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exilian; exilic; exiling; exinde; exire; existait; existance; existant; existe; existed
  1. They will exist and work well on one pound of food per day, or a big feast once a week.

  2. The same would exist if the dog was first trained on the fox.

  3. The second company in New Milford was organized in 1744, and both of these companies continued to exist until the Revolution.

  4. Any inconsistencies that may exist in it may be attributed to the fact that it did not have the benefit of his correction and revision.

  5. Again, their contact is not continuous; this being the case a vacuum is produced, which it has been proved does not exist in nature.

  6. As soon as virtue is born it begets envy which attacks it; and sooner will there exist a body without a shadow than virtue unaccompanied by envy.

  7. Since these things are far more ancient than letters, it is no wonder if in our day no records exist to tell how these seas filled so many countries.

  8. Therefore the point is the first principle of geometry, and nothing else can exist either {143} in nature or in the human mind from which the point can issue.

  9. What is that thing which is not defined and would {16} not exist if it were defined?

  10. We have proved that a spirit cannot exist in the elements without a body, nor move of itself by voluntary motion unless it be to rise upwards.

  11. Nature made two apertures in the nose, which each in {176} itself is half as large as the lung pipe whence breath proceeds, and if these apertures did not exist the mouth would abundantly suffice for breathing purposes.

  12. One cannot exist on the surface without lying, for life and lying are synonymous, but here we will amuse ourselves by not lying.

  13. The idea that such houses exist is a remnant of the witch creed, which merits separate notice from its comparative harmlessness, and from its being not so much a madness as a folly of the people.

  14. Three years after the cession, the Virginia delegation in Congress proposed the passage of an ordinance which should abolish slavery, in that territory, and declare that it should never thereafter exist there.

  15. Similar laws exist in the French, Spanish, and Portuguese colonies.

  16. That the plaintiff was imported since that prohibition does exist is a fact sufficiently established by the evidence.

  17. Do your or similar societies exist in the Colleges and other Literary institutions of the non-slaveholding States, and to what extent?

  18. Again, if the good faith of Congress to Virginia and Maryland requires that slavery should exist in the District, while it exists in those states, it requires that it should exist there as it exists in those states.

  19. Again, if the good faith of Congress to Virginia and Maryland requires that slavery should exist in the District, while it exists in those states, it requires that it should exist there as it exists in those states.

  20. After you so cruelly left me, without warning or farewell, how could I endure to exist in the place which you once made delightful to me.

  21. Lady Bellamer inquired how the Colonel had contrived to exist during eighteen months of rustication; and gave him in return memoirs of some of their mutual acquaintances.

  22. No mortal can exist without forming some wish or hope.

  23. Teak has often been reported to exist and samples of the alleged teak have been shown to me.

  24. It would seem that the Negritos must be descended from a race which formerly extended over a vast area, for remains of them exist in Southern India, in the mountains of Ceylon, and in the Andaman Islands.

  25. On the northern and southern coasts, which are more protected than the eastern, sheltered anchorages are to be found here and there, but no such fine natural harbours exist as abound in Southern Luzon.

  26. Society not only continues to exist by transmission, by communication, but it may fairly be said to exist in transmission, in communication.

  27. What is the bearing upon this point of the quotation from Dewey: "Society may fairly be said to exist in transmission"?

  28. Among the latter the oneness of the community did not exist over and against the individuals who composed it but entirely in them.

  29. In the same way competition is indirectly responsible for the organization of society in so far as it determines the character of the accommodations and understandings which are likely to exist between conflict groups.

  30. This state of mind does not exist of itself; it is morale at its best, and it appears only when the occasion strikes a nerve which arouses the super-earthly vistas of human consciousness or subconsciousness.

  31. The British scientist may tell the British soldier in India that the native is in reality his brother, and that it is wholly absurd and illogical and unscientific for such a thing as "race prejudice" to exist between them.

  32. It may therefore be expected that types of our race will be found to exist which can be highly civilised without losing fertility; nay, they may become more fertile under artificial conditions, as is the case with many domestic animals.

  33. Popular government may in substance exist under the form of a monarchy, and an autocratic despotism can be set up without destroying the forms of democracy.

  34. It is possible to conceive of a society organized entirely upon the basis of the inheritance of functions, and indeed societies exist which may be said to approach this condition.

  35. Original materials exist in abundance for the study of feud, litigation, and war.

  36. The differences exist at birth and commonly increase with progress toward maturity.

  37. As I exist for others when they are in pain, I am her trained nurse.

  38. The gist of the matter is that, since a taste for speculation is far more prevalent in India than in Europe, there exist many systems of popular philosophy which, being a mixture of religion and metaphysics, involve two mental attitudes.

  39. Comparatively few of them have been published in Europe and some exist only in Chinese or Japanese translations.

  40. But how can two entities exist at all, if they exist neither as identical with one another nor as different from one another?

  41. The egg is destroyed when the chicken is hatched: the embryo ceases to exist when the child is born; when the man comes into being, the child is no more.

  42. The Mâdhyamika theory that objects have no absolute and independent existence but appear to exist in virtue of their relations is a restatement of this ancient dictum.

  43. The chief doctrine[252] of this sect is said to have been that individuals (puggalo) exist as such in the truest sense.

  44. He declares that he has existed and will exist for incalculable ages and has preached and will preach in innumerable millions of worlds.

  45. He does not conceive of the love which may exist between the soul and God as a form of sexual passion.

  46. But Karma has ceased to exist for him: "the acts of a Yogi are neither black nor white," they have no moral quality nor consequences.

  47. The elements which compose Hinduism had been vigorous long before the eighth century and Buddhism, though decadent, continued to exist in India later.

  48. Hence Buddhism suffered far more from these invasions than Hinduism but still vestiges of it lingered long[277] and exist even now in Orissa.

