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Example sentences for "elucidating"

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elsewhither; elsewise; elucidate; elucidated; elucidates; elucidation; elucidations; elucidatory; elude; eluded
  1. For the purpose of elucidating these suggestions, it may be useful to examine the different offences which constitute the aggregate of the charges made against criminals arraigned at the Old Bailey, in the course of a year.

  2. For the purpose, however, of more fully elucidating this proposition, it will be necessary to state the existing laws, and what are considered as the most apparent deficiencies therein.

  3. From the numerous experiments on animals which have been performed for the purpose of elucidating the action of atropine, it is clear that the terminations of the vagus in the heart muscle are first excited, and then paralysed.

  4. We had, in fact, prepared several sheets, elucidating these genealogies of Benjamin, but upon a review we found much irrelevant to the subject of our present inquiry: we deem only a few remarks necessary.

  5. If the pupils have, as they should have, texts unencumbered with notes, they may be given a scene or two at a time, and told to use their wits in elucidating the difficulties.

  6. We will here subjoin one important observation by way of elucidating the connection of which we have spoken.

  7. In cases like this an hour's delay is often fatal to success in elucidating the mystery.

  8. The dome of many-coloured glass was here transcended, its stain absorbed in the white radiance of the elucidating moon.

  9. So elucidating was the moon's light that it left no room for confusion or doubt.

  10. To this day I never think of Goethe's words in elucidating these poems without recalling that wretched delay in our journey to the Engadine.

  11. I also busied myself with elucidating my impressions of Liszt's compositions.

  12. It does nothing but fling the mystery one step further back without in the least elucidating it; and in thus throwing it back it thins it out and cheapens it.

  13. He declined, moreover, to assist in elucidating the telegram by 'looking here,' and poring over the lines beside a bloomy cheek.

  14. Dudley Sowerby's attention to him, in elucidating the scenes with historical scraps, greatly pleased her.

  15. Harvey's acquaintance with the literature of medicine enabled him to cite apposite examples, and must evidently have been of the greatest service to him in elucidating his problems.

  16. On the subject of marriage again, talmudical and rabbinical notices contribute nothing towards elucidating the practices of this sect.

  17. The following notes are added for the sake of elucidating one or two points of difficulty in the text or interpretation of the epistle.

  18. I have bestowed not a little labor on the Hebrew, my other avocations and cares have prevented any great degree of proficiency, though I have experienced much aid and assistance in elucidating many points.

  19. If I can succeed in elucidating the problem it will be a comparatively easy matter for the police to bring the real criminals to justice.

  20. When engaged in elucidating any mystery he made it an invariable rule to post himself as accurately as possible concerning all minor details which might, by any straining of circumstances, become useful.

  21. Though he longed to be back again at Richmond with his pretty fiancée, Norah Peyton, yet the mystery of the whole affair had bewildered him, and he was as keen as I was myself in elucidating the strange enigma.

  22. If she did, then all hope of elucidating the mystery of Gabrielle Engledue's death would be at once swept away.

  23. I loved her, and loving her so well, I now set my whole soul upon elucidating the mystery.

  24. The teaching of the Sânkhyas which conflicts with the Veda cannot therefore be used for the purpose of confirming and elucidating the meaning of the Veda.

  25. Nor is it of any avail to plead, as the Pûrvapakshin does, that Manu and other Smritis of the same kind fulfil in any case the function of elucidating the acts of religious duty enjoined in the karmakânda.

  26. I shall be thankful for any assistance towards elucidating this appalling business," condescended the professor sonorously.

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