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Example sentences for "credulous"

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creditt; creditur; credo; credulities; credulity; credulously; credunt; creed; creeds; creek
  1. Unwilling as Magnus was to listen to me, I told him all about my sermon and those credulous fools who swallowed sacrilege as they do marmalade.

  2. Urged our accordant steps, this public Way Streamed with the pomp of a too-credulous day, When faith was pledged to new-born Liberty: 1820.

  3. They mock the other nations of the earth, and yet are the most credulous of all.

  4. Think you I am credulous enough to believe that St. Ida joined a decapitated head to its body?

  5. Now 'tis our custom in this land, when we have slain the innocent by hearkening to false knaves like thee, not to blame our credulous ears, but the false tongue that gulled them.

  6. This some fool did mispronounce undecim mille, eleven thousand: loose tongue found credulous ears, and so one fool made many; eleven thousand of them, an you will.

  7. The spokesman, a voluble and impudent scoundrel, told impressive stories of hardships and suffering and drew a great many coins from the credulous and sympathetic rustics.

  8. We were credulous long before we became critical.

  9. III One fallacy which disastrously affects many endeavors after this ideal transition is the prejudice that, since faith has hitherto in the youth's experience meant credulous acceptance of another's say-so, faith always must mean that.

  10. Credulous and incredulous people surrounded the stranger; they pressed upon him, overwhelming him with questions, stretching over one another to thrust their note-books into his hands.

  11. What do the unbusiness-like, credulous shareholders understand of such matters?

  12. He sent instructions to have some of the things sent out to him at Samburan, just as any ordinary, credulous person would have done.

  13. I don't want to disturb your touching trust in your--your follower, but he must be the most credulous brigand in existence.

  14. On her return home, she mentioned the circumstance as a matter of indifference to her husband, who, being a credulous and superstitious man, cried out in a terrible panic, that it was a presage of the death of his dear wife.

  15. Of this wheat they made small cakes called pancillos, kneaded with the aforesaid blood and water, and sold them to the credulous multitude for a quartillo a piece.

  16. We thank goodness that we do not live in a credulous age.

  17. The shrewd fellow in the wagon is one of a race as old as Thebes and as new as Porkopolis; his brazen face is older than the invention of bronze, but I think he never had to do with a more credulous crowd than this.

  18. Yes, and you might say the world was never before so credulous as it is now.

  19. And yet the south wind fills credulous man with joy.

  20. In the credulous centuries when these voyages were made, other islands were discovered, and a continent much more important than Bimini; but these discoveries were a disappointment, because they were not what the adventurers wanted.

  21. He is credulous and superstitious, and open to all wonder.

  22. Instead of fooling credulous multitudes with responses from Delphi, we have a Congress which can enact tariff regulations susceptible of interpretations enough to satisfy the love of mystery of the entire nation.

  23. Christianity were promulgated by Nero; but the testimony of credulous historians who wrote so long after the event is not of much value.

  24. If we were to be credulous here, we should moreover be acting in direct opposition to Nietzsche's own counsel as given in the following aphorisms (Nos.

  25. The Wagnerite, with his credulous stomach, is even sated with the fare which his master conjures up before him.

  26. Stones were thrown on this occasion by Sally and her stepfather, who was credulous enough to suppose that his pebbles passed the undertow and reached the sea itself.

  27. Conrad was a young man of an honest and credulous nature, with a turn for music naturally, and an artificial bias towards medicine infused into him by his father, who had died while he was yet a boy.

  28. This third time, possibly, she blamed her own fatally credulous tenderness, not me; but it was her third awakening, and could affection and warmth of heart combat it?

  29. My boy Dick' did so at the very outset, by an offer of marriage to one of those charming sylphs of that academical city, who are always on the look-out for credulous undergraduates.

  30. Like many men of genius, he was so credulous that the faith he pinned on one Heydon, an astrologer, at this time, perhaps buoyed him up with false hopes.

  31. SIR, Being ruined by the inconstancy and unkindness of a lover, I hope, a true and plain relation of my misfortunes may be of use and warning to credulous maids, never to put too much trust in deceitful men.

  32. The harm which is done by credulity in a man is not confined to the fostering of a credulous character in others, and consequent support of false beliefs.

  33. But a greater and wider evil arises when the credulous character is maintained and supported, when a habit of believing for unworthy reasons is fostered and made permanent.

  34. He was a powerful negro, with a close-cropped bullet-head, a massive bulldog jaw, and a pair of incongruously gentle and credulous eyes.

  35. The lady pretended not to believe that the tomb was wide enough for its purpose, and inveigled the credulous Merlin to enter it, and place himself as one dead.

  36. By this expedient they secured to themselves a favourable reception; and a set of credulous persons who would listen to their dictates as so many oracles.

  37. This circumstance no doubt occasionally gave an opportunity to an artful impostor to account for his miscarriage, and thus to prevail upon his credulous dupe to enable him to begin his tedious experiment again.

  38. The credulous many believed that here was obviously a centre and focus of divine inspiration.

  39. The resolutions adopted contained some carefully worded declarations, well adapted to deceive the credulous who were opposed to hostile aggressions upon the rights of the States.

  40. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "credulous" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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