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  1. After being washed in a paddle or drum, first with fresh water, and then in water containing lactic or formic acid to remove the lime, the skins are ready for tanning.

  2. Formic acid may be used in place of the sulphuric acid, very good results being obtained.

  3. Formic acid also induces a swelling of the skin, the pelts being soaked in a short time, and the antiseptic action of the acid obviates the possibility of the hair becoming loose.

  4. Another chemical of a different nature, but equally effective is formic acid, used in the proportion of 1.

  5. Ammonia is used to render the bath alkaline, and formic acid to make it acid.

  6. Sodium amalgam converts it into formic acid; whilst with alcohol it yields the normal carbonic ester.

  7. In short, it has nothing to commend it, in comparison with acetic or formic acids.

  8. If prevailing costs put it on terms of parity with acetic acid, there would appear to be no reason why formic acid should not have a widely-extended use on plantations.

  9. In cases where other coagulants than acetic or formic acids have been employed the failure may be due to an excess of, or an unsuitable, coagulant--e.

  10. There is a deal to be said in favour of the use of another organic acid, formic acid.

  11. The nascent formic acid converts the alcohol present into formic ether, water being separated.

  12. Juniper oil has a great tendency to thicken; it becomes resinous, acid and thickly fluid, formic acid being formed.

  13. When badly kept they gradually become resinous with formation of formic and acetic acids.

  14. For barely visible redness formic aether is more opaque than sulphuric; for a bright red heat both are equally transparent; while, for a white heat, and still more for a higher temperature, sulphuric aether is more opaque than formic.

  15. Hence we may infer that the atoms of formic aether oscillate, on the whole, more slowly than those of sulphuric aether.

  16. When the source of heat is a Leslie's cube coated with lampblack and filled with boiling water, the opacity of formic aether in comparison with sulphuric is very decided.

  17. Some of the more volatile fatty acids are driven off, and the fats break down to give a larger percentage of free fatty acids, some light esters, acrolein, and formic acid.

  18. Any excess of acid in the one which has received the fulminate will therefore be due to the formic acid generated from the fulminate.

  19. HCl of known amount, after removal of mercury by hydrogen sulphide, gave by titration with potassium hydrate, formic acid equal to 8.

  20. She puts the nectar through a process of her own, adds a drop of her own secretion to it, namely, formic acid, the water evaporates, and lo!

  21. There is a tang and a pungency to nearly everything he published; the personal quality which flavors it is like the formic acid which the bee infuses into the nectar he gets from the flower, and which makes it honey.

  22. If sodium bisulphate is substituted for sulphuric acid twice as much must be used, and if formic acid three times as much (by weight).

  23. They are applied in neutral or very slightly acid baths, formic and acetic acids being most suitable with the addition of a quantity of sodium chloride or sulphate.

  24. Huge walls of gaseous formic acid, held unwavering by electronic force fields, were being erected.

  25. Our scientists had created in the laboratories a type of formic acid somewhat similar to the vesicatory secretion occurring within our own bodies--but infinitely more deadly!

  26. In view of the fact that formic acid is a regular product of the action of many bacteria on glucose [see Harden, 1901], Schade's theory of alcoholic fermentation may be said to be a possible interpretation of the facts.

  27. An interesting interpretation of the phenomena of fermentation was attempted by Schade [1906] based upon the conception that glucose under the influence of catalytic agents readily decomposes into acetaldehyde and formic acid.

  28. Somewhat similar but rather smaller results were given by yeast-juice, a small consumption of formic acid being usually observed.

  29. The possibility thus exists that formic acid may be an intermediate product of alcoholic fermentation and Franzen argues strongly in favour of this view.

  30. The inflammation caused by the sting of the bee is due to formic acid.

  31. The fluid secreted is as clear as water, and of an acid reaction; it certainly contains formic acid, with some other poisonous constituent.

  32. These spiders possess a poisonous gland connected with their masticatory apparatus, which secretes a clear, oily, bitter acid-reacting fluid; the acidity seems due to formic acid.

  33. The adulterations or impurities of prussic acid are hydrochloric, sulphuric,[233] and formic acids.

  34. The leaves contain much formic acid, and their irritant action on the intestine is referred to this cause.

  35. The various species of ants possess at the tail special glands which secrete formic acid.

  36. The formic acid that the ants secrete had partly paralyzed it and made defence impossible.

  37. Then they have the formic acid that, used against ants or other insects, has a poisonous quality.

  38. The stinging hairs are hollow and shaped rather like a narrow bulb or flask; the tip is slightly bent over and rounded (not sharp); the hairs contain formic acid.

  39. That is because formic acid is poured into the wound.

  40. The presence of formic and acetic acid supplies the blood with fresh electricity to stimulate the nerves.

  41. The formic and the acetic acids are examples of a series of organic acids known as fatty acids.

  42. One of the simplest organic acids is formic acid (HCO.

  43. Their singular acridity has been established by chemical researches, and science has contrived to extract the mordant formic acid from their bodies.

  44. The latter do not have recourse to timber, but build in masonry,--cementing the earth with their saliva, and drying and seasoning it with their formic acid.

  45. They moved sturdily, heavily laden, along the route marked with the black and odorous formic acid exuded from the bodies of their comrades.

  46. The moths took to the air in helpless blindness when discovered by the relentless throngs of small black insects which reeked of formic acid and left the ground behind them denuded in every living thing.

  47. Formic acid is a colourless, sharp-smelling liquid, which crystallizes at 0 deg.

  48. Hydrolysis of hydrocyanic acid by means of hydrochloric acid yields formic acid.

  49. Finally, formic acid is, as shown by the determination of its affinity constant, a much stronger acid than the other acids of the series.

  50. Its oxidizing power is so great, as to transform not only the formic acid into the carbonic, and alcohol into vinegar, but even some osmic acid, from the metallic osmium.

  51. The reek of formic acid came to his nostrils.

  52. Ants stank of formic acid plus the musky odor of their particular city and kind.

  53. Observations upon Formic Acid, and its Combinations with the Salifiable Bases, 283 SECT.

  54. TABLE of the Combinations of Formic Acid, with the Salifiable Bases, in the Order of Affinity.

  55. The formic acid is drawn from a large species of red ants, formica rufa, Lin.

  56. I have just procured formic acid to try whether its vapour or minute drops will delay germination of fresh seeds; trying others at same time for comparison.

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