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silliest; sillily; silliness; sillon; sills; silo; silos; silphium; silt; siltation
  1. I told him to stop putting silly ideas into the child's head," Ellen replied.

  2. He's playing with the other boys again and using those silly books to shoot at with a catapult, which to my mind is a sight more reasonable than poring over them all the time.

  3. It was true that he used to like to have a neighbor in to supper afterwards, and play the fool with the banjo and crack silly jokes; talk shop with Johnson, who was an auctioneer's clerk himself; smoke atrocious cigars and make worse puns.

  4. A silly little place like that would be no use to us.

  5. Mother is always wanting me to play silly games out in the street, with boys whom I don't like at all.

  6. I couldn't travel alone, I bought silly comic papers, I played nap with young men who talked of nothing but their 'shop' and their young ladies.

  7. We were drinking beer out of a stone jug, we were singing vulgar songs, we were revelling in the silly puerilities of a bank holiday out of doors.

  8. I wish Ferd had thought of situations like this when he planned this silly balcony business!

  9. Neither Skinner nor the Colonel is so silly as to think that.

  10. You have proved it right here, right here in this silly sheet of yours.

  11. The attorney presently smiled, but it was a silly smile, and then he went out of the door and down the street.

  12. But in every case it turned out to be some deceptive shadow, and Roger was the first one to laugh at his own silly fears.

  13. He was very silly to marry her; but you can't reason with an old man in love, Mr. Meekin.

  14. Captain Blunt," said she, "you're going to do a very silly thing.

  15. It is my silly way of saying more than I mean.

  16. We declared a dividend yesterday, and you've got a bank account that will warm the cockles of your silly old heart.

  17. As a school-girl she had a following of silly boys who were ready to take her at her own valuation of herself.

  18. Humphrey told him he was silly not to grab the chance.

  19. You can't tell where the silly thing will come down until just before it gets to you.

  20. You were a silly ass not to go after that butcher," growled Humphrey.

  21. He's as pleased as pickles about it, the silly chump.

  22. Say, it looks to me as if we were a couple of silly chumps!

  23. I suppose 'The' wanted to know what he's up again, but it looks to me as if he was silly not to kick while he's got this wind behind him.

  24. But shouldst not be so silly a bird, Goldie, even though thou hast thine excuse.

  25. Her father pinched her cheek and said she was a silly wench; but perhaps he marked the dancing step with which the young mistress went about her household cares, and how she was singing to herself songs that certainly were not "Willow!

  26. Not a hair of the silly lads shall be touched, but they must bide lock and key long enough to teach them and their masters to keep better ward.

  27. The noddies, as their name expresses, are silly little creatures.

  28. We sailed rapidly down the current, but before sunset, from a silly fear of bad weather, we brought-to in a narrow arm of the river.

  29. This silly belief is curious, because it shows that experience has taught them to observe, that there exists a relation between the suppressed action of the volcanos, and the trembling of the ground.

  30. I thought myself it was a silly business, but I could not forget my father had a hand in it.

  31. Sometimes I was broad awake and understood what passed; sometimes I only heard voices, or men snoring, like the voice of a silly river; and the plaids upon the wall dwindled down and swelled out again, like firelight shadows on the roof.

  32. I never said you were," said I, which was exactly the rude, silly speech of a boy of ten.

  33. Then he had a hearty fit of sneezing, and looked round upon me with a rather silly smile.

  34. Some men went so far as to wear "dickies," that is to say, false shirt fronts made of paper, but this was considered a silly cheat.

  35. I can see them now, the cocks leaping and strutting, with trailing wings and down-thrust heads, displaying their bulbous orange-colored neck ornaments while the hens flutter and squawk in silly delight.

  36. It's these silly fools who can't mind their own business and think everybody else is like themselves!

  37. It would be too silly to expect you to remember much," he went on after a pause, with a more delicate irony than heretofore.

