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everlastingness; evermore; everry; eversion; everted; everybody; everych; everyday; everye; everyone
  1. We stayed and enjoyed the performance, and at the Marseillaise and our own National Anthem every khaki-clad man from private to general stood at attention, and the latter at the salute.

  2. Every week drives were arranged to the beauty-spots and historical places round about, but I appreciated most the facilities offered by a temporary membership of the boating club for the absurdly small sum of 3s.

  3. But it was not for a rest; for every night we had to go up digging and consolidating the trenches regained and digging communication trenches.

  4. I am sure every one was over-stocked with chocolates and cigarettes, for we all kept returning to the counter to buy something just for the sake of a smile or a 'How are you getting on, Tommy?

  5. He writes home: "Our camp is about a foot deep in mud and slosh, and every time you go out your boots are covered and you have to be careful or you slip over.

  6. I'll drop you both a line every day, so don't worry.

  7. We get jam, too, and bacon daily, butter three times a week, and stew for dinner every day in trenches or not.

  8. Our Padre has been able to get round to us about every Sunday, when we have been out of the trenches.

  9. He writes: "One afternoon in early autumn a card was put into the hands of every young man in our office, inviting us to a tea and social evening at the Y.

  10. I could not believe it at all--it did not seem possible to me that George with whom I had spent every hour, every day in close companionship for so many months past, was dying.

  11. We got drenched the night before last--every one soaked to the skin.

  12. By this time the bombardment from both sides was stupendous; every gun on each side seemed concentrated on this one little stretch, on this small mound.

  13. Every one's nerves were on edge, and all of us were thoroughly tired out.

  14. Every kind of despicable deceit appears to have been practised.

  15. I then began to accuse myself of precipitancy; but I soon remembered that every thing ought to be hazarded, where every thing is at stake.

  16. Whose intemperance is every moment hurrying him into extremes.

  17. I have been once more reading my copy of this unaccountable paper, and though every word is engraven in my memory, it dropped from my hand with new astonishment!

  18. Yes, she shall grant every thing I wish as an act of duty!

  19. Every man broods over some solitary scheme of his own, avoids human intercourse, and hates to communicate the murk of his mind.

  20. It is the weak fear of not doing justice to my cause; of not convincing, and of making him unhappy, for whom I would sacrifice my life, every thing but principle, to make him the very reverse.

  21. I shall accordingly write to my agent, and put every thing immediately in train; after which, you shall hear from me without delay.

  22. I paid strict attention however to every circumstance that might aid my memory, in tracing it on the morrow.

  23. No--Then may all who ever heard the name of Coke Clifton make it their byword and their scoff; and every idiot curl the nose and snuff me to scorn!

  24. Ay and jealous I should be of my cat, if she were as ready to purr and rear her back to be stroked by every coarse unwashed hand as by mine.

  25. She had fallen into the habit of standing at the gate to watch for Lazarus every evening when he came back from the Temple.

  26. Next morning, after they left Bethany, Joel looked anxiously behind every rock and tree that they passed; but Simon was not to be seen.

  27. There was only one large square room, in which the family cooked, ate, and slept; but on every side it showed that Phineas had left traces of his skilful hands.

  28. They made slow progress, however, for at every turn in the road they were stopped by outstretched hands and cries for help.

  29. Every face was curious and excited, at this sudden interruption,--every face but one; the Rabbi Jesus alone was calm.

  30. His olive groves yield him a large fortune every year, and he is in a position to do a great deal for you, if you will only let him.

  31. He has sent out seventy of His followers, to go by twos into every town, and herald His approach, and proclaim that the day of the Lord is at hand.

  32. Afterwards they recalled every word and every incident, with loving memory that lingered over each detail; but at the time they could not understand its full import.

  33. There was rejoicing in nearly every home in Capernaum that night, for none were turned away.

  34. But it matters not which path is pointed out, the mission has been already given,--to tell the message to every creature my voice can reach.

  35. As you would listen could the dead lips you love move again; as you would greedily snatch up every word, and hide it in your heart of hearts, so Joel listened.

  36. Every house in the village stood empty, save one where a sick man moaned for water all unheeded, and another where a baby wakened in its cradle and began to cry.

  37. I must go on the morrow to carry my report to the Master, of the reception we have had in every town.

  38. It seems so terrible for a man honored as he has been, and accustomed to every luxury, to be such a despised outcast.

