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Example sentences for "evident"

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evidemment; evidence; evidenced; evidences; evidencing; evidente; evidential; evidentially; evidentiary; evidently
  1. It is evident that the emperor was influenced by Innocent III, for, having declared that the children of heretics could not inherit their father's property, he adds a phrase borrowed from the papal decree of 1199, viz.

  2. Is not that a disgrace to the judge, and an evident proof of his inhumanity!

  3. Lea's judgment, despite evident signs of intellectual honesty, is not to be trusted.

  4. But his work, as a critic has pointed out, is "not so much a history of the Inquisition, as a thesis written with a strong Gallican bias, which details with evident delight the cruelties of the Holy Office.

  5. It is evident that the theologians and canonists were simply apologists for the Inquisition, and interpreters of its laws.

  6. It is more evident in his exegesis of Ezechiel xviii.

  7. If there is no one else in the house, it is evident I have made a mistake.

  8. Lord, it is very evident raking don't suit you!

  9. But the boys, the one he had seen at the door, and another, a year or two older, preserved a sulky silence; eyeing him with evident dread and at the same time with a kind of morbid curiosity.

  10. It was evident he was dogging them, for the moment his eyes met hers he vanished from sight.

  11. The grooms moved on also, while the leading postboy, standing up in his stirrups, scanned the current with evident misgiving.

  12. No sooner was the door closed behind Odette, who had hurried off without observing her sister's evident agitation, than Germaine, turning the key in the lock, threw herself on the sofa in the most bitter despair.

  13. At the sound of this voice, Paul turned around quickly, and with evident astonishment: "You?

  14. It soon became evident that daybreak was at hand, but we proceeded a mile farther before turning into the woods.

  15. It was evident that, no matter which course we took, we should soon reach the first ranges of the Alleghany Mountains.

  16. It became evident that day-break was at hand.

  17. It is evident that it was not a costly building, but its dignified Spanish fa├žade and the court effect inside are far more agreeable than the pretentious palace erected by the Argentine Republic.

  18. It is evident that there has been a very happy and close co-operation between the architect and the sculptor - a desirable condition that, unfortunately, does not always exist.

  19. The stony look of many former expostions is not evident at San Francisco.

  20. However, on closer examination it becomes very evident that the individuality of many men has found expression in the architectural structural forms, as well as in the minor and decorative forms.

  21. It is evident that Trumbull is a disciple of Brangwyn, though a personal note is not lacking in his work.

  22. The best compliment that can be paid to the Exposition sculpture is that it is not evident at first and that one becomes aware of it only in the course of studying the architecture.

  23. They rowed and rowed with all their power, and it was evident that they were approaching the ship.

  24. The wind came from the point where she was seen, and it was evident that she was standing towards the south; but whether or not she would pass near enough to observe their signal was extremely uncertain.

  25. While these events had been occurring a dark bank of clouds had been gathering to the southward; and though the ship still sailed with a fair wind, it was evident that a change was about to take place.

  26. From its evident truthfulness and general accuracy, he would not feel justified in altering them.

  27. It soon became evident that she was not a man-of-war; but she might be a privateer, and if so, would prove a tough customer.

  28. As yet the two parties had not come to actual blows, but it was evident that they would do so on a very slight provocation.

  29. It is evident that they must have built a raft and left the ship.

  30. But it was evident that the newcomers meant to be friendly, and were not the advance couriers of a band bent on burning the post.

  31. Straight into the midst of the broken honeycombs did Bruin hasten, grunting in evident delight as he commenced to lick up the spilled sweet fluid, so dear to the heart of every bear.

  32. He essayed a reckless laugh, but that evident simulation failed before Patterson's melancholy.

  33. The others began to look for their hats, but so awkwardly and with such evident preoccupation of mind that it was not at first discovered that the Judge had his already on.

  34. The restraint and evident uneasiness of his companions had at last touched him.

  35. As he advanced to greet her, it was evident that his military title was not one of the mere fanciful sobriquets of the locality.

  36. But to her surprise the two men met more or less awkwardly and coldly, and her tact as hostess was tried to the utmost to keep their evident antagonism from being too apparent.

  37. Geometrically it was evident that by walking back and forth over the same straight line you never so much as obtained an angle.

  38. Yes, by my faith, madame;" but such sayings were foreign to my awkward tongue.

  39. It was evident that since the fire the builders had not returned to their work.

  40. It was evident that her lawyer tried to get her to abandon this line of defense.

  41. He followed with evident amusement the surprised glance which Wyant turned on the young girl's impassive figure.

  42. I don't yet understand what part I have been made to play, but it's evident that you have made use of me to serve some purpose of your own, and I propose to know the reason why.

  43. She was in evident haste, for she merely flung a thin dressing-gown over her night-dress and wrapped her head in a scarf; then she opened her closet and cautiously took out the kettle of kerosene.

