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Example sentences for "poor little"

  • But Lady Lyndon knew that I was concerned in the plot, for I met her hurrying the next day to the Castle; all the town being up about the enlevement.

  • He had shown no want of courage in this or any other occasion where he had been called upon to act against the French; but this was his first wound, and the young gentleman was exceedingly frightened by it.

  • Little Bullingdon, who, too, found his way home, was unable in any way to identify me.

  • I have ringlets of all their hair in my poor little museum of recollections.

  • It was true the fellow had saved poor little Bryan's life, and the boy to his dying day was tenderly attached to him.

  • She is very kind to my poor little Margaret, and I won't ask how she talks of her.

  • Only I hope,' and Mary looked beseechingly, 'that they will have something good for their dinner, poor little things.

  • Jane, my child," he gasped; "my poor little Jane!

  • We might have spared tears and fury both, for he is neither to be melted nor irritated by poor little us.

  • My poor little Ju, now do try and look at it as he does, and everybody else does; try and see it as you would if you were a bystander.

  • I'm sure he never expected that the angel of death would come for him in a growler, poor little fellow.

  • Poor little chap, we must turn down an empty glass for him.

  • He's had a very bad throat and been feverish, poor little chap.

  • Poor little girl-- she worries so when anything like this happens"--mounted the stairs to his room.

  • How are his wife and the poor little baby--and dear Ruth.

  • Poor little dears, how glad they will be to come.

  • Poor little creatures, how unhappy she would have made them!

  • Why should I call her "poor little Helen"?

  • In poor little Susan's letter there was some allusion to a bust of Innocence which the young artist had begun, but of which he had said nothing in his answer to her.

  • Poor little creatures,--what a cruel thing it was in their father and mother not to take care of them!

  • One would hardly think it, indeed, to see you in this room, my poor little duchesses!

  • And there's the children in his factory--you should see them, poor little creatures!

  • Do not grieve so, my poor little fellow; the Temple can supply everything.

  • The fact is, she doesn't know what she's asking, poor little Nollie.

  • Poor little Nollie, thinking that by just leaving his house she could settle this deep matter!

  • And then it seems so hard-so bitter; my poor little Nollie!

  • If she loved him, poor little soul, and he was not made of the stuff to take advantage of it, well, there it was.

  • Poor little Tootles, who had had a tardy and elusive recognition torn from her grasp!

  • Merrily merrily bounded the bark, but her sport felt very like death to many of her freight, and among others to poor little John de Mohun.

  • Poor little Dutchy," said one, "how could your mother send you out all alone into the cruel, wide world!

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    Some common collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    dear sir; funeral pile; now you; perceive them; poor beggar; poor boys; poor chap; poor country; poor fellow; poor folk; poor friend; poor husband; poor lady; poor land; poor lord; poor master; poor mistress; poor quality; poor sinner; poor sinners; poor soul; poor souls; poor wife; poor woman; popular stories; various substances