  39. When people--disappoint me, I try to forget them in every way I can.

  40. It's a demand that's increasing every day--for fresh, unconventional matter.

  41. She knew that he was painting with every nerve tense and eager, in oblivion to all but his work and the face that inspired it.

  42. Every day he is in England he will lose--lose--lose.

  43. I know how the novice feels when she makes her first appearance in the chorus of a spectacle--I've noted every vibration of her nerves.

  44. And every milord has the taste of every other milord.

  45. And he was as far from being able to avail of himself of it as he had been before--further, for every moment those slender fingers rested in his made it more impossible to relinquish them, for always.

  46. Elfrida staid, however, in her by-way of Fleet Street, and did a little bit of excellent work for the Illustrated Age every day.

  47. But Willie Faa considered every landed proprietor as his enemy, and thought it his duty to quarter on them.

  48. There is only now to add, that Jessy Flowerdew's subsequent conduct as Countess of Wistonbury proved her in every respect worthy of the high place to which she had been elevated.

  49. These feelings increased every moment, and had attained their height, when the party found themselves called on to take their seats at table, and yet no earl had appeared.

  50. Every time I lifted up my visor," replied she, "I scattered death around me.

  51. He had stuck to the counter of his little dingy shop for upwards of twenty years, and used to boast that, during all that time, he had opened and shut his shop with his own hands every day, not even excepting one.

  52. Every newspaper was filled with the story of his great fight against debt, and his triumph.

  53. Mark Twain's name seemed suddenly to be on every tongue--his book in everybody's hands.

  54. Probably, if he had considered every combination of words in the language, he could not have found a better one.

  55. He invented a new game for the occasion, and added a new rule for it with almost every shot.

  56. Yet there must have been hard places all along, for to learn every crook and turn and stump and snag and bluff and bar and sounding of that twelve hundred miles of mighty, shifting water was a gigantic task.

  57. From the reservoir in the city to Westchester County reservoir the distance is thirty-eight miles, and, if necessary, they could easily supply every family in New York with one hundred barrels of water a day!

  58. It became the fashion to consult him on every question of public interest, his comments, whether serious or otherwise, being always worth printing.

  59. Every club entertained him and roared with delight at his German speeches.

  60. The "Alta" and "Tribune" letters had carried his name to every corner of his native land.

  61. Take the slippers and wear them next your heart, Elsie dear, for every stitch in them is a testimony of the affection which two of your loyalest friends bear you.

  62. Even in that early time he had that deeper sympathy which one day would offer comfort to humanity and make every man his friend.

  63. Every room on the first floor had windows opening on a wide balcony which ran the length of the house and was protected from the rain and midday sun by the far-stretching eaves of the roof.

  64. On recovering his senses the first use he had made of them was to observe her every glance and silence.

  65. Needless to say he found in every village Venta, in every Posada of the towns, that which is easy to find in this babbling world--a talker.

  66. It was Mon who persisted that every stone should be turned, and every denizen of the great house interrogated.

  67. She knew his every thought; she was not afraid of him; she never had been.

  68. To those who study human nature, every attitude or gesture is of value; there were energy and courage in the turn of Juanita's head.

  69. But they can have all the money; every real,'" suggested Juanita hopefully.

  70. He must have seen many cities, but cities are nearly all alike, and they grow more alike every day.

  71. There may possibly have been a Xantippe here and there, but Imogenes are to be found under every bush.

  72. When one has to say something new every year about the farmers' daughters, why one has to use one's brains a bit.

  73. I'm here every day till five, Mr Gresham; then I go out and dine in Fleet Street, and then back to work till nine.

  74. I do believe she is a good girl in every respect.

  75. He was striving to say something tender to his lady-love; but every word that he spoke she turned into joke.

  76. There was every objection to his son marrying Miss Thorne; but the fact of their having no income between them, did certainly justify him in alleging that first.

  77. His young friend, Frank, was every inch a Gresham.

  78. Now, if old Baker has four thousand a year it's every shilling he has got.

  79. My dear friend, I will do the best I can in every way; I will, indeed.

  80. Every organ in his body had been destroyed, or was in the course of destruction.

  81. And now the lilacs bud again and all is lovely there And homesick soldiers far away know spring is in the air; The tulips come to bloom again, the grass once more is green, And every man can see the spot where all his joys have been.

