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historian; historians; historias; historic; historica; historicall; historically; historicity; historico; historicos
  1. The magnificent historical old stained glass might be envied, but could not be brought within the compass of ordinary means.

  2. The initial letters, in some places, are ornamented with historical miniature paintings.

  3. He has before him a field of historical research of most entrancing interest.

  4. We come now to historical matters, historical remains, one might say.

  5. Which is their way, when they want a historical fact.

  6. They are like the cattle-pens of a ranch--they shut in the several brands of historical cattle, each within its own fence, and keep them from getting mixed together.

  7. There was an immense stretch of silence on the left shore as well as on the right, but the two shores spoke to me of the two different historical dramas enacted.

  8. She brought with her no dower of distinction, no majesty of noble or romantic origin; she never gathered around her any great historical associations, any annals of brave sufferings, or memory of mighty deeds.

  9. These emanations are our collective ideas and collective feelings, generated according to special historical circumstances.

  10. In an historical sense it denotes a contract or convention agreed to by the Scots in 1630 for maintaining the Presbyterian religion free from innovation.

  11. An historical allusion to five strong men sent by the King of Shu to obtain the daughters of the King of Ch'in.

  12. Though these poems deal largely with what I have called the historical background, they deal still more largely with the social background and it is, above all, this social background which must be understood.

  13. I am now at work on a new book, of equal historical interest.

  14. I will show it to you, for this portrait has an historical value.

  15. But one must follow one's profession conscientiously, and examine everything of historical significance.

  16. He was in Moscow recently, with gout, and a historical novel in the bargain.

  17. For in another work, The Experiments of an Adventurer, he has caused the sap to return to the plant, so that it may be seen successively under its two aspects, dull and rigid in the historical herbarium, fresh and green in the work of art.

  18. I should offer you this rare book if you were worthy of it; but I must warn you that it is a historical and pedantic work, so bristling with Greek and Latin, nay, even with Oscan (do you even know what Oscan is?

  19. The interest of these details lies not in the scholarship or the historical truth or even the local colour, so much as in the art.

  20. These questions are not antiquarian or trifling in historical value; they tug at the very heart-strings of all that makes whatever order is in the cosmos.

  21. This is an economical problem which belongs to experts, but the historical value of these early evidences is still something,-- perhaps still as much as ten sous.

  22. The tricolor was no longer there, but the white flag again floated over the place so full of historical recollections.

  23. The results of the past ten or fifteen years in historical investigation are exceedingly mortifying to any one who has been proud to call himself a student of History.

  24. The truly historical records of Central America go back to a period but little before the Christian era.

  25. Of the new edition of the Vocabolario della Crusca, which is to a certain extent on historical principles, Vol.

  26. None of these works embraces so long a period of the language, or is so strictly historical in method, as the New English Dictionary.

  27. This dictionary superadds to all the features that have been successively evolved by the long chain of workers, the historical information which Dr.

  28. All these particulars are derived from historical research; they are an induction of facts gathered by the widest investigation of the written monuments of the language.

  29. It may be added here that the custom of the "historical giants" at Corpus Christi is maintained in Barcelona as we had seen it at Burgos, and those effigies are stowed away somewhere in the sacred precincts.

  30. The sea-going Phoenicians, who bear down on us from so many points of the historical compass, found in Andalusia an important trading field.

  31. It will be pointed out later how this position, which is undoubtedly the correct one, has been consistently upheld by the Government of the South African Republic, but it is necessary now to revert to the historical development.

  32. The historical survey will, moreover, aid in bringing into stronger relief those naked truths to which the tribunal of impartial history will assuredly testify hereafter, in adjudging the case between ourselves and our enemy.

  33. That is much more important than the endorsement by any Englishman as to the historical accuracy of the statements which it contains.

  34. The source of the Christian's life is not knowledge about God or even our historical remembrance of His incarnate life, although they contribute to it.

  35. It is true, however, that Christian education is responsible for the continued recital of God's saving acts, and for the transmission of the subject matter of the historical faith and life of the Christian community.

  36. Many planters and their wives must have made a superficial study of medicine; certainly the mistress of the house visiting sick servants and slaves is a familiar historical picture.

