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Example sentences for "harebrained"

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  1. And just give this harebrained boy a good scolding; he will end by ruining himself if he goes on like this.

  2. Du Croisier hoped to reduce the d'Esgrignons to the last extremity of poverty; he hoped to see their castle demolished, and their lands sold piecemeal by auction, through the follies which this harebrained boy was pretty certain to commit.

  3. In this unequal conquest I was vanquished at the end of four years; and, like many another harebrained youngster, I was obliged to sell part of my property and to mortgage the remainder to satisfy my creditors.

  4. A couple of my harebrained kids have come up with an idea that makes sense and looks like it might salvage a lot of lost water.

  5. I know of whom you speak," said Tyrrel--"that harebrained enthusiast Butler.

  6. The poet fell asleep at last, murmuring dithyrambic phrases; and if you suppose that in the soberness of daylight he renounced his harebrained project, it is certain that you have never lived with Tricotrin in Montmartre.

  7. A small party of the Montmartrois had marched with him to the station, and more than once, in view of their anxious faces, the young man acknowledged mentally that he was committed to a harebrained scheme.

  8. Now make haste and discover the whereabouts of my harebrained little niece, Tattie, for the little witch is utterly incorrigible.

  9. You have rendered me many important personal services, not the least being your kindness in looking after the welfare of that harebrained little flirt Tattie.

  10. The butchers about him could not quite understand these novel methods: but they saw with envy that the harebrained fellow was selling all his meat.

  11. Athelstane the Saxon might make full as good a King, when Henry dies, as Richard of Acquitaine, with his harebrained notions and runagate religion.

  12. The Christian cavaliers well knew the harebrained valor of Hernan, yet not one hesitated to step forward.

  13. He evidently regards it as your special mission to get into harebrained scrapes.

  14. You need not be afraid of neglecting your duty or of getting out of the way of risking your life in harebrained ventures, for there will be no fighting till the spring.

  15. The Irish setter was a wild, undisciplined pup, harebrained and headlong after the manner of his breed.

  16. With the young farmer, the hired boy, the harebrained Irish setter, and the wise little black and white mongrel, came also the young schoolmaster of the settlement, who boarded at the farm.

  17. I know nothing about contributing money to Councils of Nine, or other harebrained revolutionists.

  18. So I abandoned the task and asked bluntly: "Now that Peter Bolton is dead, and the Council of Nine is in jail, and the conspiracy is smashed beyond repair, would you mind telling me why you contributed money to such a harebrained scheme?

  19. I think they were not displeased at their discovery by the sentinel, which gave them an excuse for a harebrained onset ahorse, in place of the tedious manoeuvre afoot that had been planned.

  20. Their fall to destitution was worthy of the harebrained design, the bungling conduct, of Ned; the childish inexperience, the blind confidence, of Madge.

  21. That is what I thought as I watched him, and Boston's vague scheme became harebrained in my eyes.

  22. If he had come to me that night, or afterwards, with a scheme for taking the ship, I should have joined in straightway, no matter how harebrained it might seem.

  23. Then turning to the veteran, he continued: "You really must not consider me a harebrained fellow on account of this determination on my part, commander.

  24. My conquest, as that harebrained Gerald is pleased to call it, is no conquest at all; besides, the lady in question is not really a duchess, though people call her so.

  25. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "harebrained" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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