  82. Courage was never designed for show; It isn't a thing that can come and go; It's written in victory and defeat And every trial a man may meet.

  83. The many will follow the beaten track With guideposts on the way, They live and have lived for ages back With a chart for every day.

  84. He says that every morning when he's summoned to the phone, He's afraid the bank is calling to make mother's shortage known.

  85. RICH Who has a troop of romping youth About his parlor floor, Who nightly hears a round of cheers, When he is at the door, Who is attacked on every side By eager little hands That reach to tug his grizzled mug, The wealth of earth commands.

  86. It has escaped every pitfall of mawkishness, stubbornly refused to descend to mere prettiness, and lived up to the noblest possibilities of its theme.

  87. This plump little image of good cheer conquers the most serious; every observer breaks into answering chuckles as this smile-compelling small person, holding fast her victims, beams upon them.

  88. The murals at the Exposition are rather unusual in their settings, where every building and every court is so replete with Mr. Guerin's splendid coloring.

  89. His "Sower" was the culminating work of his early labors, the product of his final year at Rome, in which year a heroic figure is required of every student.

  90. Since it was popularized by Madame le Prince de Beaumont in 1757, the story has been translated into every language.

  91. El Dorado and his realm have long been symbols of the elusive gold sought by mankind in all ages and every clime.

  92. In this charge the 21st Sepoys stabbed every Beloochee they came up with, whole or wounded, calling out "Innes!

  93. In vain every attempt was made by the English Government to obtain their release.

  94. The Ghurkas also appeared in several variants, and a character called "Soojah-ul-Moolk" appeared with a different spelling practically every time!

  95. The other villages were stormed; the guns in position carried, 53 pieces falling into the hands of the victors; the camp with baggage and standard captured, and the whole army of Sher Singh routed in every direction.

  96. The other columns now came up, the camp was attacked on three points, and in a short time the enemy were dislodged from every part of their position, their cannon taken, and their camp burnt.

  97. While he hastened to get the 2nd division under arms to meet the threatened attack, the advanced pickets were surprised, but behaved with the greatest gallantry, disputing every inch of ground with the Russian riflemen.

  98. Every one did as he was directed, and there was not a cry or a murmur among them until the vessel made her final plunge.

  99. The colours were hoisted regularly every day on the Balar Hissar as long as the troops remained at Cabul.

  100. We have brought together every scrap of information we could collect as to this person, hoping to find therein a clue that we could follow up.

  101. Trumeau kissed it with every outward mark of respect, while his lips curled unseen in a smite of mockery.

  102. Mademoiselle de Guerchi, who was desirous of being prepared for every peril, asked him in a coaxing tone-- "Who can have put it into your head to be jealous of the commander?

  103. One evening, however, Perregaud came home, his face distorted by terror and trembling in every limb.

  104. How do you know that I did not make every effort to find out why you were so long absent from my side?

  105. One night the commander left the surgeon's feeling more cheerful than usual, for the chevalier had passed a good day, and there was every hope that he was on the road to complete recovery.

  106. He fell on his knees, and threw himself on the body with every mark of the most violent despair.

  107. Every evening as soon as it was dark he betook himself to the doctor's, wrapped in his cloak, armed to the teeth, and his hat pulled down over his eyes.

  108. A furious gust shook the house, and made every window rattle.

  109. A tall, ungainly woman of thirty, working like a willing slave from morning to night, taking pride and pleasure in the home, and metaphorically prostrating herself before every one who lives beneath its roof.

  110. Every day that passed deepened his agony; he saw shadows gathering over his house which might wreck the happiness of his beloved wife.

  111. Spenlove's agitated senses it seemed to be alive with ominous voices, proclaiming death and destruction to every weak and helpless creature that dared to brave it.

  112. Do not let us lose a moment, for every moment deepens her misery.

  113. Every few moments he paused in the supplications he was sending forth, and went into the passage and listened.

  114. So conducive of cheerfulness and amiability had been the dedication of the Passover that smiles were on every lip and good feeling in every eye; amiability and good nature shone on their countenances.

  115. He treated every personal ailment which visited him, and every little accident he met with, in the same fashion, laughing away Rachel's distress, and bearing his pain without the least symptom of querulousness.

  116. I do not deny that she is called upon to make a sacrifice; but it is a sacrifice which will lead to good, it is a sacrifice which every right-minded man would urge her to make.

