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ansata; ansi; ansome; ansuer; ansuerd; answerable; answerd; answerde; answere; answered
  1. We are not careful to answer thee in this matter; our God whom we serve is able to deliver us.

  2. Christ teacheth you how to answer such a horrid temptation, Matt.

  3. In prosecution of this direction, I shall here answer several cases about doubting.

  4. He hath tasted it so sweet that he will not believe it to be bitter, though he cannot answer all that is said against it.

  5. And Christ would give them no answer that should insnare himself, or encourage usurpation, or countenance their sedition: teaching us much more to pay tribute cheerfully to our lawful governors, and to avoid all sedition and offence.

  6. It is like as if you should answer your adversary in the court, when your witnesses are all dismissed or out of the way, and all your evidences are absent, and perhaps your counsellor and advocate too.

  7. And if thou do pretend to worship him with that filthy tongue, what canst thou expect in answer to thy prayers, but a vengeance worse than Nadab and Abihu's, Lev.

  8. Thus I became free to answer your poor father's advertisement, and was accepted by him for the post, oddly enough.

  9. Within thirty days they must appear before the register and receiver and file answer to the contest, and he assured them that forbearance upon their part would serve to strengthen their case with the Commissioner.

  10. Andy's eyes twinkled answer as he glanced up that way.

  11. Now remember, boy, do go and file your answer to those contests--all of you!

  12. I know I can't answer for my self, what I'm liable to do if they bother me; and I'm about the mildest one in the bunch.

  13. There's a carload of--" He pulled in his head hurriedly and laid supple fingers on the telegraph key to answer a call, and the Happy Family moved down to the other end of the platform where there was more shade.

  14. Andy seemed to have thought it all out, and to have an answer for every objection.

  15. I imagined that this answer did not perfectly satisfy her; yet she received it with a certain air of acquiescence.

  16. At length she said, "Your language is so singular, that I am at a loss how to answer it.

  17. I might be thankful that he did not answer such a petition with a horse-whipping.

  18. In answer to his eager interrogations, I related what I knew.

  19. Tom is my brother, but who can be supposed to answer for a brother's integrity?

  20. I stayed not to answer or parley, but hurried forward.

  21. I urged him in the most vehement terms to remount his horse and to fly; I endeavoured to preclude all inquiries respecting myself or Wallace; promising to follow him immediately, and answer all his questions at Malverton.

  22. In answer to this question, I stated by what singular means his situation had been made known to me, and the purpose from the accomplishment of which I had just returned.

  23. In answer to my question, she answered that both her parents were sick, and that they could receive no one.

  24. In answer to my eager interrogations, he could give no other information than that she had been captured by the British.

  25. I cannot answer you, except in one respect.

  26. I will answer you," said he, with candour.

  27. Nay," said he, in answer to my excuses, "there is no need to be ashamed of thy emotion.

  28. Compassion would take the place of rage, and the belief be revived that remonstrances and arguments would answer his purpose.

  29. Your men did that when I would not answer to their knocks, and they stole my fowls.

  30. At Manana, four miles east of Lichtenberg, one of their officers, Lieutenant White, was thus treacherously shot while going to answer the white flag displayed by the Boers.

  31. The pieces thrown away by the tinman, if the corners were taken off, would answer every purpose.

  32. Dear Sir, "In answer to your inquiries, I have to say, that within my knowledge, little or nothing has as yet been accomplished for the Gipsies.

  33. The author will finally conclude by observing, that England will have a great deal to answer for in reference to the Gipsies of past generations.

