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Example sentences for "danced"

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damson; damsons; dan; danari; dance; dancer; dancers; dances; danceth; dancin
  1. They danced the fandangoe, in which a man and woman get up, and moving castanets with their hands, performed such evolutions as, to speak in the mildest way, would greatly astonish English spectators.

  2. Heat waves ran over the rocks and danced down the hillside.

  3. Cowboys came, danced long and late as Bud pumped the mechanical player, and thrilled to the shuffle of high-heeled boots.

  4. And without knowing how it came about, Lorry understood that there had been another Dorothy who had played and sung and danced in the sunshine.

  5. Throughout the afternoon, men and women, and even boys and girls, ate and drank, danced and sang to the limit of their ability.

  6. The stars, great and small, danced in a sky that was always blue, beyond the veil.

  7. There they danced in space, vast and cold.

  8. It danced in a myriad golden beams over the Elbe, it clothed in warmth the kindly city, and von Boehlen, with a politeness that was now unimpeachable rose to tell him good-bye.

  9. The great, friendly stars looked down, meeting his upturned gaze, and still danced before him.

  10. Had a member of the German legation dressed in female clothes, and in the height of his whimsical caprice danced with me in that insane fashion?

  11. Martini crossed himself, in ratification of his word, and with a step, light as his spirits, danced out of the apartment.

  12. They were airs played in other places at the theatres, sung in drawing rooms, danced to at night under lighted lustres, echoes of the world that reached even to Emma.

  13. Your night, when we played Patience; and mine when I showed you tricks and danced figure dances as we do at school.

  14. The present moment showed him in the latter mood, and Darsie's lips curled as she watched and listened, and in her eyes there danced a mocking light.

  15. Hannah struck a dramatic gesture, danced a few fancy steps in an elephantine manner, and stumped towards, the door.

  16. She explained, and Noreen and Ida pealed with laughter, and danced up and down on the gravel path, and slid their hands through her arm, vowing undying friendship on the spot.

  17. Airy figures, absolutely bodiless ideas, and forms of unsubstantial beauty came and danced before her, imprinting their momentary footsteps on beams of light.

  18. The second was named after the Duke of Clarence, with whom my mother had once danced at a ball on board ship at Portsmouth, and who had been rather fond of my uncle.

  19. He knew very well he was the pis aller of the party, and only danced when Parson Frank was not dragged out, nothing loth, by his little daughter.

  20. She danced for some time with the hat on, when she threw it off, which called forth a general shout, and the young man was obliged to go out upon the floor and pick it up.

  21. They danced with grace and spirit, moving in circles round their nearly stationary partners, and showing their figures to advantage.

  22. He was loudly applauded, and danced frequently toward the close of the evening.

  23. It woke even the weary heart to holiday when, in the summer, it glittered and danced in the sun, whispering or calling with a tender or bold vivacity along its lovely coast.

  24. As the heat of the sun increased the vitality of the human motes that danced in its beams seemed to increase also, to become more blatant, more persistent.

  25. And the Signorina and I--we could have danced together.

  26. But a gay little spirit of resistance sprang up like a flame and danced within her.

  27. Just then the waxing fire leaped above the red crest of the cliffs, and danced on the pillars of the forest, and lapped like a tide on the stones of the slope.

  28. And the light danced on the snow-drifts with a misty lilac hue.

  29. I have not danced for a score of years; and I will not dance now, while the mistress and the owner of the harvest sits aside neglected.

  30. And he danced about in a way that made my head swim on my shoulders, and he stood some inches over me.

  31. For Annie she would do anything, even so far as to try to smile, when the little maid laughed and danced to her.

  32. Do you remember how we danced that night?

  33. And the pleasure it gave me to catch those trout, thinking as every one came forth and danced upon the grass, how much she would enjoy him, is more than I can now describe, although I well remember it.

  34. Neither seemed inclined to begin the attack, and they danced cautiously about the circle with their faces close together.

  35. You notice when you have danced the first one with your brother's roommate, at whose special invitation you came, that as soon as he has taken you to your seat he rushes off like mad.

  36. He yelled "Yea" with all his might and danced three times about the cannon, all alone, like a man back on the campus in midsummer.

  37. Within two minutes Lawrence was joined by a score of fellows who danced with him about the cannon, yelled "Fresh fier-r-r!

  38. Bernald's secret leapt in his bosom, and he devoted himself to the task of distributing sandwiches and champagne while his pulses danced to the tune of the cosmic laughter.

  39. Among the couples who afterward danced in the Poets' Quadrille were Miss Daisy Bankshire, looking more than usually lovely as Laura, and Mr. Ronald Grew as the young Petrarch.

  40. All the next day she wandered alone by the brook, envying its shining waters which danced along on their way to the sea.

  41. The little imp on his nose kicked and danced and stamped about in great delight at finding himself perched up so high.

  42. He fairly danced for pleasure that the strange man had remembered him so long.

  43. The best indication is," said Uraso, "that the fellow with the big feet does very little walking, and all the other fellows have danced about him.

  44. The last foot I have counted is that little sawed-off sample that has danced all around the edge; see it here, and here!

  45. Why, it looks just like a little bear," said George as he danced about.

  46. The Pioneer," he cried, upon which they danced about in sheer joy and started for the village, which was distant several miles.

  47. It was somewhat smaller than Sunny, and the latter danced about the dead animal, as the "boys" brought it in.

  48. Gifts and loans, not all seemly, were thrust upon him, and infernal music rolled and maddened round red fires, while singers sang songs of the ancient times, and danced peculiar dances.

  49. He had danced with her several times at the big Christmas gatherings, when as many as five hundred white people came in to the station; and had always a great respect for her housekeeping and her dinners.

  50. So Mary told them of a fairy ball where all the little fairies came out of their flower cups and danced by the light of the moon.

  51. When everything was ready the children danced around the magic ring three times to make it more magic.

  52. All the while that the king and the beggar were eating, musicians played sweet music and dancers danced and singers sang.

  53. They danced around and around the chest, for they had never seen so much money in all their lives before.

  54. The young man walked up the avenue of marble to the palace, surrounded by the armed attendants in their dresses of jewels and gold, and preceded by dancing-girls as beautiful as houris, who danced and sung before him.

  55. She leaned lightly on his arm, as lightly as when she had danced with him a few hours before.

  56. Mrs. Donnelly played the piano for the children and they danced and sang.

  57. He read aloud nearly as much as he was asked to, and danced as vigorously as the youngest present at two dances that were given.

  58. Somebody danced 'round a good bit; but with this wind blowin' dead in his teeth, we couldn't hear so much as a single yip from him.

  59. He tried in vain to read; but the words danced before his eyes, and he found himself listening to the moaning of the wind, instead of taking heed to that which was before him.

  60. Do you know, she danced five times with him.

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