  44. It quite affects me, my boy, when I see one of those melancholy sons of song carrying a regularly organized monkey around with him; for it is evident he finds in such companionship a certain relief from the anguish of monotony.

  45. But it is evident that one condition of success in such efforts is the possession of a small text-book exactly suited to the purposes in view.

  46. A #convertible bank note# is one which actually can be thus changed into the coins whenever it is desired, and so long as this is really the case, it is evident that the note is just as valuable as the coins, and is more convenient.

  47. Each man will generally work at the trade in which he can get the best wages, and it is an evident loss of skill if the artisan should break stones or sweep the streets.

  48. But by Monday morning early (July 14th) it was evident that the catastrophe could not be averted.

  49. Arriving at an anteroom, a priestly secretary, speaking excellent English, read our letter with what seemed to us, from the expression of his face, great interest and evident approval.

  50. It was plainly evident a little water would not hurt S.

  51. It was evident our stay here would be short, as the usual care in laying out camps was not observed here, our tents being pitched in all conceivable ways.

  52. June the 24th our teams started for Lebanon, sixty miles distant, to procure rations, and it soon became evident we were not to remain idle here.

  53. It was evident enough to us as soon as we entered the city that it was being evacuated.

  54. Tuesday, the 20th, it was evident the "Grand Army" of the Potomac were in motion.

  55. The occasional analogies to the story of the Cyclops must be evident to all readers.

  56. Thus, since countless things exist that the senses can take account of, it is evident that nothing exists that the senses can not take account of.

  57. That the passion is just as much a disease in China as it is with us will be abundantly evident from several subsequent stories; though by those who have lived and mixed with the Chinese people, no such confirmation will be needed.

  58. After this, it was evident that Holland was not to belong entirely to the frogs.

  59. Yet it was evident that such tiny people could not bear what healthy babies of full size would think nothing of.

  60. It was now evident that he knew he was dying; and between his anxiety to make his servant understand his last wishes, and the rapid failure of his powers of utterance, a most painful scene ensued.

  61. It is evident that men of this stamp were not unlikely to prove restive under such treatment as was meted out to the Catholics, from which moreover, as gentlemen, they themselves suffered in a special degree.

  62. It is abundantly evident that those who with elaborate care produced these various versions were not supremely solicitous about the truth of the matter, and varied the tale according to the requirements of circumstances.

  63. In the case of some individuals obnoxious to the government, it seems evident that downright forgery was actually practised.

  64. In studying these we cannot fail to notice an evident effort to reconcile two conflicting interests.

  65. This is so evident that it appears unnecessary to occupy space with proofs in detail.

  66. It is evident that the writer had been so severely racked as to have no strength left in his hands to press the pen upon the paper.

  67. It is abundantly evident that on many occasions he deliberately deceived his associates, and those whom he called his spiritual guides, making promises which he did not mean to keep, and giving assurances which he knew to be false.

  68. It is evident that these two boys have quarrelled only on account of the relations between Madame Steno and Maitland.

  69. I never heard tell of him before," observed Hock, with evident pride in his ignorance.

  70. It's evident that she is perfectly infatuated with him!

  71. There was about this letter such a patient dignity, such an evident bracing of the whole man to meet in the bravest manner the hard truth of the situation, and such a disinterested care for others, as were to me inexpressibly touching.

  72. It is evident that his mind does not impress yours or control yours, and that there are no mental sympathies between you.

  73. I was set up and glorified in my own esteem; two or three girls looked at me with evident consideration.

  74. Mr. Van Arsdel, though not in any way demonstrative, showed an evident disposition to enter into confidential relations with me.

  75. It was quite evident that whether I did so or not, people would soon hear of my husband's return to England.

  76. He hurried forward, and I saw him looking intently across the deck, scanning all the passengers with the evident expectation of seeing Vera.

  77. Seeing Lady Todman turning away in evident disgust, and wishing to know what my friend really thought on the matter, I asked whether the Turks might not possibly be even worse if they added to their other sins the vice of intemperance.

  78. I turned the subject by handing to him the manuscript, which he looked over for some time with evident interest.

  79. I stood aside--watching with curious interest this interchange of friendly feeling; which partook also of a national character: for it was evident that the visitors of Calros were all of the Jarocho race.

  80. It was very evident that I had got myself, or rather the mare had got me, into a most awkward predicament.

  81. One fact, made evident by the communication, gave me disquietude of another kind.

  82. Evidently some fiendish spectacle was at hand; and it soon became equally evident to me, that it was not I, but my fellow-captive, who was to be its principal figure.

  83. Our approach caused an evident commotion in the little garrison, to whom our coming, and their consequent "relief," were entirely unknown.

  84. The unfortunate chance which brought him out against his will, and his evident foreboding the whole morning, added to the general feeling of anxiety about him.

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