. Mary Anne only wanted the kit," was the vulgar impertinence by which he closed this piece of flattery; and this was in allusion to the trousseau!

  32. I could n't explain this, nor even give it a coloring; but I grew angry, Tom, vexed and irritated by the pestering impertinence of this pumping scoundrel.

  33. On his first inquiry he was told, with the impertinence peculiar to hired hackney-coachmen and inn-keepers with their houses full, that there was no room for him at the Hotel de Londres.

  34. Villefort of the impertinence of his servants.

  35. I have no patience with the impertinence of a puppy, even though the messenger of her I love and esteem above all the world.

  36. They were tall athletic men, armed at all points, and their manner had a dash of insulting impertinence in it.

  37. Shortly afterwards I heard that the governor's daughter married the man whose leg I had lamed for his impertinence to me.

  38. I wanted you here to show me that filet stitch," answered Rosa, slight impertinence peeping out in her tone.

  39. Notwithstanding the little spice of impertinence peeping out in the last sentence, Samuel Lynn saw no reason to correct Anna.

  40. Grounsell understood too well the wordy absurdity with which her Ladyship, on the least excitement, was accustomed to launch forth, quite forgetful of all the impertinence into which it betrayed her.

  41. Still, there was no impertinence in the curiosity that met them.

  42. It was not my business, and, I dare say, there is impertinence in the observation, but when Miss Hyde was sick, your daughter scarcely left her room.

  43. The impertinence of this intrusion angered me greatly.

  44. Besides, it was impertinence in any man to tell his mother his opinion of her to her face.

  45. Montague, who was as much nettled by a feeling of uncertainty how to act as by the impertinence of the man.

  46. Low must be the character which such impertinence will exalt: high must be the character which such impertinence will not degrade.

  47. If you are calling, and another person enters, never offer the chair assigned you by the lady of the house; it is her privilege to decide where to place her guests, and an impertinence on your part to usurp her place.

  48. For a gentleman, when driving with a lady, to put his arm across the back of the seat, around her, is a piece of impertinence which any well-bred lady will very justly resent.

  49. It is a breach of etiquette, as well as an impertinence ever to question a child or servant upon family affairs.

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