  34. The average student of history cannot answer this question.

  35. What hope of answer or redress, Behind the vail, behind the vail!

  36. I know of nothing which will answer for a substitute.

  37. It will answer for all grade work and may be used for spraying, dipping, pouring, or painting, with absolute safety.

  38. With side brackets and removable shelves it should answer all purposes.

  39. The answer to the first of these three queries should now be obvious enough.

  40. These are questions which we are unable to answer at present because the necessary information is lacking.

  41. Farmer Blaize now had to answer him plainly, he had a reason and an objection of his own.

  42. And the youth seemed to answer to it; he was excited.

  43. He hinted the necessity for inward consolation to his master, who could answer nothing but "Tom!

  44. I think, Richard, you can best answer that," rejoined Sir Austin, kindly severe.

  45. He laughed oddly, and made a random answer that he hoped the fellow would drive fast.

  46. Richard smiled at the feeble glimmer of enjoyment promised by his uncle's eyes, and said he thought it better they should stay where they were--an answer that might mean anything.

  47. His greeting to them was cheery and hearty, and in answer to his enquiry: "How are you getting on?

  48. He then, in a mild tone and polite manner, informed the agent that he would consult his chiefs, and would return an answer to his speech to-morrow.

  49. Answer was returned that he was engaged with his chiefs and warriors at a medicine feast, and could not, therefore, come out to meet us.

  50. Again there was an almost imperceptible hesitation before the answer came.

  51. For answer he impetuously swept the offending linen into the nearest chair and drew the girl into his arms.

  52. For the time being she took Bertram's evasive answer as he so evidently wished it to be taken; but that evening, after he had gone, she wrote him a little note and broke the engagement.

  53. Before I could even choke out an answer he was gone.

  54. For answer Alice Greggory walked deliberately to the door and held it open.

  55. Billy had her answer before the man spoke.

  56. John did not answer apparently; but Billy was sure she caught a low-muttered, indignant "much!

  57. All right; then tell Billy, please, to see that it is sharp, or I won't answer for the consequences.

  58. For answer he simply handed her the paper.

  59. The town's been full of 'em since noon yesterday," said a yardman to Ben, in answer to his question.

  60. He had learned to respect him quite as much as he jealously feared, and Nolan's answer took him utterly aback: "You do as he tells you and do it quick.

  61. There was no answer when Mrs. Graham called.

  62. Looks like it," was Cullin's short answer as once more he climbed to his station.

  63. Obediently Geordie put the question, but no answer came.

  64. When can an Irish servant answer two questions at the same time?

  65. Now when you have the answer found, Name it to others too; My whole is just the very thing, In telling them, you'll do.

  66. The older man did not answer at once, and Lawrence, feeling as if he had no right to listen, moved slowly backward till he touched the table.

  67. He was about to answer freely, when he suddenly recalled the varied assortment of men who had been trailing Barry of late, and paused.

  68. The only answer was an inarticulate grunt.

  69. The answer came on the very heels of the unspoken question.

  70. He did not wish her to labor an hour longer than was absolutely necessary under the impression that his failure to call in answer to her letter was due to any possible lack of interest on his part.

  71. The grand duke did not answer at once, and, when finally he spoke, there was a hopeless undercurrent in his voice which showed clearly that he had little hope of his argument meeting with success.

  72. Try as he would, Barry could find no answer to the questions.

  73. Hugh was requested not to answer any inquiries which that bad man might venture to make, relating to her husband or to herself.

  74. Her answer was ready on the instant: "Ah, I didn't know him then as well as I know him now!

  75. Mind your own business," was the savage answer that she received.

  76. The answer given, with an appearance of confusion and even of shame, was that there was no need to feel anxiety on the subject of Mr. Henley's illness.

  77. In the meantime, I may answer your inquiry relating to the name communicated in your letter.

  78. If she wrote to Mrs. Vimpany at once she could get an answer in five days.

  79. Poor, dear Arthur Mountjoy once told me of a foreign author, who was in great doubt of the right answer to some tough question that troubled him.

  80. Questions were asked, which it was impossible for her to answer truthfully.

  81. He who would answer that question would be a wise man indeed.

  82. Let time answer the question; for the present the evil day is put off.

  83. What the tone of the Earl's inhuman answer had been in the past time, that it was again now.

  84. If he missed the tree, the answer would be--No.

  85. Up to the present moment no answer has been received from Lady Harry.

  86. If he hit the tree, the answer would be--Yes.

  87. And out of the lull, as if in answer to the woman's question, there came a loud cry--the shriek of a man in deadly peril.

