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factors; factory; factotum; factours; facts; factum; facturum; factus; faculae; facultas
  1. Thanks, largely, to Weismann, the second view has prevailed over the first, for which there is little factual basis.

  2. Moslems to be factual and sundry writers have recorded the tricks played by Al- Maamun with the Pyramids of Jizah which still show his handiwork.

  3. Have you had occasion since this incident to relate the factual sequences, your observations and what you heard?

  4. In broad strategical estimates, this factual basis is present, e.

  5. The value of the entries in the parallel columns at this point of the estimate will depend upon the skill of the commander in judging the factual data contained in all of the known factors of strength and weakness.

  6. Entries in the work sheet, since it is the basis for estimates of the situation, are both factual and otherwise.

  7. In the absence of definite factual data, evaluation of the life of foreign vessels will sometimes prove difficult.

  8. At this point in his estimate the commander utilizes his charts, intelligence reports, and hydrographic publications to make a factual study of the theater.

  9. It was during this wait that factual information was obtained concerning a dean at Belmont who had falsified a faculty promotion sheet.

  10. The report of six pages had four parts: Factual history; Procedures followed; Findings on considerations; and Recommendations.

  11. The so-called 'Factual history' was a composite of the testimony of Lyle, Ian and Randy.

  12. Logically, any factual proposition is a hypothetical proposition when it is made the basis of any inference.

  13. We cannot compare or contrast distinctions of worth with bare differences of factual existence (I, 2).

  14. A kind of decorative pattern is followed rather than logical or factual consistency maintained.

  15. Such a statement of factual events seems to have little meaning to the Mohave.

  16. The tenants, therefore, cannot be called "serfs" although their factual position often was not different from the position of serfs.

  17. These Notes do not mention the original Chinese sources which are the factual basis of this book.

  18. I prefer to differentiate between slaves and serfs, and relied for factual data upon texts from oracle bones, not upon historical texts.

  19. The operation can be sustained only if there is enough factual reality behind it to make the propaganda fit the case known or credited by the majority of the listeners, counted one by one.

  20. He has therefore a certain leeway in which he can be sure of doing no harm, and may accomplish good, if he confines his propaganda to simple, factual and plainly honest statements on these subjects.

  21. On the other hand, if the Americans win and you are sure they are lovely people as well as good friends of yours, they will not really mind your having joined the other side as a matter of temporary factual necessity.

  22. One of the least factual elements in human life is motive.

  23. It should be factual but selectively factual.

  24. And in a similar later case[208] the Court expressed even more clearly its reluctance to reexamine factual determinations of the kind just described.

  25. In the course of time, however, a distinction emerged between ordinary factual determinations by State commissions and factual determinations which were found to be inseparable from the legal and constitutional issue of confiscation.

  26. If you didn't know that, it might seem logical that someone might put something like that into an indictment, factual or not.

  27. I mean, this was a factual statement at that time.

  28. I told him that he had better check his facts, that he is off on a tangent, that there is absolutely no factual background.

  29. If you find any factual matters in there that contradict your findings, we would expect you to call it to our attention.

  30. Factual doubts are to be resolved in favor of citizenship.

  31. On the basis of this factual information, the F.

  32. The Hartford test has already furnished factual information, rather than speculation, concerning this brand new television service.

  33. Moreover, the legend is almost totally lacking in those factual elements which the hero saga acquires, in its later development, as a result of the historical events that are woven into it.

  34. Nevertheless, the conjectured process moves on the factual plane from beginning to end.

  35. As in society at large, the intensity and duration of these debates is usually inversely proportional to the number of objective, factual arguments available to buttress any position.

  36. Starting from the undeniable we are thus brought to the problematic; but owing to the factual character of the starting-point we can substantiate what would otherwise remain open to question.

  37. The very essence of his transcendental method consists in the establishment of a priori elements through proof of their connection with factual experience.

  38. The a priori is as merely factual as the experience which it conditions.

  39. Pure reason is as defective an instrument of knowledge as is factual experience.

  40. This document is the outstanding example of factual material to be found in various government publications, Volume III of the Tenth Census of the United States (1880) being another.

  41. Natural history and folklore; many tales from factual trappers as well as from Mexican and Indian folk.

  42. Factual judgment determines external objects as means or conditions of action from standpoints suggested by the analysis and development of ends.

  43. The whole content is not limited to this, however, for these facts must be supplemented by certain presuppositions, which are not given in a factual sense.

  44. In general, the conditions presented in the system of factual judgments have a certain "rightful authority" which they seem to lend to the purpose or end with reference to which they were worked out to their present degree of factual detail.

  45. Failure in execution of the purpose as such could only, in the manner already outlined, prompt a more adequate investigation of the factual conditions.

  46. We cannot compare or contrast distinctions of worth with bare differences of factual existence (Vol.

  47. We can see, moreover, that these valuation-processes effect a construction of a different order from that given in factual judgment.

  48. V Judgments of value are, then, objective in their import in the same sense as are the factual judgments in which the conditions of action are presented.

  49. I do not wish this objection to appear unjustified; may I therefore give this explanation: Both the documents which were read contain a number of factual errors.

  50. His amnesia does not prevent him completely from understanding what is going on around him but it will interfere with his ability to conduct his defense and to understand details of the past which would appear as factual data.

  51. This law was a weak reflection of a factual situation already in existence.

  52. His amnesia does not prevent him completely from understanding what is going on around him, but it will interfere with his ability to conduct his defense and to understand details of the past, which would appear as factual data.

  53. Secondly, he told and directed me to attempt through factual argument—that is, through appeals to reason—to have this brutal and completely senseless order rescinded or at least mitigated in its effects as far as possible.

  54. I suggest you bring your inquiry back to factual evidence and the material of direct testimony.

  55. As for her factual knowledge--well, you might as well be prepared to hear her exaggerate that a little, even lie some about how much she knew if she thinks it will help you.

  56. How can we reasonably condemn anyone without at least some understanding of what made him act as the factual evidence says he did?

  57. It was odd that its scent distracted him when he was at work on the factual record, yet seemed to wing the lines of the epic.

  58. The author's book, Life's Grand Stairway soon to be published, contains a fast moving, factual story of man and his eternal quest for gold from the beginning of recorded time.

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