  37. Religious and philosophical speculations, dreams of other worlds, of previous and future existences, have claimed the attention of thoughtful minds to a much greater degree than has historical reality.

  38. That the Hindu has ever been but little interested in historical matters is a generally recognized fact.

  39. Farther on we find the account of a similar attempt made by James IV of Scotland as well as the literature with regard to other historical and legendary precedents of this sort in both Orient and Occident.

  40. A] The student of India who would at the same time be an historian, discovers to his sorrow that the land of his researches is lamentably poor in historical sources.

  41. There is some history in the prophecy, and some prophecy and poetry in the historical part.

  42. It is simply fascinating too, to find what light floods these pages as they are read back in their historical setting, so far as that is possible.

  43. In it all seek to acquire the historical sense.

  44. And so you see a lesson of trust in God came, in my wide reading, out of the historical setting, that greatly refreshed and strengthened, and that I have never forgotten.

  45. That is one half of the historical setting of this book.

  46. This from Genesis to Esther we all know is the historical section: and this second section the poetical and prophetical section.

  47. They called it Folk Mote, and not Cortes or Fueros, on purpose to annoy historical critics; and for the same reason they always styled their chief magistrate, not the Alcalde, but the Burgomaster.

  48. The Province of Upper Canada (now Ontario, added the careful historical student) had no seaboard, yet the Canadians placed numerous gunboats on the great lakes during the war of 1812.

  49. The tale which I have based upon several such historical instances in real life endeavours briefly to hint at the modes of feeling likely to accompany such a relapse into barbarism in an essentially fine and sensitive savage nature.

  50. But I think you will agree with me, my courteous reader, that the dogmatic omniscience of these historical critics is really beginning to surpass human endurance.

  51. He was convinced that I must be an historical student, whose reason had broken down through too close study of the eighteenth century; and he felt certain that sooner or later my friends would come to claim me.

  52. Regarding the general character of this apocryphal testament we may judge by the counsels of the founder of the Sasanian dynasty which have come down to us in various Arabic and Persian historical works and in the Shah Nameh.

  53. Hoshang and Rustam are not such historical persons as Shahpur I and Bahram Chobin.

  54. It made no distinction between wholly mythical, semi-fabulous, and fully historical dynasts, so that the Arabs and Persians who drew upon it never suspected that e.

  55. Alongside of the historical traditions and the epos stands the romantic poesy which has entered into Musalman literature in a marked degree in the shape of Iranian tradition.

  56. But from a general point of view there is no doubt that it has its roots principally in the continuity of the historical and cultural traditions.

  57. Round the founder of the dynasty were accreted, on the one hand, legends wholly fabulous and on the other, such as embodied excellent historical data.

  58. But for the purpose of illuminating historical questions a careful examination of these currents deserves our undivided attention.

  59. Naturally I do not deny altogether that Burzgmihir was a historical personage but he possessed by no means the importance which the tradition in question ascribes to him.

  60. This passage has been translated by Barbier de Maynard in his "Geographical, Historical and Literary Dictionary of Persia", in French, pp.

  61. Purely historical questions interested the seven succeeding translators from Ishaq ibn Yazid to Mobed Behram.

  62. But not only the science of government, a good deal of other matters of cultural and historical importance in the latter times have their explanation in the Sasanian epoch.

  63. Tabari, mainly occupied with theological tradition, was no man of original research or of historical acumen even in the sense applied to a few other Persian scholars in those centuries.

  64. He is altogether unknown as a translator of historical works.

  65. The next novel from his pen was "The White Gauntlett," an historical romance of the time of Charles the First.

  66. The last novel from Captain Mayne Reid's pen was "No Quarter," an historical tale of the Parliamentary wars.

  67. On the subject of this picture, see Wornum, Descriptive and Historical Catalogue of the Pictures in the National Gallery, Foreign Schools, p.

  68. Historical pictures are often collections of portraits arranged so as to illustrate an important event.

  69. Having touched on the leading historical events connected with Treves, from the earliest times to the present century, we will take a survey of the city as it now exists.

  70. Very few historical associations belong to Coblence, and those that do are not particularly interesting, so we will turn back to the legends.

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