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Example sentences for "damson"

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damps; dams; damsel; damsell; damsels; damsons; dan; danari; dance; danced
  1. Spoons are waved in the air, legs appear above the table-cloth in uncontrollable ecstasy, and eighty short fingers dabble in damson syrup.

  2. The Midland people won't have the Farleigh Prolific so popular in Kent, and they are right; the Shropshire folks think their damson the best of all and many agree with them.

  3. The Bullace is classed by some botanists under the Prunus Instititia, and they place the damson in the same species, but the latter is round, the former oval.

  4. Damascena is the word used in Pliny for the district round Damascus, and damson originally meant the Damascus plum.

  5. Mirabelle and Rivers' Early Damson are August damsons, small, the former vigorous.

  6. Cranberry and damson sauce are suitable to eat with roast poultry.

  7. I want you to go to the pantry, get a bottle of currant wine, a jar of damson preserves, and a box of sardines.

  8. Sylvia had yet a little damson sauce at the bottom of a jar, although she had not preserved last year, for lack of sugar; but hot biscuits and pie, the pound-cake and tea would have to be provided.

  9. In the orchard a beautiful peacock butterfly flutters out, and under the damson trees there is the authentic note of high summer.

  10. The sun shone forth brightly, and a throstle joined in from a damson tree at the top of his voice.

  11. In the gloaming I saw dimly brown figures crossing upland and valley to the lonely hamlets that nestled amongst a starry mist of damson groves.

  12. Damson Plum Preserves Damson Plums, 1 quart Sugar Water The Damson plums Adelaide wiped thoroughly, and pricked each one with a silver fork twice.

  13. Damson Plum Jelly Damson Plums, 1 quart Sugar Water, 2 tablespoons Adelaide wiped and picked over the Damson Plums, and slit each one with a silver knife before placing them in the saucepan with two tablespoons of cold water.

  14. So Adelaide washed the Damson plums carefully, and with a silver knife slit each one before putting them into the saucepan.

  15. Illustration] Then come the joyous days of apple-gathering and damson picking.

  16. Cabinet pudding, and damson tart made with preserved damsons.

  17. Open jam tart, which should have been made with the pieces of paste left from the damson tart; baked arrowroot pudding.

  18. Now my mother gently sighed, gave up the damson jam on the spot, and began to unroll her knitting.

  19. I may mention, in passing, that there was no damson jam that year.

  20. There you have a concise history of George Eliot's life at this period, divided as it was between music, literature, and damson cheese.

  21. It is her intimate and thorough knowledge of big things and small, of literature and damson cheese, enabling her and us to see all round her characters, that provides these characters with their ample background of light and shade.

  22. No anecdotes of his childhood are preserved, except that he once cried because he could not eat any more damson tart.

  23. In later years he would probably have thought damson tart 'very vulgar.

  24. At one time the egg plum and the Worcester damson were the chief fruit crops, apples and cherries ranking next, pears being grown to only a moderate extent.

  25. The damson known as Farleigh Prolific, or Crittenden's, is most extensively grown throughout the county, and usually yields large crops, which make good prices.

  26. I question whether damson tart would have opened Mrs Jamieson's heart as the cherry-brandy did; but she told us of a coming event, respecting which she had been quite silent till that moment.

  27. So we passed the town and we wandered, reverend father, until we came to the chapel of Damson Hill, three miles from Saint Leofric’s, where the dead country folk lie under green grass.

  28. Gregory the hermit turned and went again to Damson Wood, and we with him.

  29. Then will you ride, Montjoy, to Damson Wood?

  30. Reverend father, there are three yew trees, old, I reckon, as Damson Hill, and thick.

  31. Go to Damson Wood, Montjoy, and then ride to Silver Cross.

  32. The granddame of Brother Barnaby here, living at Damson Lane, was breathing her last and greatly wishful to see him.

  33. We left Damson Wood and came down to the bridge and crossed river to our own side.

  34. He went through the black night, reverend father, to Damson Hill and to the great and ill-kept graveyard under the shadow.

  35. He, being very sick, forgot, and I being busy and concerned, nigh forgot Damson Graveyard and Saint Leofric’s Gate.

  36. Under Damson Hill those six parted, and three went by divers ways, belike to their own dwellings.

  37. Montjoy rode homeward in the evening, after a day in the deep wood, after a visit to Damson Hill graveyard.

  38. All kinds do not bear heavily, the freest bearers being those of the damson family--White Magnum Bonum and Diamond type.

  39. So far, there has been a ready sale for all the plums we can produce for fresh consumption, excepting some of the smaller plums of the damson type, which have been converted into jam.

  40. Could she order Suke Damson down-stairs and out of the house?

  41. Suke Damson had thought it well to imitate her superior in this respect, and, descending the back stairs as Felice descended the front, went out at the side door and home to her cottage.

  42. She took great care and pains to save the plums from the plundering boys, because it was the only real damson there was anywhere in the neighborhood, and she found a ready sale for them, for preserves.

  43. Under the damson tree the first white snowdrops came, and the crocuses, whose yellow petals often appeared over the snow, and presently the daffodils and the beautiful narcissus.

  44. Just outside the palings of the courtyard at Lucketts' Place, in front of the dairy, was a line of damson and plum trees standing in a narrow patch bordered by a miniature box-hedge.

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