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anyone; anyplace; anypody; anyrate; anythin; anythink; anytime; anyting; anyway; anyways
  1. Blinded by the sudden glare which sent blobs of colour dancing across my eyeballs, as if I had looked at the sun, I did not realize for a moment that I had brought anything with me.

  2. When he brought my evening meal of porridge, cooked in the monks' bakery by himself, he asked if I wanted anything to read.

  3. You see, she had never believed that anything serious had really happened to my father, or that he was dead.

  4. This quarrel between the two most sane inhabitants of Deep Moat Grange let me deeper into the secrets of that evil dwelling than anything else.

  5. In case of anything happening, the lines which follow contain my last will and testament: I die at peace with all men, and I leave everything of which I die possessed to my granddaughter, Elsie Stennis!

  6. But without and within the house, it was anything but dirty.

  7. So that my mother, for all her outcries, did not really see him at his worst, or anything like it.

  8. It took me by surprise, as I did not, of course, yet know anything about the events which had drawn them together in the deep places underground.

  9. And if you find anything portable, gave a tug, and if you want to come out very suddenly, give two tugs.

  10. They had assumed atoms were as small as anything could be and that they could not possibly be broken up into anything smaller.

  11. Anything capable of performing work is said to possess “energy” from Greek words meaning “work within”.

  12. O-jeeg, my father, can do most anything he has a mind to.

  13. When such things happened it was perfectly plain that Puk-Wudjies had been up to their pranks, and few persons were still stupid enough to believe it could be anything else.

  14. If anything more were needed to convince those doubters who did not believe in fairies, the proof was quickly supplied by fishermen and hunters who were victims of their tricks.

  15. Nowhere else in the world was there anything so wonderful.

  16. When he got there he awakened the little boy and girl, who were much surprised to see where they were, and guided them safely down along a path no one else knew anything about.

  17. That is not the question," said Coyote severely, unwilling to admit there was anything he did not know.

  18. No woman in the village was more neat and orderly than the wife of Man-a-bo-zho, and Grasshopper knew this would vex her more than anything else he could do.

  19. Eagle Feather, pleased with anything that seemed like praise of his strength, let his hand fall.

  20. She could not devote to it as much time as she wished, having to attend to the domestic arrangements, and to wait upon Madame d'Alin, who was not accustomed to do anything for herself.

  21. Françou made her escape trembling; besides she felt grieved to take anything from Madame Pallois, who was so good to her, and whom she had always heard called throughout the whole of the village the mother of the poor.

  22. We had agreed, Julia, that you should not read anything without my permission.

  23. Her mother exhorted her to bear the inconvenience with patience, as there was no means of procuring anything to drink.

  24. She turned the piece over and over: she blushed: she had never as yet taken money, and she thought that it was much worse to take it than anything else.

  25. I know not, Sir, but if my son has done it, it was during my absence, so that no one can suppose I have had anything to do with it.

  26. At other times, he would beg; but he never worked, while it was possible for him to do anything else.

  27. She saw no chance of meeting with anything of which she could make a bouquet.

  28. He now came back to see whether there was anything else he could take from her; but she could not give him anything more, unless she consented to sell her house and sleep in the street, and this she refused to do.

  29. We must learn to do much, with little means; otherwise, we shall never manage to accomplish anything of importance.

  30. I don't mean to do anything tragical or high-flown, Anne, there's an end of it.

  31. He did not say anything to it; he pressed his hand to his brow and groaned.

  32. If there is anything to spare, let him use it on bonnie dies to dress his little bride withal--though the bairn Alison has a natural grace, and needs them less than most.

  33. Well, we will not say anything before Anne.

  34. Behold, Lord, the half of my goods I give to the poor, and if I have taken anything from any man by false accusation, I restore him fourfold.

  35. I do not know anything further of the young lady, Mrs. Bairnsfather; that is, nothing at all interesting.

  36. Mrs. Ross and Lewis were about sitting down to breakfast, when Anne returned to Merkland, and the domestic horizon was anything but clear.

