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formd; forme; formed; forment; former; formers; formes; formest; formeth; formic
  1. Other Swedish-Americans, however, contend that formerly caste barriers in the fatherland so blocked the rise of gifted commoners that the immigrant stream is as rich in natural ability as is the Swedish people at home.

  2. The shovel is now as firmly associated in our minds with 'Tonio as formerly with Barney.

  3. Formerly the Swedes came from the country, and were conservative; but of late they have been coming from the cities, and are of a radical and even socialistic spirit.

  4. Formerly the idea of wandering oversea sprang up naturally among the intelligent and restless; now the idea is sown broadcast by thousands of steamship agents and their runners.

  5. These artificial coal-tar, or aniline, dyes have practically undisputed sway to-day, and the vast areas of land formerly used for the cultivation of vegetable dyes are now free for other purposes.

  6. Formerly wood was piled in heaps, covered with sod or sand to prevent access of oxygen, and then was set fire to; the smoldering wood, cut off from an adequate supply of air, was slowly transformed into charcoal.

  7. This one new method, involving that series of motions which can be made quickest and best, is then substituted in place of the ten or fifteen inferior series which were formerly in use.

  8. To come back to the girls inspecting bicycle balls, however, the final outcome of all the changes was that thirty-five girls did the work formerly done by one hundred and twenty.

  9. The eldest of them said, "Know ye not how that your father hath taken a pledge from you before God, and how formerly ye failed in duty with regard to Joseph?

  10. We formerly laid hold on them with chastisement, yet they did not humble them to their Lord, nor did they abase them; Until, when we have opened upon them the door of a severe punishment, lo!

  11. The Meccan Jews and Christians who had formerly embraced Islam, and could now affirm that they had always held the same faith.

  12. We appointed the kebla which thou formerly hadst, only that we might know him who followeth the apostle, from him who turneth on his heels: The change is a difficulty, but not to those whom God hath guided.

  13. And our messengers came formerly to Abraham with glad tidings.

  14. The Navaho of the west, formerly commanded by old Ganamucho (now deceased), have all the advantages in regard to location, and on the whole are a finer body of men than those of the east.

  15. We owe the cleanness and decent temperate living of to-day, as well as our knowledge of medical science, to the diseases that formerly destroyed the people.

  16. Eustace de St. Pierre was granted almost all the possessions he had formerly held in Calais, and also a considerable pension; and he and all who were willing to remain were well and kindly treated.

  17. He does not know for certain that I am aware of his plottings against us; but he must have seen by my reception of him when he called that I no longer regard him with the friendship which I formerly entertained.

  18. Alice could now understand how the beaten ground round the house, formerly rendered barren by hate, was now covered with verdure and many-hued with flowers.

  19. Formerly she had, with some reason, dreaded the sinister influence emanating from him, but now seeing in his demonstrations of affection a sign that he truly loved her, she regretted her possible misjudgment.

  20. Mrs. Barrast was exceedingly modern, and modern women are very businesslike in dealing with what was formerly called romance.

  21. As he had formerly neglected him in every way, Julian was puzzled to know why he should be thus honoured.

  22. Reborn through love into a wider consciousness, the girl's seeing and hearing now embraced an appreciation of much to which she had been formerly deaf and blind.

  23. I formerly saw the raccoon in the woods behind where my house is built, and probably still heard their whinnering at night.

  24. I have also satisfied myself that the gorilla is more gregarious than I formerly considered it to be; at least it is now clear that, at certain times of the year, it goes in bands more numerous than those I saw in my former journey.

  25. Thus the name Rocinante meant that the horse had formerly been a hack, or work horse.

  26. The hunters were formerly a numerous and merry crew here.

  27. Then he drew himself nimbly up into the branch he had formerly occupied.

  28. In its lurch it had been turned almost completely round, so that the foliage formerly beneath the water was now uppermost.

  29. As my old readers will probably remember, the offices formerly occupied by Pelter, Japson & Company were located at the lower end of Wall Street.

