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Example sentences for "imperturbability"

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impertinence; impertinences; impertinencies; impertinent; impertinently; imperturbable; imperturbably; impervious; imperviousness; impetigo
  1. Even when beaten there was enjoyment to be had out of the imperturbability with which he could take that beating, out of a sense of superiority to men not quite so sportsmanlike as himself.

  2. Absolute indifference or imperturbability or apathy (Upeksha), resulting in a kind of ecstatic quietude.

  3. Later in the day how much had the words exchanged with Dorsenne comforted her, and how reassured had she been by the Countess's imperturbability on the entrance of Boleslas Gorka!

  4. Many times, watching him, Sheila had wondered why she had never been able to peer through the mask of his imperturbability at the real, unlovely character it concealed.

  5. What emotions slumbered beneath the mask of his habitual imperturbability no one save Langford himself knew.

  6. No change had come over the imperturbability of the horseman.

  7. Tall and bearded, his stature and smart uniform and shining sword impressing the savages no less than his calm imperturbability of demeanour, the Commandant stood, among three or four Inspectors.

  8. One day at one of these shooting-matches at Pall Mall I witnessed a demonstration of the imperturbability of these mountain men.

  9. In the mountains of Tennessee Alvin York had won fame as one of the best shots with both rifle and revolver that those mountains had ever held, and his imperturbability was as noted as the keenness of his sight.

  10. This is the standpoint of the imperturbability of Scepticism.

  11. Hence we say that the end of the Sceptic is imperturbability in the conceptions and moderation in the affections which he is compelled to have.

  12. Yet the imperturbability and uniformity of mind in itself, which suffers through nothing, and which is affected neither by enjoyment, pain, nor any other bond, is the common standpoint and the common end of all these philosophies.

  13. But Vipan's imperturbability was of a quality warranted to stand shocks.

  14. The sight of him angered her, but a thrill of malicious satisfaction shot through her, as she thought of the rude shock she would inflict upon that provoking imperturbability before he was an hour older.

  15. How could this man preserve such perfect imperturbability unless he were sure of some miraculous deliverance?

  16. They share with the beasts a passion of living that is wholly unknown on the plains; but yet they have a certain quality of imperturbability known nowhere else.

  17. They seem to have acquired from the silence and the snows an impregnation of that eternal calm and imperturbability that is the wilderness itself.

  18. And Dan stood erect in his path, his rifle half raised to his shoulder; and even in that first frenzied instant in which Lennox looked at him, he saw there was a strange impassiveness, a singular imperturbability on his face.

  19. It had been delivered to Godfrey Thomas, one of Sir Edward Goschen's able young attaches, all of whom, like the Ambassador himself, had given so characteristic an exhibition of British imperturbability during the final hours of crisis.

  20. She was on her own territory at this work, playing her own game; and she was more alarmed by De Chauxville's imperturbability than by any thing he had said.

  21. Etta glanced at Paul, who returned De Chauxville's bland gaze with all the imperturbability of a prince.

  22. Once more I was impressed by the imperturbability and natural courtesy of the people.

  23. Yet his natural imperturbability stood him bravely in place of sophistication.

  24. But he was too much of a man himself to mistake a just imperturbability for fear, while the mention of money checked his anger by switching his ideas.

  25. They went to a cafe to drink coffee, she sat looking at people in the street, and a great wound was in her breast, a cold imperturbability in her soul.

  26. This cold imperturbability of spirit continued in her now.

  27. The pluterperfect imperturbability of the department of agriculture.

  28. Don Jose's imperturbability evidently shook the landlord's faith in the soundness of his own position.

  29. In spite of himself, a smile broke the imperturbability of the sergeant's face.

  30. The eyes were open, but death had wiped out from them the imperturbability which they had held through life.

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