  37. Have you anything else to advise, Mr. Foreman?

  38. It was, besides, an altogether new enjoyment to Anne, to have anything loveable looking up to her as Alice did.

  39. The poor little clachan of Oranmore could not believe that those fearful notices were anything but threats to secure the payment of their rent; but now they promise to turn very sad earnest.

  40. The present was all-engrossing, of course; how could it be anything else when she could do what she could do for the poor lads?

  41. If you have anything belonging to us in you, you'll understand what the call of the master means.

  42. And so would you be if you had the spunk to ask anything of the baron.

  43. The peer has never done anything for me in his life," he said angrily to Jack Jardine.

  44. Not too much, as I don't want to sleep too long; but I have such a headache, I shan't be fit for anything without a rest.

  45. Have you anything you can give me to drink?

  46. For one thing, in view of Penelope's curiosity, she must make sure that Marmaduke had not left anything incriminating behind him at the Cross-keys.

  47. Was there indeed anything between him and the painted woman she was serving?

  48. There is no need to say anything about all this.

  49. It would be a perfect day--if anything over hot, for a faint opalescence already lay on sea and sky.

  50. It isn't often I ask you to do anything for me, is it?

  51. I don't believe you've had anything to eat!

  52. The Kangaroo never noticed that anything was left out, because she was bursting to relate her interview with Willy Wagtail.

  53. Is there anything we can do to make you feel comfortable again?

  54. A million years is a very long time," said Dot; unable at the moment to think of anything better to say.

  55. In consequence, we have to resort to a little strategy on our visits to the tanks, and we avoid eating anything tempting left about at camping places.

  56. If there is anything new to be seen, I must get a near view of it.

  57. Judge; and he might have said more, only Dot could not hear anything on account of the racket and confusion.

  58. If you can bring yourself to speak to anything so obtrusive and gossiping, without any ancestry or manners whatever, you will be able to learn all you need from that bird.

  59. She was afraid she must be very stupid, for she hadn't understood anything except that Willy Wagtail could help them to find her way.

  60. The Pelican did not understand Dot's kindness, and gave her a look of offended dignity that was quite withering; so Dot did not speak to him again; but she longed to feel if the bag of skin that drooped under his beak had anything in it.

  61. The parents said that they wanted their children taught "the book," but they did not want them taught anything concerning farming or household duties.

  62. The one in this case not only decreased in numbers and failed to add anything to the economic value of his country, but has actually proven a charge upon the state.

  63. Neither of them said anything more about it.

  64. No, I concede it: you kill without premeditation, and without ever suspecting your hands to be anything but stainless.

  65. Well, isn't it anything at all that by my 'sin' my son's blood came down to him clean?

  66. Letter didn't say anything about coming out in the spring to look over the country, did it?

  67. There was never anything to do but nurse of the strong elephant milk and roam about in the keddah or along the lines.

  68. Now I'm goin' to make a proposition that I advise you to jump at like you never jumped at anything before.

  69. Offensive--if you have said anything offensive?

  70. I do not know anything about him--though, I give you my word now, those greasy constables treated me as though I were a noted frequenter of pot-houses.

  71. But don't you understand that he wouldn't want me to--to take anything that I felt I ought not to take?

  72. And if there were anything else to which you had a fancy, I would get it for you.

  73. He did not dare to leave anything to Aunt Maria.

  74. I was under the impression that it would have been impossible for them to have advanced in anything like a formidable body so far north.

  75. They are constructed of brick, which is plastered over, and the plaster gets a coating of size of a pink hue very much like that of blot-sheet; and the effect is anything but cheering.

  76. The view of it from the Kremlin surpassed in its novel and singularly picturesque aspect anything ever seen by them before.

  77. But his own attention to business extended to the minutest details, and anything indicative of mere eye-service or sloth was intolerable to him.

  78. Sanctimonious hypocrisy, or anything savouring of insincerity in religion, was abhorrent to his nature, and provoked his keenest ridicule.

