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Example sentences for "elusive"

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eluded; eludes; eluding; elues; elum; elusively; elusiveness; elvan; elves; elvish
  1. He had had his lesson, and this time he was taking no chances with so dangerous and elusive a prisoner as the Gray Phantom.

  2. It presented the same array of damning facts, pointing straight to the inevitable conclusion of the Phantom's guilt, yet, between the lines, he sensed an elusive quality that differentiated it from the others.

  3. They made them in order to express certain elusive but profoundly important ideas--ideas that after another century and a half of thinking the world is in a better position to express.

  4. Byzantine Christians by one of those impalpable and elusive doctrinal points upon which there is no reconciliation.

  5. Beneath a few foundations of proved facts are certainly engulf d far more dim and elusive ones, of deepest importance-- tantalizing and half suspected--suggesting explanations that one dare not put in plain statement.

  6. He pursues the elusive insect in much the same way as a wagtail does, calling his wings to his assistance when chasing a particularly nimble creature.

  7. Every painter knows that a brilliant bit of color, set in grayer tones of the same or neighboring hues, will illuminate the whole group--a distinguished and elusive harmony.

  8. Who of us is there who cannot remember the vague feeling of dissatisfaction, the obscure and elusive sense of something being wrong, which is left by these and similar conflicts?

  9. On the table beside the match-box he placed a small pocket handkerchief, and from it there came the faint, elusive scent of jasmine.

  10. He was conscious first of a faint elusive scent--a scent which was new to him.

  11. It was associated in some way with that elusive personality, Jack the Ripper; and the shadow of that association has hung over it for ever, blighting it in every possible way.

  12. It was really worshipping something greater--that elusive quality which she had momentarily snatched from nothing and presented to them: the eternal charm and mystery of Childhood.

  13. It seems impossible that one should ensnare its elusive spirit.

  14. It is only fair to state, however, that it is not possible to give a really short and clear resume that will do justice to the most interesting and elusive of modern philosophies.

  15. Because the perception of beauty involves a judgment (which really belongs to the intellectual process, and not properly to the aesthetic), beauty itself seems too elusive for definition.

  16. He may watch for months and see nothing, yet the elusive wraith may turn up before several witnesses on the very night after he has abandoned his quest out of sheer boredom and discouragement.

  17. In the majority of cases I venture to say that she will fail, simply because the majority of cases are too elusive to be dealt with by human means.

  18. Ten to one you know him, if at all, only as a voice, a tricksy bushwhacker of song, an elusive mystery of the thicket; or you have unconsciously ascribed his productions to half a dozen mythical birds at once.

  19. Save in the vicinity of his nest, the Rock Wren is rather an elusive sprite.

  20. The bird is, rather than has, a voice, an elusive voice, a weird and wonderful voice.

  21. She swung at the elusive little hand-ball with a violence unhampered by any sense of direction.

  22. He took no part in the fatuous discussion, contenting himself with watching Eleanor’s face amid the wreaths of his cigar-smoke; even in the flesh the face had for him something of this vaporous, elusive incorporeality.

  23. Warmly thanking the girl, Matt gulped down his ale and hurried out to inquire the way, munching the relics of the cake as he hastened towards the long-elusive goal.

  24. The elusive beauty of this chaste, undecorated surface seems to me to be due to the fact that the wall was built under the eye of a master mason who knew not the straight edge, the plumb rule, or the square.

  25. I was maddened and disheartened by that elusive resistance in her--apparently so frail a thing!

  26. In that lay the elusive yet insistent charm of that country; and Nancy's, of course, was the transforming touch that made it paradise.

  27. There was a faint, elusive perfume in the air that set him thinking of cathedrals, and from somewhere near him there came a droning monotone.

  28. There is a likeness, elusive indeed, but at times I see the eyes of Queen Elene as I have seen them look on those she liked.

  29. The river flowing under the railway arches up-stream was splashed with the glory of the setting sun, little elusive reflections showing blood-red on the muddy water.

  30. As I crossed the dimly lighted hall and came out into the peaceful twilight of the court, my elusive visitor glided under the archway opposite.

  31. Her beauty was not of that elusive type which steals imperceptibly into the vision of the rare connoisseur.

  32. He was vague and elusive; and the one topic on which an honest man is not vague and elusive is that of fiery dragons.

  33. I could not grasp the skein of them, and I seemed to be plucking helplessly after a dozen elusive phantom-like ideas.

  34. And we have not so much as caught sight of this elusive Englishman, though we have heard of him often enough.

  35. For half an hour the dim enchantments of twilight had been abroad, transforming hill and valley, and merging heaven and earth in a tender, elusive atmosphere of dreams.

  36. Waiting impatiently at the station for the train that was to bring the elusive ices which he had been pursuing all evening, he at last had the satisfaction of seeing the small engine crawl out of the darkness, and come to a wheezing halt.

  37. Now his voice seemed to come from the west, now from the north, the south, the east; it was the most deceptive, the most elusive thing.

  38. While my thoughts floundered between curiosity, dismay and something elusive that yet was more clamorous than either, Julius continued without a vestige of embarrassment, though obviously omitting much detail that I burned to hear.

  39. Exactly the nature of these elusive signs of innate nobility I find it more than difficult to describe.

  40. So elusive an emotion I could not retain a second, far less label.

  41. I was aware, however, at once, that, behind the decision of her natural frankness, something elusive hovered.

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