  117. Is it not thrown in our teeth by the bigoted and narrow-minded upon every possible occasion?

  118. But she is growing stronger every day, and when you are gone I will break it to her gently.

  119. They have nothing to dread; for every fear, if any remain, would, if we look into it carefully, deck itself with hopes.

  120. Every hypothesis is permissible and every question, provided it be addressed to happiness; for unhappiness is no longer able to answer us.

  121. It matters not: that uncertain, indiscernible, fleeting and precarious ego is so much the centre of our being, interests us so exclusively, that every reality of our life disappears before this phantom.

  122. It is probable that the universe is seeking and finding itself every day, that it has not become entirely conscious and does not yet know what it wants.

  123. Unless, indeed, they would deny every sort of consciousness, even that of the universe into which their own will fall.

  124. Evils hasten up from every side at the approach of death, but not at its call; and, though they gather round it, they did not come with it.

  125. Ridge miners' live fearlessly, with the magic of adventure in their daily lives, the prospect of one day finding the great stone which is the grail of every opal-miner's quest.

  126. For weeks troubled and disturbed thinking, arguments, and conflicting ideas, had created a depressed and unrestful atmosphere in every home in Fallen Star.

  127. The country was like a desert for hundreds of miles about the Ridge in every direction.

  128. Depression was in every line of their heavy, squatted shapes and unlighted countenances.

  129. Then his pick smashed into the cement stone with a force which sent sharp, white chips flying in every direction.

  130. Horses and horsemen were heroes of the occasion The merits of every horse that was going to run were argued; histories, points, pedigrees, and performances discussed.

  131. He did every bit of his share of the first day's hard pick work and shovelling.

  132. Every man, woman, or child on the Ridge knew Michael.

  133. Ella, squatting on her thin, sunburnt little sticks of legs, was arranging her flowers and glancing every now and then at Sophie with shy, loving glances.

  134. Every man was uneasily conscious that Jun was right.

  135. The meeting was informal, but every man on the fields had come to Fallen Star for it.

  136. In places, wild candytuft in blossom spreads a quilt of palest lavender in every direction on a wide circling horizon.

  137. He had the big voice in every local eruption.

  138. The orphan is a lady now in Vancouver; and every Christmas she gives a dinner to some poor people in honor of those who adopted her and saved her from the slums.

  139. Every crow thinks that its bird is a white one," and every man thinks that his wife is the right one.

  140. For this reason I hope to see a copy in every home in the province.

  141. One fellow or another had "strings" on every one he approached.

  142. Every day is holiday to people who have nothing to do.

  143. Everyone seemed to vie with every other, with an envy akin to insanity, for the laurels in the fashion world, and they were talking and laughing gaily, and some of them were singing Christmas carols.

  144. The various sections of the wheels of his wagons remained in intimate association with each other because they were submerged in the creek every night; the moisture keeping the wood swelled to its greatest diameter.

  145. With every shovelful of coal he would curse himself for his feebleness of mind.

  146. They had every qualification essential to the successful curler but talent.

  147. If one wishes to make a puncture in the affairs of this world one must assert himself; one must smite the table top with one's fist every morning before breakfast.

  148. In a moment every bow and arrow fell by its warrior's side.

  149. The only thing that mars them is their anxiety to make grotesque faces every now and then, but perhaps this too is done by way of contrast.

  150. Every spring in California the Karaks used to dance for salmon.

  151. I think we could see in every direction for twenty miles and more, except toward the mountains, which were to the east, some five miles distant.

  152. We could hear it gaining speed every moment.

  153. Indeed, he saw me wave my hands every now and again towards the shore.

  154. I expected every moment to be pitched head foremost to the ground, but the surefooted beast kept on without a stumble.

  155. The schooners in due time return to Kingston with from eighty to a hundred and fifty of these remarkable creatures, which are promptly deposited in palisaded enclosures, flooded at every tide by the sea.

  156. The obstacles to be overcome may perhaps be imagined when I state that Mauna Loa is a volcanic mountain, nearly fourteen thousand feet high, and that one has to make one’s way for the entire distance over every kind of lava formation.

  157. He had mentally arranged every other detail in his projected bid for fortune, and had even marked down those of his comrades who should be selected as his accomplices.

  158. The heat was stifling; one gasped for breath, and, although every door and window was hermetically closed, the rooms were full of sand.

