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Example sentences for "apish"

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  1. And when the apish creature made show of blushing at the unmerited honour, she, to comfort him, bade him not to be ashamed, for "in her eyes he was worth a kingdom.

  2. And if they saw him in his holiness, as he sees them in their sins and shame, they would take but little pleasure in their apish knacks.

  3. And why follow the apish fashions of the world?

  4. This ape, knowing by high apish imagination how delicious is the food hidden under the shell, sniffs and twists himself about in a thousand apish ways, saying, I know not what, between his chattering jaws.

  5. On the backs Of mules and asses I make asses ride, Only for sport, to see the apish world Worship such beasts with sound idolatry.

  6. But this apish monkey fashion of effeminate niceness, out upon it!

  7. I must own to you that the lower class of people here amuse and interest me much more than the middling, with their apish good breeding and prejudices.

  8. How superior to the apish politeness of the towns!

  9. If you have a hippopotamus major in your brain, you are no ape, though you had four hands, no feet, and were more apish than the apes of all aperies.

  10. Whenever possible, therefore, they preferred to journey, after the fashion of their apish ancestors, by way of the high branches and the liana bridges.

  11. One clear footprint in the wet earth revealed itself clearly as Mawg's--for there was no such thing as confounding that arched and moulded imprint with those left by the apish men.

  12. While one side of his face was distorted in apish grimaces, the other seemed serious and stern and the never-closed eye peered mutely and vaguely into space.

  13. If God was before them, as he is behind their back; And if they saw him in his holiness, as he sees them in their sins and shame, they would take but little pleasure in their apish Knacks.

  14. Thus he remained stale in his garments, sweaty in his accoutrements, with dirty hands and an apish face.

  15. However, Marie Fiquet followed the wise counsel of her mother, and would take no notice of the soft requests, honied words, or apish tricks of her master, unless they were flavoured with a promise of marriage.

  16. He designs her for another--the apish gallant of the pretty actress who fascinated you this morning.

  17. The young man, by whom she was attended, had a slight thin figure, and sharp, disagreeable features, with rather an apish expression.

  18. Report of fashions in proud Italy, Whose manners still our tardie apish Nation Limpes after in base imitation.

  19. Fooles had nere lesse grace in a yeere, For wisemen are growne foppish, And know not how their wits to weare, Their manners are so apish Le.

  20. Is this decorative tomfoolery, are this apish swagger and blazoned snobbery worthy of men and women?

  21. He saw in the mirror the door of the bedroom slowly open, and a hideous, apish face peep stealthily in, not at him, but at the sleeper.

  22. Whilst I was the victim of this insect's ferocity the horizon had become darkened by the shadowy outline of an enormous apish form.

  23. The next instant there was a worse convulsion, and just under his necktie suddenly appeared a tiny apish head.

  24. Thoroughly angry now, Dwight caught the apish thing, and, boxing its ears till it howled, stuffed it into his pocket and hurried from the room, his dinner forgotten in his chagrin.

  25. The tinsel and apish civilisation no longer sufficed to conceal the brute in human nature.

  26. Masked shepherds and shepherdesses danced upon the graves of a former generation, a new Arcadia was created in apish imitation and peopled with grimacing creatures who tripped about on tiptoe in their high-heeled shoes.

  27. Let apish despots trifle With home and child and wife?

  28. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "apish" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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