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Example sentences for "adventurer"

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  1. That her father should be called an adventurer seemed the cruellest cut of all.

  2. I always said perhaps her father wasn't an adventurer after all.

  3. I'm afraid your father is an adventurer pure and simple.

  4. In this pleasant channel the thoughts of our Yankee adventurer were running as he strode over the uneven ground, with all the vigor gained by his hardy training.

  5. Some tramp or adventurer might attack and injure, or at least rob you.

  6. The merchant adventurer is often a noble type of man, and one to whom the world owes much, though his hands are not always clean, nor his eye single.

  7. Rome was only nominally under Zeno's dominion; and it mattered little to him whether Herule or Gothic adventurer called himself his representative.

  8. When our adventurer arrived in England, all the talk was about the wonderful western world.

  9. Our bold adventurer now went farther east and enlisted in the Austrian army to fight against the Turks.

  10. The adventurer brought his horse, his weapons, his strength, and his experience, into the market.

  11. By his incomparable dexterity, he raised himself from the precarious and dependent situation of a military adventurer to the first throne of Italy.

  12. Or were they two magic words which could compel the whole great adventure of Lupin the great adventurer to assume its true significance?

  13. Beautrelet never forgot its tragic horror, he who knew all Lupin's love for Raymonde and all that the great adventurer had sacrificed of his own being to bring a smile to the face of his well-beloved.

  14. And there was something impressive and tragic in knowing that the famous adventurer was lying in some dark shelter, below the ground, helpless, feverish and exhausted.

  15. Beautiful accomplished Greek adventurer who marries and is unfaithful to Romola.

  16. The series of incidents by which the name of a Florentine adventurer was given, first, to a continent he probably did not discover, and then to another which he never saw, is as curious as anything in geographical history.

  17. Erected to protect the colonists from British and Dutch attacks, they succumbed long afterwards to a later British adventurer leading those colonists themselves against the power of Spain.

  18. The third was to divide up the more fertile districts into large estates, allotting to each adventurer his share of labourer-natives along with his share of the lands.

  19. Our only authority for this statement is the adventurer himself who has given his name to the book.

  20. Both the German adventurer as well as the Andalusian cavalier gave their names to the narratives of what happened to them in America, in the two books published together in the present volume.

  21. Around his neck the shield the Adventurer slung; 96 And girt the enchanted sword.

  22. Thrill'd, but undaunted, on the Adventurer strode 32 Then spoke the youthful Genius with the crown And armour: "Hail to our august abode!

  23. And even if it should, there remained the insuperable barrier of her fortune, in the face of which the pretensions of a penniless adventurer could only seem silly.

  24. Not that he made the mistake of despising those two social malcontents, Phinuit and Jules, that rogue adventurer Monk, that grasping courtesan Liane Delorme.

  25. Parolles and his drum typify many a modern adventurer and court-candidate for unearned laurels and unblushing honours.

  26. Why had Jean Adam, the adventurer who had lived by his wits for years and the hero of a thousand thrilling adventures, taken his own life beside his own coffin?

  27. The pair were laughing together, and it struck him that the companion of the adventurer might be French.

  28. The adventurer had been done to death, and was already in his coffin!

  29. Adventurer was written all over his face.

  30. He was an adventurer who had filched money from widows and orphans--a scoundrel, and an assassin.

  31. And Mr Craik, followed closely by Danton's great body, stole circumspectly across his dim chink, and the first adventurer went stumbling down the kitchen staircase.

  32. So long as Lady Margaret did not take the arm of that adventurer O'Brien, her father was quite satisfied; and she had not done so, she had decorously gone in with Dr.

  33. He knew the adventurer and he knew the fanatic.

  34. Free from the restraint of law-abiding localities in the States, the American adventurer of lawless propensity will have free reign in bullying and oppressing, and probable partiality in the administration of the law.

  35. But the fact that he was a "hard-headed business man" as well as an adventurer did not keep him from having a queer spot in his brain, because hard-headed business men are as susceptible to such spots as adventurers are.

  36. In short, he had learned that he was an adventurer who must trust to himself.

  37. As Chris observed with unconscious cynicism, there's a good deal of difference between a penniless adventurer and the possessor of quarter of a million.

  38. It may be a lesson will do good upon her; for, credit me, Calista, I have sometimes thought she has let this Northern adventurer sit nearer her heart than prudence would sanction.

  39. He upon whom Richard had conferred the distinction of guarding his banner was no longer an adventurer of slight note, but placed within the regard of a princess, although he was as far as ever from her level.

  40. Our adventurer was snugly seated in the little but select chamber which had been given him in the house of Squire Hinkley.

  41. Nor was the young adventurer who accompanied the preacher, suffered to remain long unconsidered.

  42. This speech made our adventurer elevate his eyebrows.

  43. So leisurely was the progress of the bristling little adventurer that it was a good half-hour ere he reached the farmyard bars.

  44. When the leisurely adventurer had eaten as much of the box as he could hold, he took it into his head to go home,--which meant, to any comfortable tree back in the woods.

  45. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "adventurer" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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