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Example sentences for "eluded"

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elucidating; elucidation; elucidations; elucidatory; elude; eludes; eluding; elues; elum; elusive
  1. This is the fact for which Mr Freeman sought in vain, and which has eluded Professor Tout, in his careful life of the outlaw for the Dictionary of National Biography.

  2. Here he eluded his pursuers, separated from Steyn, who desired to go east to confer with Kruger, and by the end of August was back again in his favourite recruiting ground in the north of the Orange River Colony.

  3. The Boers appear to have eluded the outposts and crept right among the sleeping troops, as they did in the case of the Victorians at Wilmansrust.

  4. She tried to speak, but speech eluded her.

  5. She tried to coax the belief that it was as Horace's wife that she would one day enjoy all these delights, but the thought eluded her.

  6. The same motive had influenced some of the great personages in our literature, who, by the suppression of their names, anxiously eluded public observation, at the very moment they were in reality courting it!

  7. A man had been shot down, apparently in cold blood, and his supposed murderer was still at large and had eluded all the efforts of justice to capture him.

  8. The cat dodged through the rose paths and eluded Jims' eager hands, just keeping tantalizingly out of reach.

  9. I tried to explain these psychological phenomena by the theory of association of ideas, but they eluded an analysis; there was no chain along which memory can pass.

  10. Something in the voice of the woman, although I could only hear her occasionally, piqued yet eluded my memory.

  11. Philip, surprised, sought to draw him into conversation; but Birnie eluded the attempt, and observed that he had once been an engraver.

  12. He mysteriously eluded our search; but we had reason, by a letter received from some unknown hand, to believe him saved and provided for.

  13. Wherefore, accompanied by five knights, he eluded his assailants, and escaped to the mountains.

  14. Not long after, being both shut up in a castle, they eluded the vigilance of the guards, and escaped.

  15. When it was supposed he must be completely foiled, still like the slippery snake he eluded detection; so skilled was he in speaking, that he baffled all.

  16. At the mention of the plutocrat something from the past came back and called him there--a thing so shadowy that, when he turned to interrogate, it eluded him and disappeared.

  17. They had been schoolmates at Concord, and despite the fact that until the day before they had not met for a decennium, the happy-go-lucky intimacy of earlier days had eluded Time and still survived.

  18. Late in the afternoon she eluded the children's watchful eyes, and stole away from the house, taking the road that led towards "Solitude.

  19. The youth, a few months after his arrival at Lausanne, had eloped with a companion, and had hitherto eluded all Roselli's searches and inquiries.

  20. They could not be eluded or transferred to others; and, by degrees, experience enlarged my knowledge and familiarized my tasks.

  21. I ingeniously eluded all going out with them last year, and a great mercy it was to them.

  22. But nothing eluded those fever-lighted eyes, and they instantly fell upon the little trembling figure, the quivering face and earnest gaze.

  23. The 'how' and 'why' of it all eluded her.

  24. But the first had so long eluded her, that now she dared scarcely let herself go.

  25. When he craved the thing, it eluded him; now, undesired, it assailed him.

  26. Mingling with the varied emotions evoked by the capture and death of the chief criminal was a feeling of deepest exasperation that the foul assassin should after all have eluded the ignominious penalty of his crime.

  27. Before accomplishing many leagues, one of the best little beasts of the cavallada eluded the vigilance of my body-guard, and we were compelled to abandon him.

  28. He was on his feet, trying to give back the check; and as she eluded him he followed her about the room, protesting as he went.

  29. One and twenty had been condemned to death, but the Baron d’Escorval had eluded the executioner, and remorse or fear had tempered the Duke de Sairmeuse’s thirst for blood.

  30. The marquis opined that since Lacheneur, the prime mover, and his son, had both eluded pursuit, it was absolutely requisite that Marie-Anne should be arrested.

  31. In the first place, nothing had been heard either of Lacheneur or his son Jean, who had so far eluded all pursuit.

  32. As each man passed him Flannagan scrutinized his face, and it was not until they had all emerged and he had reentered the room with a light that he discovered that once again his quarry had eluded him.

  33. For hours the two fugitives continued their flight, passing over the crest of a ridge and downward toward another valley, until by a small brook they paused to rest, hopeful that they had entirely eluded their pursuers.

  34. But the sounds of camp life--striking characteristics of the scene--would have eluded him.

  35. That wary animal eluded all his most patient and ingenious lyings-in-wait, until the Boy began to feel that his woodcraft was being turned to a derision.

  36. But the great white-headed eagle, who year after year had baffled his woodcraft and eluded his rifle, he had come to love so that he coveted him alive.

  37. There were times when the solution rose to the very surface of his mind and struggled for interpretation into readable thought, but always it eluded him in the end.

  38. He tired himself with desperate charges at some coyote that always eluded him while others drove fangs in him from behind.

  39. The country ahead was a tangle of small flat-tops, crisscrossed by a network of badland washes and cut-bank draws, and for two miles he eluded the dog pack by sheer brainwork and cunning.

  40. If Haffgo should venture on an approach to the rocks, where the fugitives made their stand, he could not fail to find out the extraordinary manner in which they had eluded him, and he would be certain to organize instant pursuit.

  41. Then he reached to catch her, but she eluded him and slipped like a bird to the side of her lover.

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