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  1. In the meantime the production of planes had been far outstripped by the enlisted and commissioned personnel of the air service.

  2. America's greatest contribution to the World War was--the enlisted man.

  3. Every man in that plant is a marine, enlisted or commissioned.

  4. But the lady in question was putting forth all her resources, which were not slight when enlisted in her own behalf, to keep the two men in statu quo until more time, with its chances, should pass.

  5. Doctor Craik, who had enlisted as lieutenant, was soon compelled to lay aside his gun and do what he could to relieve their suffering.

  6. The men were for the most part poor whites, who had enlisted because they could earn their bread no other way, and promised to make but indifferent soldiers.

  7. Six thousand were ascertained to have been enlisted in the enterprise, their names being enrolled on the books of "The Society," as the organization was called.

  8. He was patriotic, and at once enlisted as a sergeant in the Second South Carolina Regiment.

  9. Is it not a fact that no more than a twentieth part of the subjects of the Roman Empire had enlisted themselves under the standard of Christ before the conversion of Constantine?

  10. De Peyster, you know, enlisted at the time of the Spanish war.

  11. Mr. Cartwright reluctantly explained to the doctor enough of the facts to assist him to a proper understanding of the case, and with sympathies fully enlisted his efforts were redoubled.

  12. Ashley and the veteran Major Andrew Henry enlisted the aid of "one hundred young men to ascend the Missouri River to its source" on a trapping expedition.

  13. According to the custom of enumeration in the South, this number probably excluded every man enlisted as musician or detailed as guard or nurse, and all commissioned officers--everybody who did not carry a musket or serve a cannon.

  14. He was a strict disciplinarian, and perhaps did not distinguish sufficiently between the volunteer who "enlisted for the war" and the soldier who serves in time of peace.

  15. Nor was it my fault, I trow, that my second son enlisted with Gomez and the royalists when they entered Cordova.

  16. I think it, however, a greater evil to the white than to the black race, and while my feelings are strongly enlisted in behalf of the latter, my sympathies are strongly for the former.

  17. This political action of these states not only aroused the indignation of slaveholders, but enlisted in their behalf the sympathies of their non-slaveholding fellow citizens.

  18. Tennessee furnished more than thirty thousand men to the armies of the Union, and from almost every State which formed a portion of the Confederacy men enlisted in the loyal forces.

  19. This local contest not only enlisted Mr. Clay's interest, but aroused his deep personal feeling.

  20. No finer body of men ever enlisted in an heroic enterprise than those who volunteered to bear the flag in Mexico.

  21. On this incidental issue he forced the controversy until it enlisted the attention of the entire country.

  22. At the fort the money which he had in his pockets was taken from him, and he was placed in solitary confinement in a room ordinarily used for quarters of enlisted men.

  23. At Kingston a halt was made while Captain Matthey, acting for the Earl of Selkirk, enlisted twenty more veterans of the Watteville regiment.

  24. These were the most energetic body of settlers so far enlisted by the Earl of Selkirk.

  25. Every manly impulse, and all the higher qualities of the patient's nature, must be enlisted in the struggle for virtue and health.

  26. Poe's neurotic temperament had led him into a number of escapades, but he gave evidence of improvement after he enlisted in the American Army at Boston in 1827.

  27. There had been no serious attempt to create a regular army, but squads of militia had been enlisted for terms of three or six months, as if there were any likelihood of the war being ended within such a period.

  28. Accordingly, 1,200 Massachusetts men were easily enlisted in the course of the next forenoon, and the expedition started up the Mohawk valley.

  29. Under the influence of these feelings, the state militias were enlisted for very short terms, each under its local officers, so that they resembled a group of little allied armies.

  30. These volunteers had enlisted for various periods, for the most part short, under various contracts with various town or provincial governments.

  31. These forces were to be enlisted under Washington's direction, in the name of the United States, and were to be taken indiscriminately from all parts of the country.

  32. The men now enlisted were to serve during the war, and were to receive at the end a hundred acres of land each as bounty.

  33. I am enlisted in one of the new regiments, and we go against the French in America.

  34. He escaped, gained his passage home, and had spent his last shilling in the very public-house at St. Mary Elms where he received his first as an enlisted recruit.

  35. A discharge for all those who had served three years under their original engagements, whatever those engagements might have been, and who had not taken the increased bounty, and re-enlisted for the war.

  36. General Wayne being unwilling to discharge all those who had not re-enlisted for the war, the subject was referred to the civil power.

  37. He fled from his father's house, and enlisted in a marching regiment about to embark for the East Indies.

  38. It was not until Tuesday that the first men enlisted and martial law was proclaimed.

  39. More than twenty-five thousand men enlisted in a week.

  40. One day I met a hairdresser who had two sons; the one had been called into service and the other had enlisted and was to be called out in two weeks.

  41. It recounts in dulcet French phrase the whole life of one of these noble native soldiery enlisted in the ranks of the French army organization.

  42. In more than one instance they had been drummed out of their own regiment for some disgrace and enlisted anew in France's Légion Étrangère that they might begin life over again.

  43. He went through different adventures, and at last enlisted in the army of the Elector of Cologne--an 'unhappy herd, destitute of all sense of religion and shamefacedness.

  44. The enlisted spaceman at the controls sent the tiny vessel skimming across the broad expanse of the spaceport toward the control tower.

  45. At that moment a tall enlisted spaceman walked up to Walters and saluted sharply.

  46. Abruptly, Walters turned to an enlisted spaceman and instructed him to get his brief case from the Polaris, then deliberately turning his back on Brett, continued his study of the report.

  47. You make another threat like that to a Solar Guard officer," growled the enlisted spaceman, "and it'll be the last thing you do.

  48. On the sidewalk, enlisted guardsmen handed out extra oxygen masks to the men who would search the area for anyone who might not have gotten out before the screen exploded.

  49. He shook his head and flipped open the key of his desk intercom, connecting him with the enlisted spaceman in the next office.

  50. Commander Walters stood in the middle of an intersection on the main road to sector twelve, waving his arms and shouting orders to the enlisted guardsmen and volunteer miners that had raced back into the city to help.

  51. Trouble had already started at the spaceport when a crowd of excited miners had charged a detachment of enlisted men guarding Solar Guard cruisers.

  52. When he received the all-clear from the enlisted spaceman on the ramp, Strong flipped both the public-address system and the intercom on.

  53. All volunteers and the first four squads of enlisted guardsmen and second detachment of Space Marines return to the spaceport and prepare to abandon Titan.

  54. The door behind them opened and an enlisted spaceman stepped inside, saluting smartly.

  55. Inside the shimmering crystal control tower, Steve Strong paced up and down behind the enlisted spaceman trying to contact the Deimos spaceport across the millions of miles of space.

  56. Apparently we slipped up, Steve, letting this chap get out of the Academy so he could make a name for himself in the enlisted ranks.

  57. When the two cadets left the restaurant, a jet car suddenly blasted to a stop beside them and a master sergeant, dressed in the scarlet red of the enlisted Solar Guard, jumped out to face them.

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