  30. Passing through two small offices, the Rovers came to one in the rear-- that which had formerly been used by Jesse Pelter.

  31. And yet formerly we had the fortune to win the victory with the infantry absent, but now, entering the battle with God propitious and with our whole army, I have hopes of capturing the camp of the enemy, men and all.

  32. Indeed, it is not possible for them to be elsewhere than in the place where Solomon, the king of the Jews, formerly placed them.

  33. And it fell to the lot of those who had formerly possessed these lands to be in extreme poverty and to be at the same time free men; and they had the privilege of going away wheresoever they wished.

  34. For formerly Gizeric had driven out Boniface and now Belisarius was doing the same to Gelimer.

  35. All the world is now instructed by symbols, as formerly the deaf and dumb.

  36. Its goddess and he formerly would have been less shocked.

  37. He amused himself at Fontainebleau during bad weather by seeing good players at tennis, in which he had formerly excelled; and at Marly by seeing mall played, in which he had also been skilful.

  38. In 1887 a new charter was adopted giving to the mayor the power to appoint the heads of departments who were formerly elected by the councils.

  39. Sometimes the beam is discarded altogether, and malleable iron is more largely used in the construction of engines instead of the cast iron, which formerly so largely prevailed.

  40. Shrove Tuesday was formerly a holiday for apprentices.

  41. Mr Steevens says it is a blood-stauncher, and was formerly applied to green wounds.

  42. A pun upon the word bills is here intended, by confounding the bills of tradesmen with the bills or arms formerly carried by watchmen.

  43. A passion was formerly a name given to love-poems of the plaintive species.

  44. Pimlico, near Westminster, was formerly resorted to on the same account as the former at Hoxton.

  45. It is observed by Mr Steevens, that "it was formerly the fashion to kiss the eyes, as a mark of extraordinary tenderness.

  46. Formerly it was used as a pigment, and in tanning to remove hair.

  47. Formerly wicks of candles were steeped in arsenic solution to prevent a long “snuff” forming.

  48. They formerly worked on their fears, and thus kept patients under control.

  49. It was formerly tried a quarter of a century ago, or thirty years ago, but it was given up because it was too dangerous.

  50. When pleading formerly in his professional capacity for the merchants of Liverpool at their lordships' bar, he had often delivered statements, which he had received from them, and which he afterwards discovered to be grossly incorrect.

  51. Norris had been formerly a slave-captain, but had quitted the trade, and settled as a merchant in a different line of business.

  52. Harris, who was then clerk in a slave-house in Liverpool, but had been formerly a clergyman and a Jesuit.

  53. A remedy also had been lately found for a disorder, by which vast numbers of infants had been formerly swept away.

  54. Slaves, as we may read in HENRY's History of Great Britain, were formerly an established article of our exports.

  55. Bosman affirms, "that formerly all crimes in Africa were compensated by fine or restitution, and, where restitution was impracticable, by corporal punishment.

  56. The bullocks must be two years old, the best of their kind, without blemish, and while they were formerly killed by the Emperor they are now slaughtered by an official appointed for that purpose.

  57. We formerly ordered the Tartar generals, viceroys, and governors of every province to recommend physicians of ability.

  58. Exterior repairs of Trinity Church, formerly the Lady Chapel, which is still under the charge of the Capitular body.

  59. We have now an opportunity of glancing at some of the other portions of the monastic buildings, which formerly extended from the Prior's Lodge to the gateway, but are now somewhat short of it, as a garden intervenes.

  60. There were formerly two hospitals in Ely, this dedicated to St. John the Baptist, and another to St. Mary Magdelene, the site of which is now unknown.

  61. The cost was defrayed by subscriptions from several noblemen and gentlemen formerly Eton scholars.

  62. Alfred Gerente, contains subjects from the history of Jacob; the gift of Incumbents of livings formerly in the patronage of the Bishop, but not in his diocese.

  63. This was formerly the Prior's entrance from the cloisters; it now opens into a private garden belonging to the Deanery.

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