  79. It was just the old story of his being unable to do anything in the way of earning a livelihood.

  80. It was no show-place for strangers, for few men shrank with more instinctive reserve than William Nelson from anything savouring of display; but to friends and friends’ friends it was ever accessible.

  81. It includes such a variety of attractive features, and differs so greatly from anything usually visible from the windows or garden-terrace of a city dwelling, that even the most unimpressible yielded to some sense of surprise.

  82. In the second place, they must be limited in supply, since no one would buy anything of which he might acquire as much as he pleased by merely taking possession of it.

  83. It is enough to say at present that I use it in its popular acceptation, as signifying in anything the quality which fits it to be given and received in exchange, or, in other words, to be let or sold, hired or purchased.

  84. But when she rushes in pursuit of wealth or bodily strength or anything else, not having the knowledge of the best, so much the more is she likely to meet with misfortune.

  85. In my opinion, I say, the poet spoke both well and prudently; but if you have anything to say in answer to him, speak out.

  86. It then rapidly enlarges, though not to anything like its proper size, and its surrounding skin becomes hardened by the deposit of the calcareous secretion simultaneously with that of the rest of the body.

  87. It must not be understood, however, that we assume the reader's disinclination to know anything of the inhabitants of deep water, but rather that we consider the whole subject of deep-sea fishing quite beyond the scope of this work.

  88. This being the case, we can hardly say anything to discourage those who gather sea-side objects merely for the purpose of making a collection of pretty and interesting things to be observed and admired.

  89. They will bite at almost anything that moves, and, completely swallowing the angler's hook, will immediately rush into a crevice from which it is often difficult to remove them.

  90. By this means it will have been squeezed quite flat, so that it presents anything but a natural appearance; but the skin may be blown out to the normal shape by means of a glass tube inserted into the mouth, and then set aside to dry.

  91. Sixth, to be anything like a superlative, must be so when compared with six.

  92. Nevertheless, the argument deducible from it is anything but conclusive.

  93. The ideas expressed by mile and pound are not the names of anything that serves as either object or instrument to the verb.

  94. Intransitive verbs are not naturally followed by any noun at all; and when they are so followed, the noun is never the name of anything affected by them as an object.

  95. Now this arrangement of syllables, taken by itself, gives anything rather than a hepthimimer; so that if it was at this point that our investigations terminated, little would be done towards the evolution of the rationale of the caesura.

  96. These statements are made lest the reader should expect to find between the English and the Anglo-Saxon classification anything more than a partial coincidence.

  97. Is there anything in English corresponding to the Greek patronymics?

  98. I weighed the matter; 'tis true I thought there might have come a necessity to deal with him; but I would not engage in anything of the sort, without an absolute necessity.

  99. Think of the indignities, insults, and disgraces that the blessed Saint Martellus suffered, without allowing, anything worse to cross his lips than an Ave Mary or a smile in resignation.

  100. There was a vein of seriousness in this reverie which amused the young lady; for she had never heard anything worse of him--very young ladies seldom do hear the worst--than that he had played once or twice rather high.

  101. I've observed, indeed, than those grim old campaigners who have seen the world, make it a principle to accept anything in the shape of a treat.

  102. There was nothing to be seen, nor anything to suggest that it was here Ermi had lain down to dreams.

  103. You can't get anything to drink beyond the Landing.

  104. The pines are our fellow-creatures and more closely related to us than anything that has roots in the earth.

  105. A snake's rattle is a panacea for anything but a broken heart.

  106. I could tell you more about the real-estate situation only Jane Austen says if a woman knows anything she should strive superlatively to conceal it.

  107. This dear lad would go into literary work if we read anything in Canada besides statistics, sporting news, and crop forecasts.

  108. I never saw you look so nice in anything before!

  109. I don't think I am tempted to anything just now.

  110. I have not once tasted anything VERY nice since the letter that made my father so angry.

  111. Not once did she suspect that Nature had indeed begun to deal with her; not once suspect, although from childhood accustomed to hear the name of Love taken in vain, that love had anything to do with these inexplicable experiences.

