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Example sentences for "exiling"

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exile; exiled; exiles; exilian; exilic; exinde; exire; exist; existait; existance
  1. When all things were ordred in Caen as the king could desire, he marched from thence in the same order as he had kept before, burning and exiling the countrie.

  2. On the other side, the lord Godfrie of Harecourt, with the battell on the right hand of the king, road foorth six or seuen leagues from the kings battell, in burning and exiling the countrie.

  3. Finding what had taken place, he remained on board his vessel, issuing vain threats against all who had been concerned in exiling his minister, and insisting on his immediate recal and reinstatement.

  4. I struck him a vital blow in exiling his son, yet he could kiss my hand and say I had done right, and remain loyal to me.

  5. Even in questions of doctrine, the Emperor might enforce his will by exiling an obstinate Pope, as in the case of Martin I.

  6. Two later decrees were issued--the first exiling Church officers, the second condemning them to death.

  7. The king retaliated by seizing Church property, abusing the clergy, exiling the bishops, and confiscating the estates of their relatives.

  8. This blissful happiness was suddenly checked by the emperor, who determined to show his displeasure and also to give evidence of his power by banishing Schlegel and exiling Mme.

  9. Until the marriage of her brother, she was his constant and devoted companion, exiling herself to Marseilles when he was appointed governor of Notre Dame de La Garde, and returning to Paris with him in 1647.

  10. For he contributed some part in exiling you, and it was the democracy which was the cause of his return.

  11. The Scots rode burning and exiling the country, that the smoke thereof came to Newcastle.

  12. A proprietor exiling a serf was required to pay his traveling expenses of twenty-five roubles, and to furnish him an outfit of summer and winter clothing.

  13. The loss of services and the expense of exiling a serf may have been a slight guarantee against this, but if the proprietor were an unprincipled tyrant or a sensualist, (and he might be both,) there was no protection for his subjects.

  14. General Ducardi compressed his bushy eyebrows: "You know, highness, that his majesty is anything but enamoured of Zanti and is even thinking of exiling him.

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