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Example sentences for "evidential"

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evidenced; evidences; evidencing; evident; evidente; evidentially; evidentiary; evidently; evil; evildoer
  1. This was done, with the result that much else of a seemingly evidential value was soon obtained.

  2. It was all done so quickly and spontaneously that to my mind it afforded strong evidential proof of true thought transference.

  3. I have seen them--seen men and women of such social standing that one dare not breathe a suspicion--stoop to trickery more than once in order to get communications of "evidential value.

  4. For any evidential value it rests on two very large suppositions:-- 1.

  5. What we say is that the evidential value of their work would not convert a Kaffir to Spiritualism.

  6. But at other times Coleridge was a defender of the faith, while contemning the methods of the evidential school.

  7. The canonical Gospels continue to the end anonymous documents of no evidential value for miracles.

  8. Nothing but evidential destitution could rely upon the expression in the "Epistle of Polycarp" to show acquaintance with Acts.

  9. Indeed, he himself takes pains to destroy its evidential value.

  10. But he considered his love to God, and his zeal in his cause, as evidential that he was born of God, and the subject of divine grace in the Redeemer.

  11. The above list does not pretend to be in any way exhaustive nor are the books quoted in any way equal in evidential value.

  12. These have been grouped in various Chapters, according to their evidential value.

  13. The one proof, of course, so far as absolute evidential demonstration goes, lies in the communication from those who have passed through death.

  14. Circumstances arise in which he could put his finger upon the evidential chain revealing this lapse from integrity.

  15. Baha and Abul Fazl admit the possibility of miracles, but deny their evidential value,[207] but Abdul Baha denies their reality.

  16. Tens of thousands of people have seen demonstrations at spiritualistic seances which, while possessing little evidential value from the scientific viewpoint, nevertheless have a legitimate place in the great mass of psychic phenomena.

  17. It seems to be a common opinion that the evidential value of such psychic communications, even under the direction of a skilful scientist, cannot be very great.

  18. It was cunning in you to select the body over the heart as the place to receive the imagined blow--the head or face would require some evidential mark to affirm your word.

  19. The sight of the cut-under here had on Marquis the usual effect of any important evidential sign.

  20. Another experiment with the same lady, in which simultaneous double telepathy occurred, is of better evidential value.

  21. The word "rain" represented correctly the state of the weather at Folkestone, but, as it often rains in England, this was of no evidential value.

  22. Such an occurrence can be evidential only when the hair changes color demonstrably in the case of a witness.

  23. On this point I have, I believe, an instructive and evidential example.

  24. Inasmuch as the work of the criminal judge depends upon the proof of evidence, it is conceivable that the thing for him most important is that which has evidential character or force.

  25. It can be actually evidential only when the testimony is tested logically and psychologically, and the ability and willingness of the witness to tell the truth is made clear.

  26. Until something of this kind is done, the evidential value of the accounts is weaker than it must be to reach proof.

  27. The more the adduced narratives conflict with the usual course of experience, the more does this lack of ventilation weaken their evidential worth.

  28. I must emphasise the fact that Mrs. Kennedy is keen and careful about evidential considerations.

  29. That is quite as it should be, as you know, for evidential reasons.

  30. I now propose to make some further extracts--of a more evidential character--tending to establish the survival of my son's own personality and memory.

  31. There was a great deal that might be taken as encouraging and stimulating, intermixed with the more evidential portions.

  32. They had reported to me that their son Christopher had sent good and evidential messages, and that Raymond had turned up to help.

  33. Considering that my wife was quite unknown to the medium, this is a remarkably evidential and identifying message.

  34. A few further details about these things, and another series of messages of evidential importance, will be found in that Part of the Proceedings of the S.

  35. The photograph is only shown here because of its evidential interest.

  36. Metaphysical logic concerns itself fundamentally with the content of knowledge, not with its evidential or formal logical aspects, but with being and the laws of being.

  37. Logic, as methodology, is not an a priori construction, but has its genesis in the growth of science itself and in the discovery of those tests and criteria of truth which are found to possess an actual heuristic or evidential value.

  38. Those who at this time of day found upon such data are further from an appreciation of the evidential problem than were their orthodox predecessors who debated the issue with Freethinkers half a century ago.

  39. If for the sane inquirer the absolute miracle stories are false, and these stories are false, by what right does he allot evidential value to wholesale allegations of multitudinous cures from the same sources?

  40. The evidential value is enhanced by the fact that each time he mentioned his dreams to his wife before the realisation came about.

  41. The authority for these stories, though in many cases good, is so varied in quality that they are not offered as evidential of anything except the wide diversity of the circles in which such things find acceptance.

  42. The evidential value is precisely the same.

  43. The miracles which are alleged to have been performed by the Apostles for directly evidential purposes, were wrought in proof of the Resurrection of Christ, and of their own divine commission, which directly depended on it.

  44. The assumption of the personality of God is the foundation of the Christian argument, without which, even if the occurrence of miracles could be proved as objective facts, they would have no evidential value.

  45. The evidential value of a miracle viewed as a matter of common sense maybe briefly stated thus.

  46. They would be destitute of all evidential value, if they were not so.

  47. Hitherto we have been dealing with the evidential character of miracles.

  48. Let it also be observed that it by no means follows that every miracle recorded in the New Testament was performed exclusively for evidential purposes.

  49. Such a supposition is foreign to the question at issue, which is whether the supernaturalism which the New Testament is supposed to attribute to him can interfere with the evidential value of the miracles wrought by Jesus.

  50. It is perfectly true, as I have already observed, that the miracles of Jesus Christ stand in a double aspect, as part of his supernatural manifestation, and as possessing an evidential value.

  51. It is, therefore, by no means absurd to speak of miracles as objects of faith, and at the same time as possessing an evidential value.

  52. As such, they cannot with strict propriety be said to belong to the class of evidential miracles, although like all other supernatural operations of which God is the Author, they cannot fail to be indirectly evidential.

  53. Extraordinary events, to which no such moral aim and purpose can be assigned, may be unusual occurrences, but are in no proper sense of the words evidential miracles.

  54. Such occurrences are not directly but indirectly evidential, and it will be necessary carefully to distinguish between them and occurrences brought about for directly evidential purposes.

  55. Yet this self-evidential character is found in portions of the narrative that are quite unmiraculous.

  56. We can all feel the self- evidential force of the Gospel story; but who shall present it adequately in words?

  57. The evidential value of the facts I have brought forward in this Lecture must be neither over nor under estimated.

  58. We may, the writer believes, eliminate as far as their evidential value is concerned, all physical phenomena.

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