  112. I think he cares more to do that than anything else.

  113. Only you must not do anything to offend papa!

  114. As you have chosen to break with me, I accept your declaration of war, and tell you plainly I will do all I can to win your daughter, never asking your leave in respect of anything I may think it well to do.

  115. We shall not come to anything if we lose ourselves this way!

  116. Man nor woman can say I did anything to disgrace it!

  117. But I will not try to con vince you of anything about God.

  118. He said he was sorry to appear headstrong, perhaps uncivil and ungrateful, but he could not and would not accept anything beyond the priceless gift of Mercy's hand.

  119. Then Alister saw that necessity had culminated, and that it was no longer possi ble to hold anything back.

  120. She had an old friend in London, the wife of a certain vice-chancellor, with whom she held an occasional correspondence, and to her she wrote, asking if she knew anything of the family.

  121. Give me one good reason for her folly, and I will forgive her--do anything for her!

  122. Of course I will do anything you would wish me to do!

  123. It was a ghastly mockery, a blasphemous farce, a satire on Christianity infinitely more sardonic and mordant than anything I ever wrote or published.

  124. It is a mere waste of time to attempt to justify anything that has been said in the alleged libel by showing that someone else has said the same thing.

  125. Mr. Justice North: I will hear you state anything you suggest as being said by Lord Chief Justice Cockburn.

  126. I know something of Mr. Foote, and I am quite certain he would not say anything to shock a refined interpretation of religion.

  127. Before I went to Holloway Gaol I scarcely knew, except inferentially, that I had a stomach; and while I was there I scarcely knew I had anything else.

  128. I hope you will not go outside the lines I have pointed out to you; but, with these remarks, I am very reluctant to interfere with any prisoner saying anything which he considers necessary, and I will not stop you.

  129. Parson Plaford may be five feet four, but I would lay anything he is not five feet five.

  130. Justice North briefly concurred with his learned brother, and refrained from adding anything because he would probably have to try the case at the Old Bailey himself.

  131. Mr. Justice North: I will hear anything relevant to the subject.

  132. We have not done anything against the peace.

  133. Mr. Cattell declares that he never instructed his counsel to say anything of the kind; but all I know is that it was said, and that while our cheeks were tingling with shame and indignation, he heard it all without a word of protest.

  134. Then it is impossible that anything can be more foreign from one's notions of what is high-minded, religious and noble.

  135. Mr. Foote: Does your lordship mean that I am not to read from anything to show justification of the libel?

  136. He saw no evidences of anything like civilization, but mentions the finding of a cross, very old and mossy, in the woods.

  137. But of the men themselves, with the single exception of William Penn, scarcely anything is known.

  138. All right, so you, have a wife on every space station in the asteroid belt; but if anything happens to you.

  139. I don't want anything now," Lavra said when words were again in order.

  140. The fan mail on Norbert Holt's debut left her no doubt that Surprising would profit by anything he chose to write about.

  141. Of course, I never thought of anything so bad as has happened, or I would not have considered the horse, but I admit I was at a loss to understand their conduct.

  142. No, you can't put over anything like that.

  143. But as for doing anything wrong--you ought to know me better than that.

  144. The only question is, Can they grow anything on that land out there?

  145. To have used his gun would, of course, have been madness; he had never seriously intended doing anything so rash, although for one impetuous moment his passion had made him irresponsible.

  146. You don't know anything more about making money than you did twenty years ago.

  147. But to show any emotion, or to express regret for anything he had done, meant surrender, and if there was one thing John Harris could not do it was surrender.

  148. Riles could not recall that he had said anything that committed him in any way, but Gardiner's tone implied that plainly enough.