  159. Then they got me on to an ambulance and rushed me off to the Chell Infirmary, where I received every care and attention.

  160. Another moment, and in different parts of the lake geysers of fire of every imaginable colour would rise like fountains in a public garden.

  161. It was very tantalizing, as I stood there with next to nothing on, the wind going through me, and every stitch soaked in ice-water, to see my komatik some fifty yards away.

  162. The people in the fields were gathering in the corn in feverish haste, but every now and then they paused long enough to question us as to our destination and whence we came.

  163. They arrive in batches of one hundred or more every fortnight by the Royal Mail steamers from Kingston, Jamaica, and are obtained from the coral reefs lying to the north of the island of Jamaica.

  164. That one State Ball is like every other, but still it was very well done on Friday.

  165. Every moment I expect some gaily attired person to come up and say to me confidentially, "I know that suit; I wore it last so-and-so.

  166. I keep the accounts, and I have every item and every bill ready for your inspection; and I can tell you exactly what condition the property is in and what lumber has been cut and what repairs have been necessary.

  167. It seemed as though they conversed and exchanged views on every topic which concerned heaven and earth, flashing from one subject to another which had nothing at all to do with anything yet discussed.

  168. Do you realize what you are doing to me--with every word you utter?

  169. There may be ducks in Currituck still, and every minute counts now.

  170. And every instant he was falling deeper and deeper in love with her.

  171. And every wild goose answered him, and the decoys flapped and clamored a siren welcome; but the flying wedge glided onward through the blue.

  172. But at last every decoy was squatting in the crates; the mast had been stepped, guns laid aboard, luncheon stowed away.

  173. Once an eagle threatened the decoys, and Uncle Dudley swore so lustily at him, and every duck and goose set up such a clamor, that Molly Herold picked up her gun for the emergency.

  174. That was in the old days of the club, when Judge Gilkins and Colonel Vyse used to come here shooting every season.

  175. She came silently across the threshold and put her arms around his neck; and the man lost every atom of his color.

  176. His was the position of the hunted animal that lies panting, every muscle paralyzed with absolute exhaustion, and glares in an agony of helplessness at the hunter whose approach spells death.

  177. Its every act indicated that it possessed intelligence of a high order.

  178. Ballawhaine; 'a thief that's taken every penny I have in the world, and left me a ruined man.

  179. Any one following her would have seen that she was familiar with every corner of the town.

  180. Let every Manx fisherman who thinks the trawl-boats are enemies of the fish be there that day.

  181. I want your eyes that I may see them every day; and your hair, that I may feel it with my hands; and your lips--can I help it?

  182. Every morning Pete's welcome from the tailor-schoolmaster was a volley of expletives, and a swipe of the cane across his shoulders.

  183. People were standing in groups at the corner of every side street, talking eagerly, with the low hissing sound that women make when they are discussing secrets.

  184. In another minute, under the solemn darkness of the night, broken only by the smouldering fire, amid the thunderous quake of the cavern after every beat of the waves on the beach, the Carrasdhoo men were asleep.

  185. A woman every inch of her, God bless her.

  186. He never dreamt that every word was burning and blistering me to the heart of hearts.

  187. But Pete never suspected this, and the innocent tenderness of the rough fellow was every moment beating it down with blows that cut like ice and burnt like fire.

  188. The crowd was dense already, and increasing at every moment.

  189. He was a man every inch of him, and what more could any woman ask?

  190. I'd surrender every bit of it this minute gladly if I thought that I would ever have a son that would worship me the way those lads of yours worship you.

  191. You know you played on Phil's sympathy every way you could.

  192. Every scrape you ever enticed me into as a kid was always my fault somehow.

  193. Nobody had said a word but every one of them had been filled with foreboding.

  194. She watched the door every minute till you came back.

  195. She trusted him, knew he would not ask her to marry him unless he was quite free morally and every other way to ask her.

  196. He had always liked fun and parties and had always been on hand and in great demand hitherto at every social function from a Ladies' Aid strawberry festival to a grand Masonic ball.

  197. In fact I shall help her in every way in my power.

  198. John Massey might have every penny of it to-morrow for all I care if that were all there were to it.

  199. The dew was a-dazzle on every grass blade.

  200. Flunking is too damned expensive every way, saving your presence, Uncle Phil.

  201. The young men hovered about her like honey bees about a rose and at every dance they cut in and cut in until her white and silver seemed to be drifting from one pair of arms to another.