  49. It is said to exist in two recensions, prose and metrical, of which the former is perhaps the oldest of the Vaishṇava Âgamas.

  50. Besides the nine Dharmas, numerous other sûtras exist in Sanskrit, Chinese, Tibetan and the languages of Central Asia.

  51. The first quadric having imaginary generators, no such self-conjugate subgroups can exist for the real group which transforms it into itself; and this real group is in fact simple.

  52. On the other hand, the surety may now, in any court in which the action on the guarantee is pending, avail himself of any set-off which may exist between the principal debtor and the creditor.

  53. Separate editions exist of the last named, in J.

  54. Deposits of iron, lead and gold also exist and were worked by the Romans; but their exploitation proved unprofitable when renewed in the 19th century.

  55. C6H10O5)n, which exist in the juices of almost all plants, and also occur as exudations from stems, branches and fruits of plants.

  56. Many large classes of discontinuous groups have formed the subject of detailed investigation, but a general formal theory of discontinuous groups can hardly be said to exist as yet.

  57. These roses under my window make no reference to former roses or to better ones; they are for what they are; they exist with God to-day.

  58. We first share the life by which things exist and afterwards see them as appearances in nature and forget that we have shared their cause.

  59. Perhaps no well-organized beings exist who do not experience that terrible passion once in the course of their lives.

  60. Love cannot exist unless it thinks itself eternal, and you saw not far before you a horrible parting; old age you knew would end the glorious poem soon.

  61. She understands very well that after Madame de Stael there is no place in this century for a Sappho, and that Ninon could not exist in Paris without /grands seigneurs/ and a voluptuous court.

  62. But might that peril exist to-morrow, the day after, in a month?

  63. Rationalism and radicalism exist to a certain extent in every country of Europe.

  64. Special occasion for such a hortatory letter may be discerned in its polemic against intimate relations between ascetics of opposite sex, implied to exist among its readers, in contrast to usage in the writer's own locality.

  65. There still exist above a hundred fortified castles, several of which are inhabited.

  66. It continued to exist under the name Cencelle as a feudal castle until the 15th century.

  67. It may be noted here that some curious relation seems to exist between apparently telepathic acquisition of knowledge and the arrival of a letter, newspaper, &c, from which the same knowledge could be directly gained.

  68. Considerable remains of its brick aqueducts exist in the district between the Via Praenestina and the Via Labicana.

  69. Ancestral simplicity is more uniform, and does not co-exist with specialization and elaboration of a single organ.

  70. This wide sense was shown by Lightfoot (in his commentary on Galatians, 1865) to exist in the New Testament, e.

  71. A few wells exist actually in the Nafud in the district called El Hajra, near its north-eastern border, and along its southern border, between J.

  72. Sutures are stated to mark off some of these pieces, but in the proper sense of that term as applied to the skeletal structures of the Vertebrata, no sutures exist in the chitinous cuticle of Arthropoda.

  73. That such remains exist seems clear from the casual remarks of travellers.

  74. For the mapping of the whole vast interior, except in rare cases, no data exist beyond the itineraries of explorers, travelling as a rule under conditions which precluded the use of even the simplest surveying instruments.

  75. Considerable forests are said to exist in Asir, and Burton found a few fine specimens which he regarded as the remains of an old forest, on the Tehama range in Midian.

  76. Attila, though it continued to exist until the Lombard invasion of A.

  77. Volcanic cones still exist in large numbers, and the sheets of lava appear as fresh as any recent flows of Etna or Vesuvius.

  78. But I would most strenuously exhort the reader to abandon the idea, if he does hold it, that morality is dependent on religion, or that the former cannot exist without the latter.

  79. I would bring the whole race of mankind back to a conviction that they exist to no other purpose, and by no other cause than every other animal and vegetable.

  80. We know that the planetary system of the universe has existed to all eternity as to the past, and must exist to all eternity as to the future.

  81. The science of Chemistry has come to its aid, by proving that matter is indestructible and imperishable, and must have existed as it now is, to all eternity as to the past, and will exist as it now is, to all eternity as to the future.

  82. Has the nineteenth century brought any new intention into art which did not exist before in England, Holland, or Italy?

  83. For all subjects contain elements of beauty; ugliness does not exist for the eye that sees beautifully, and meanness vanishes if the sensation is a noble one.

  84. This picture seems to exist principally in the seeing!

  85. There were but scanty means of intercourse with other places, and what did exist were little used, except for goods, which were conveyed on the backs of pack-horses.

  86. The unsophisticated view is that in sensible perception we become acquainted with things which exist whether we perceive them or not, and these things, taken all together, are commonly called the material world.

  87. We, Irish men and women, exist merely to be exploited.

  88. And so we are--only the army and navy we support are not our own; they exist to keep us in slavery, not in freedom.

  89. Are we too poor to exist as a free people?

  90. Neither did war exist at this time, between France and Portugal.

  91. This number does not include those interred in the cemetery of the hospital of St. Anthony, in cemeteries belonging to the religious bodies, and in the many others which exist in Avignon.

  92. The roof was thatched or covered with wood or stone; windows were the exception, and where they did exist they were mere slits in the clay walls closed with wooden shutters.

  93. No evidence is known to exist as to the mortality in the port itself; but an item of information as to the effect of the disease in the neighbourhood is afforded at a subsequent period.

  94. Pauperism is the poisonous dripping from all the sins, and putrid unveracities and God-forgetting greedinesses and devil-serving cants and jesuitisms, that exist among us.

  95. In America and Canada these homestead laws exist and work well.

  96. And not only did these punishments exist in England, but the populace enjoyed them.

  97. Certainly in this country we have been free from the subordination of the Criminal Courts to the power of gold that is said to exist in other civilised places.

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