  149. I ain't doing anything that a preacher mightn't do.

  150. The main thing is to see that he has the money in bills; anything else would be risky and lead to trouble.

  151. I don't think there is anything more to be said," he concluded.

  152. I won't hold you to anything you said last night, Riles.

  153. Anything relegated to the subconscious mind can be kept up almost indefinitely without tire, and to this subconscious type of activity belong the thoughts of a chronic insomniac.

  154. Memories like these are apt to be anything but a dead past.

  155. It is safe to say that many a person loves this promise of the prophet Isaiah without taking it in anything like a literal sense.

  156. I reminded her that I couldn't bring it up,--I had never known anything about it.

  157. Hypersensitiveness is never anything but a makeshift kind of satisfaction.

  158. In hypnosis a person can be made to believe almost anything and to do almost anything compatible with the safety and the moral sense of the individual.

  159. She was sure that I did not understand her case, and that she could not get anything out of this kind of treatment.

  160. Any or all these factors may cooperate, but not one of them is anything more than a last straw on an overburdened back.

  161. Could anything be plainer than that an instinct and its emotion were never intended to be aroused except in situations in which their characteristic action is to be desired?

  162. A skilled surgeon can cut almost anything out of a person's body, but he cannot cut out an instinct.

  163. Just hand it back, and I won't say anything about it.

  164. The constable, Sellick, is an original character, and as minor figures where will we find anything better than Miss Wansey, and Mr. P.

  165. I say, boys," said Ben, "have you seen anything of my bundle?

  166. Ben looked over the bill of fare, not that he expected to get anything for the two cents that still remained to him, but because he wanted to notice the prices of different articles.

  167. His was a strong nature, whether for good or for evil, and when he decided to do anything he was not easily moved from his resolve.

  168. He was by no means a model boy; but apart from anything which he had been taught in the Sunday school, he considered stealing mean and discreditable, and yet he had been led into it.

  169. He determined to brazen it out, and swear, if anything was said about the shirt, that it was his own lawful property.

  170. In this case the ends of justice were not interfered with, as neither of the two had been guilty of dishonesty, or anything else rendering them amenable to the law.

  171. Suppose we talk over your plans and prospects, and see if we can find anything for you to do.

  172. He ate rapidly, and felt that he had seldom eaten anything so good.

  173. I haven't eat anything since mornin', and I'm awful hungry.

  174. He found it out afterwards; but he is a stern man, and he never says anything about him.

  175. I didn't have anything to run for," answered Ben.

  176. You are nearly as silly as the ants, who never see anything beautiful all their lives.

  177. Once a frog, always a frog; and no frog-egg may hope to develop into a turtle, or a bird, or anything but a frog.

  178. It is an advantage, because white lines crossing one another at such an angle have no relation to anything which occurs in plants, and would make the creature more conspicuous.

  179. They are extremely shy, and see, hear, and smell very quickly, so that they are off like lightning whenever anything approaches them.

  180. The house wren will build in anything that has an accessible cavity, from an old boot to a bombshell.

  181. Perhaps it is because all I think of is this minute; I do not know anything about the minute just gone by, and I do not care one bit about the minute that is just coming; all I care about is this minute, this very minute now.

  182. They were all in their very best and brightest feathers, and as the sun shone on them and they splashed the water and strutted about, Bevis thought he had never seen anything so beautiful.

  183. First of all, you must not eat anything before you get home.

  184. Is there anything still living and lurking in old black drains of Thought,--any bigotry, any prejudice, anything in the moral world whereunto the centipede may be likened?

  185. Poor as she must really be she appears to have everything that everybody wants; and will lend anything to her neighbors except a scissors or a broom, which it is thought bad- luck to lend.

  186. Anything creole, Cyrillia;--I want to know what people eat in this country.

  187. And he walked through the woods nearly all day, till he became ever so tired; but he could not find anything to eat.

  188. A Mondongue slave on the plantations was generally feared by his fellow-blacks of other tribes; and the name of the cannibal race became transformed into an adjective to denote anything formidable or terrible.

  189. But all this is now repeated for us more imposingly, more grandiosely;--it is wrought upon a larger scale than anything we have yet seen.

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