  88. He was puzzling out an answer to a riddle.

  89. His questions were direct and to the point, and usually the men would answer them freely, for they felt that what they said would go no farther.

  90. Toothpick was about to answer when he saw Ace Cutts and three other riders were closely watching him.

  91. The twins made no answer to this request.

  92. He sighed with relief when he saw the diminutive outlaw trooping toward the cookhouse with the other riders to answer the supper call.

  93. The judge knew the answer even before he asked the question.

  94. With no effort upon her part she would be able to learn the answer to many of the questions which had plagued her.

  95. Before Penny could reply the telephone rang and the housekeeper went to answer it.

  96. The attendant shot her a peculiar glance and gave an answer which was equally strange.

  97. Penny did not believe that Francine knew the answer either.

  98. You may as well answer up," said the sheriff.

  99. While it might mean nothing at all, she could not shake off a feeling that if once she were able to get inside the room she might learn the answer to some of her questions.

  100. The old man could not answer so she had no way of knowing whether or not he heard her words.

  101. In a few minutes his answer came, typed out from some distant station.

  102. Penny, although she thought she knew the answer to her question.

  103. It seemed to Penny that the answer to her many questions might lie, not in the Green Room as she had supposed, but close at hand in Number 27.

  104. I think the cry came from over yonder," said Jack, in answer to the latter question.

  105. I think I can answer that," replied Jack.

  106. And don't you forget to answer every letter.

  107. And, although she did not answer to this, she gave him a bright look that lingered in his memory for many a day afterward.

  108. King's answer granting the royal pardon, occur in the Correspondence published by General Sir John Murray, in 1829.

  109. Here I met and afterwards bought the answer to General Monk's letter, which is a very good one, and I keep it by me.

  110. I came to her again and went with her to her lodging and from thence to Mr. Crew's, where I advised with him what to do about my Lord's lodgings and what answer to give to Sir Ant.

  111. This I desire you to communicate with Sir William Coventry and Mr. Garroway to be delivered as my answer to the House of Commons, it being the same I gave you this morning.

  112. From thence by coach upon the desire of the principal officers to a Master of Chancery to give Mr. Stowell his oath, whereby he do answer that he did hear Phineas Pett say very high words against the King a great while ago.

  113. Cooper and did give him some answer from my Lord and he did give us leave to keep the lodgings still.

  114. Taylor began a discourse of something that he had lately writ about Gavelkind in answer to one that had wrote a piece upon the same subject; and indeed discovered a great deal of study in antiquity in his discourse.

  115. And if he chooses to answer to that name--After all, I am not the keeper of his conscience.

  116. His answer surprised her; he burst out, "The villain!

  117. The answer had been so long on the road he hadn't an idea what it was an answer to.

  118. Then he turned gravely to Margaret: "Wilt answer me a question, my pretty mistress?

  119. He said something to me, but I was so fluttered I could not answer him.

  120. I will answer for his ability; he saved my child.

  121. Came to him at dinner-time a summons to the episcopal palace, to bring the parish books and answer certain charges.

  122. Strike at his head," said she, "for he weareth a privy coat of mail; and if he goes hence alive your own heads shall answer it.

  123. Prithee now think on a parent's cares, and answer me straightforward, like a soldier as thou art.

  124. The recreant nun seemed struck and affected by this answer Clement now reminded her how shocked she had been that the Virgin should be robbed of her chain.

  125. Wherefore, get you a long letter written, and copy out this pardon into it, and I'll answer for the messenger.

  126. She said I was as keen as keen; but it became not me to put riddles to her, nor her to answer them.

  127. Gerard stole not the trash; he but took it to spite the burgomaster, who stole his liberty; but he shall answer to the Duke for it, he shall.

  128. Before any answer could be given, Junot interfered, asking the bankers whether they knew who he was.

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