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Example sentences for "aplomb"

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  1. He made his jest with the same aplomb at births and weddings and deaths.

  2. We'll send you cards to the entertainment when that happy day arrives," laughed Creagh, delighted of course at the aplomb of the Macaroni.

  3. When he had finished Prince Charles sent for me and congratulated me warmly on the boldness and the aplomb (so he was kind enough to phrase it) which had carried me through devious dangers.

  4. I am quite well, thank you, marm," replied the sailor, with more aplomb than Eve had yet seen him display.

  5. Her intentionally looking aplomb into the rosary saleswoman's petrous countenance as she paid the money to her was a feigned attempt to project composure and went unnoticed.

  6. The jaws of the precipice closed in upon the wayfarer as if to crush him, but Sergeant Cardono advanced with the steady stride of a mountaineer, and the aplomb of one who is entirely sure of his reception.

  7. Then with enforced calm, and with a glance at the clock, he brushed down his clothes, looked at himself in the glass above the counter, and walked with much careless aplomb out to the car.

  8. She was a buxom creature, of the type that the Negroes about the station would call a "High Brown," but without the poise and aplomb that conscious membership in that class usually brings.

  9. I had behaved with unusual sedateness, had showed an aplomb I had never before evidenced.

  10. The easy aplomb with which he introduced the forgotten commission of Captain Anstruther was aided by the presentation of that gentleman's visiting card, and the charms of an interesting word sketch of Delhi and its surroundings.

  11. The spirit possessing Roscoe the night before seemed to enter into all of us, even into Mrs. Falchion, who had lost, somewhat, the aplomb with which she had held the situation in the boat.

  12. He also had that social aplomb so much a characteristic of the naval officer.

  13. The aplomb of the young generally means complacency; but one who is young and shy, and yet has the grace to think about the convenience and pleasure of others, can be the most perfect companion in the world.

  14. Was there nothing said about the airs of a country school-ma'am, the aplomb of an adventurer?

  15. Even his aplomb was a little shaken by the complete success of the attack.

  16. Not even the Master's aplomb could suppress a strange gleam in his eye, could keep his face from paling a little or his lips from tightening, as he now beheld the inmost shrine of two hundred and thirty million human beings.

  17. All the aplomb won through years of suffering and experience deserted him.

  18. So he arrived in a perfect simplicity, without any of that rather dubious aplomb with which he tried to carry off his celebrity when it really came.

  19. He had given the word "Press" with an exaggerated aplomb that showed he was young to his job, and the gate-keeper challenged him.

  20. Your father didn't wish you to hear," she said, with all the aplomb she could muster.

  21. A hand took Lennan's, a hand that seemed to waver between the aplomb of a woman of the world, and a child's impulsive warmth.

  22. Thus much one can see quite clearly from reading de Maupassant, Flaubert's pupil, whose stark and savage strokes of clean-cut visualisation never attain the imaginative atmosphere or Rabelaisian aplomb of Balzac's rural scenes.

  23. His aplomb and his weighty, decisive tone always acted upon simple souls, especially upon fresh, naive, trusting souls.

  24. She received his bits of news with the aplomb of a resourceful commander.

  25. The Baron Ronault de Palliac arose with unruffled aplomb and favoured the caller with his stateliest bow.

  26. Suddenly, as if by magic, his aplomb returned, and in a flash of understanding he perceived the situation.

  27. The thing that fascinated Austen Vane and others who listened was the aplomb with which the speech was delivered.

  28. The quartermaster, duly summoned, rose with aplomb and delivered himself of a speech that made the hall ring, that formed the subject of a puzzled and amazed comment by the newspapers of the British Capital.

  29. With an aplomb that just a moment before would have seemed impossible to him, Enrique answered: "I'd like to see that emerald necklace in the window.

  30. The aplomb and force, as well as the stout-heartedness of that brave, gay profession still remained his.

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