  38. That's what makes all this such a silly bore.

  39. Momoro were as silly as the worship of the cotton plucked from Voltaire's robe de chambre.

  40. The dream-soul is, to put it very mildly, a silly flighty thing.

  41. I be silly fellow and no savey I done die one time, and been born again in some other country.

  42. There were silly jokes, contemptuous criticism, half-laughing suggestions that there was something "queer about Miss Marvin.

  43. I have lost the most important documents of the Navy Department-- through a silly entanglement with a woman.

  44. You dear, silly boy," she cried, returning a step and clasping him in an impetuous embrace.

  45. Harry is called to the city just when we are invited to Sophie McCallan's wedding, and Farrell has taken the limousine for some silly repairs.

  46. Summers beamed his happiness in the face of the brazen compliment, like the good and silly boy he was.

  47. Play the gime, you silly old 'Un, an' 'ook it.

  48. Too late to avoid the consequences of the girl's silly persistence?

  49. It was the silly thing put it into my head to--to do what I did.

  50. The king raised him graciously, and with an action which, viewed apart from his woman's face and silly turban, seemed royal and fitting.

  51. These women--I could find it in my heart to hate them for their frankness, for their foolish confidence, and the silly trustfulness that made them so easy a prey!

  52. But then she reflected how young men were popularly supposed not to mind a girl's being silly if she was beautiful.

  53. It all seemed inconceivable, silly and futile to him, what he had done, and what they were doing.

  54. It was none of my business, but it seemed dreadful silly to me.

  55. She could not at all reconcile it with her memory of the rather silly little boy with the patched trousers, with whom she had discoursed over the garden fence.

  56. I used to think myself that older people were silly to want things like young people, but now I have changed my mind.

  57. No, father, I think it is a very silly name," replied Maria.

  58. Maria said the last platitude with a silly simper.

  59. She looked at Wollaston Lee sometimes and wondered how she had ever had dreams about him; how she had thought she would like him to go with her, and, perhaps, act as silly as her father did with Miss Slome.

  60. The idea of the Bible being the basis of law is almost too silly to be seriously refuted.

  61. This charge is too malicious and silly to be answered.

  62. These dismissed office-holders started the story that he was dirty in his habits, and a minister of the nineteenth century was found silly enough to believe the story.

  63. You must not think that he seems to be restrained by a sense of respectful deference especially due to the daughter of one whom the silly papers are fond of referring to as belonging to the tribe of magnates.

  64. Isn't it queer that silly things should enter one's head at such times?

  65. She has derived so much benefit from her stay here, and was looking so splendidly just a few days ago, that I felt angry enough to have whipped her, if a silly old chap like me could ever chastise a daughter like Helen.

  66. She was bravely trying to smile, and accused herself of being a silly fool.

  67. Wasn't it silly of me to get so excited, Aunt Jennie.

  68. Look at this silly girl," said Miss Jelliffe.

  69. They boldly ask me if I am going to marry the doctor, and when, the poor silly things, and if I deny the impeachment they bring forth little smiles of unbelief.

  70. It has simply become a silly habit, this jotting down of idle words.

  71. Now you and I, Aunt Jennie, know that men are silly things at best.

  72. My only excuse, and a mighty poor one, is that I was rather played out and developed a silly grouch.

  73. They know well enough how to weep over their misery, but no one can make them use their silly heads.

  74. I know the kind of advice she got from those silly old women.

  75. There is a lot of packing to do, and that poor silly Susie is perfectly useless, since she heard we were going.

  76. Like a pair of silly women we were on the verge of tears once more, and there was nothing left for me to do but to run.

  77. Now don't be after foolin' me jest ter make me stop greetin' like a silly calf!

  78. She grasped Mollie's hand more firmly, with an impatient exclamation to herself, for what she thought was silly nervousness, and walked into the dining-room.

  79. Why, there were English families and agents living in the place, and she would never be silly and lose herself or her head.

  80. I like to talk to the boys because they are as silly as I am myself, and they would not laugh at me for saying stupid things.

  81. It was a silly and slangy way to speak of it; but, upon my honour, I never meant to deceive any one when I said it first.

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