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Example sentences for "daredevil"

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daraus; darbies; dard; dare; dared; darem; darena; darent; dares; daresay
  1. They were a daredevil set, and under men of masterful type they did hard and dangerous work for their employers.

  2. No less characteristic than these daredevil horsemen were the lines of great two-wheeled carts, each dragged by five mules, three in the lead, with two wheelers, or else perhaps drawn by four or six oxen.

  3. No other man west of the mountains could have calmed that crowd after that young daredevil Temple had stirred them up," declared Mr. Wright.

  4. As luck would have it, I had run into a pair of daredevil young Kentuckians who had more than once tasted the severity of Clark's discipline,--Fletcher Blount and Jim Willis.

  5. When they reached Dugan he was beyond help and Tim stared across the body of the daredevil into the hard eyes of Kurt Blandin.

  6. But probably no one was more surprised and startled than the daredevil himself.

  7. I want you to know Daredevil Dugan," said Blandin when the other flyer joined them.

  8. He's slated to do his daredevil stuff right away so we'll have to hurry if we want to catch him.

  9. The daredevil stepped outside their jail, pulled the door shut, rattled the chain, and then blew out the lantern.

  10. Was it possible that the Daredevil had deliberately attempted to crash them?

  11. Then he caught his breath for the daredevil was living up to his name.

  12. Just as you say," agreed the head judge, as he turned back to Dugan, but the Daredevil was already on his way.

  13. Then he found himself staring into the eyes of Daredevil Dugan!

  14. Before Tim had time to speak or motion Dugan to silence, the daredevil was striding toward him, hand outstretched.

  15. The daredevil tore it from the wrench, read it hastily, and then waved his understanding to his rescuers.

  16. The idea of facing a firing squad in the morning did not strike him as especially alarming for he had confidence that in some way he and the daredevil would be able to make their escape.

  17. I thought of the studious expression which usually characterized the face of that daredevil boy down at Llanystumdwy all those years ago.

  18. They know what a reckless daredevil Scotty is and as I will keep out of sight they will think he is attacking them single-handed, and they will all be busy trying to pick him off.

  19. Tug Conners was a daredevil and desperado who would shoot first and ask questions afterwards, and it was to this man that MacNutt would have to pass muster.

  20. In front of Cowan's a crowd of nine happy-go-lucky, daredevil riders were sliding from their saddles.

  21. The most daredevil feat of the war—an attack single-handed on a Boche airdrome, in which he destroyed three enemy machines.

  22. She smiled as thoughts of her daredevil stunts passed through her mind.

  23. Patsy Gubbins dances to the music, which is a thing even more reckless and daredevil than swearing.

  24. Knowing that one such daredevil attack would likely mean further pursuit, Raynor fought off bodily pain and strove to keep his mind fixed to one purpose--getting the packet aboard the U.

  25. It might seem that young Dane was a daredevil fool risking both his neck and his plane in a useless show-off.

  26. Stephen saw that in her present daredevil mood she was equal to anything.

  27. She jest plunged bows down, and driv straight to the bottom, the Daredevil did.

  28. There was the Daredevil over on South Shore.

  29. A few daredevil fellows generally did double duty and rode eighty or eighty-five miles.

  30. Daredevil and I match so perfectly that we were at once sold together again to a little fellow from Wisconsin.

  31. Desperate at last, Daredevil watched her chance, and planted both her hind feet in the small of his back, one day, and doubled him up.

  32. Lum listened dully and waited helplessly around at the end of the meeting until he saw Martha and Jake go down the road together, Martha shy and conscious and Jake the conquering daredevil that he was known to be among women.

  33. If he minded the loss of it, however, no one could see, for with chin up and steady, daredevil eyes he swung along about as well on his crutch as if it had been a good leg.

  34. There was no doubt of it--Pitt Bushyager was handsome in a rough, daredevil sort of way.

  35. Already the daredevil light danced wantonly in his eyes.

  36. Young brothers may be impressed with daredevil tales of masters put to rout and prefects "ragged" to death.

  37. These daredevil exploits took place while I was writing on the blackboard; but I think it only fair to mention to you that I have eyes in the back of my head--a fact upon which any member of this set could have enlightened you.

  38. But the old daredevil spirit was upon me, and I said that as I had committed myself I would not back down; I would ascend Mont Blanc if it cost me my life.

  39. While I was looking down upon the rafts that morning in Heilbronn, the daredevil spirit of adventure came suddenly upon me, and I said to my comrades: "I am going to Heidelberg on a raft.

  40. And at that suggestion which caused the much merriment, that daredevil within Roberta, Marquise of Grez and Bye, again arose and commanded me to attention.

  41. And what was it possible for me to do but to answer the command of the daredevil person within me?

  42. There you would see the heart of one--" Suddenly I stopped in the deepest dismay and the daredevil quaked in her trousers.

  43. Is it that the small Gaston is a daredevil like is my Bob?

  44. And then as I cowered there in my agony, very suddenly that terrible daredevil rose within me and gave to me a very strange counsel.

  45. For a second I stood as a stone, then a sudden resolve rose in me and again that daredevil seized upon my thought.

  46. That daredevil in me had led me into this dishonor, with the excuse, it is true, of fear that the wicked Uncle would not have mended the hip of small Pierre if I did not obey his summons as a nephew.

  47. You were born a daredevil and you must remember those two Indians and a bear that the Grandmamma Madam Donaldson murdered for safety for herself and her children.

  48. Not the daredevil who defied me and mocked me.

  49. They'll bring out some of those wild horses, and that meek-looking, little daredevil friend of Kurt's will call any bluff.

  50. By Gad, if the war really comes you'll be in luck, and get every bit of daredevil work the old Salamander can thrust your way.

  51. They were a daredevil set, in all truth, but they stood in their uniforms with as much military air as the average Russian rankers.

  52. Dave too was noticing and so was Barbara's mother and her father, who knew very well that this smooth, suave, bold, young daredevil was deliberately leading Hugh into all the mischief he could find.

  53. With him came a youth of his own age with daredevil eyes and a suave manner, one Dane Grey, to whom Harry gave scant greeting.

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    Other words:
    adventurer; adventuresome; adventuress; adventurous; audacious; bold; breakneck; daredevil; daring; devil; foolhardy; forward; harebrained; headlong; hotheaded; madcap; presumptuous; rash; reckless; swashbuckling; venturesome; wild