  202. We are supposed to do one good turn every day, anyway, and I hadn't gotten mine in before.

  203. Arrived at a short distance from the battlefield of Fere Champenoise, his Majesty saw that every report of the artillery made the poor bailiff start.

  204. Let us show them that every Frenchman is born a soldier, and a brave one!

  205. Nevertheless, I may say that every one was weary of the war, and that all those of my friends whom I saw on the return from Mayence spoke to me of the need of peace.

  206. As to the Carbonari, there is every reason to think that they belonged by secret ramifications to the German societies; but as I have already said, I have not been able to obtain exact information as to them.

  207. But the guide, more dead than alive, reined in his horse, and trembled in every limb.

  208. But, like every other conqueror who has been attracted by India, he deemed it of vital importance to secure himself in the first place of Kandahar.

  209. Every sect, in its vanity and conceit, attacked and endeavoured to refute the statements of their antagonists.

  210. Not only had Kabul revolted, but Hemu, his army increasing with every step, had taken Agra without striking a blow, and was pursuing the retreating garrison towards Delhi.

  211. Every day the court was treated to an abundance of music, the sounds of which have in all times been especially agreeable to Eastern monarchs.

  212. These discussions took place every Thursday night in the Ibadat-Khana, a building at Fatehpur-Sikri, erected for the purpose.

  213. All people of every description and station came to his court, and universal peace being established among all classes, men of every sect dwelt secure under his protection.

  214. Their sacred shrines, each with its peculiar saint and its specific virtue, abound in every province of Hindustan.

  215. Round every young ruler there will be men who will never fail to regard the exercise by another of authority rightly pertaining to him as a grievous wrong to the ruler and to themselves.

  216. There is good in every creed; let us adopt what is good, and discard the remainder.

  217. The Bengal army was completely defeated, and the victory was, in every sense of the word, decisive.

  218. It extended to every other form of worship and to every other doctrine save that professed by the followers of Muhammad.

  219. I hate to play with either of those Hartwells--they simply blow your head off after every hand; they haven't any manners!

  220. They have wired our house every year since that experience with our servants--why, it's ten years now!

  221. I was forced to let her go; every one of the eleven servants would have left.

  222. These trades people are so loathsomely prompt with their bills and so maddeningly slow every other way!

  223. She glanced around her, noting critically every detail of the luxurious house with its exquisite appointments.

  224. During the week preceding the much talked of function, one heard it on every hand.

  225. Think of the awful moment when all the bells shall solemnly toll midnight, every stroke resounding like a dirge in the souls of those who are torn with anxiety, who crave relief, and patiently implore a sleep that refuses to come.

  226. First of all, one commences by burning it for heating purposes, rejoicing in every second of its warmth and glow.

  227. There was no undue noise--every motion seemed regulated, the work accomplished without haste but with an impressive thoroughness.

  228. Yes, and what are you going to do if the letter carrier gets killed, or the Boche locate the mail waggon on the road every other delivery?

  229. His wife and his father-in-law will hereafter combine their efforts to give every satisfaction to his numerous customers.

  230. Their occupants are at the same time objects of envy and admiration, and one calls every latent cerebral resource to his aid, in order to guess where on earth they were to be found empty.

  231. Almost every one was still about when the signal was given, and this cellar where the electric lamps burned brightly soon took on the aspect of a drawing-room, in spite of all.

  232. People were pouring from every doorway, heads stuck out of every window.

  233. The sleepers were awakened, the drinkers routed out and put to work, scanning every inch of ground.

  234. Buoyed up by the success of our armies, every one expected an early peace, and even the busiest of us began making projects for the fair future.

  235. Each time I leave the house, the eyes of every living soul are fairly glued to me.

  236. So presently nearly two hundred men, forgetting their soreness and fatigue, were down on their knees scouring every nook and cranny.

  237. A new life seemed to surge forth, and all bent their energies towards effacing every trace of what had seemed like a hideous nightmare.

  238. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "every" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.

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    every man; every sort; everybody else; everybody knew; everybody knows; everybody said; everybody seemed; everyday life; everyone according; everyone else; everyone knows; everything about; everything around; everything considered; everything else; everything possible; everything that; everything they; everything was; everything will; everywhere else; everywhere present