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Example sentences for "subvert"

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  1. Bands of brigands unite to subvert a country, place it under tribute, seize its lands, enslave its inhabitants.

  2. Yet the system of measures established by these acts of Congress does totally subvert and destroy the form as well as the substance of republican government in the ten States to which they apply.

  3. We believe that if we hold resolutely to this course, the principle of international cooperation will eventually command the approval even of those nations which are now seeking to weaken or subvert it.

  4. Temple, on the other hand, thought, that the restraints were so rigorous as even to subvert the constitution; and that shackles put upon a Popish successor would not afterwards be easily cast off by a Protestant.

  5. To the Jesuits of Paris Radisson presented himself as a good Catholic seeking to subvert the designs of the heretic English.

  6. There can be no secrecy about its intention, which is to subvert and subjugate the whole northern Country to its sway.

  7. Suppose an attempt to subvert this Government, would not the traitor first aim, by force or corruption, to acquire the treasure of this company?

  8. The geologist, after investigating the secrets of the earth, triumphantly tells us that he has accumulated an overwhelming mass of facts to refute the biblical cosmogony, and thus subvert the authority of the inspired record.

  9. They who have tried to subvert society and families, to destroy authority, divine and human, have spared no pains to infect and corrupt youth, hoping thus the more easily to execute their infamous projects.

  10. In 1822 another attempt was made to subvert the constitution.

  11. I have conversed with many sovereigns and princes of Europe, and they have unanimously expressed their opinion relative to the government of the United States, and their determination to subvert it.

  12. The politicians and intense Catholics regarded it as necessary, both to preserve the church and in order to suppress those seditious spirits, who, under color of religion, aimed to alter or subvert the government.

  13. On its crest I see approaching forces strong enough to subvert the Constitution, not only in the South but in the North--forces strong enough to uprear on its ruins the vast fabric of plutocratic empire and despotism.

  14. They are not less eloquent of great dangers which now threaten to subvert free institutions in the Republic.

  15. But necessity, and indeed, it must be confessed, the general feeling of the people, consigned the execution of those measures to him who was to subvert the Republic.

  16. He was assured how vain it would be to think of superseding him, and that it would be better to flatter him with the hope of helping to subvert the constitution and raising up a new one.

  17. He found and secured a pivot for that immense lever, by which, with potent arm, he means to subvert your civil and political institutions.

  18. Not because they are described in the constitution, but because they are crimes against the United States--because laws against them are necessary to carry other laws into effect; because they tend to subvert the constitution.

  19. English king had taken up the defence of the Church because in attacking the Pope the German reformer had tried to subvert the order established by God Himself.

  20. Nothing can have a more glaring tendency to subvert the authority of my opinion among my fellow-men, than instability.

  21. As it depends for its authority upon an example, or a number of examples, so examples of a contrary nature may continually come in, to weaken its force, or utterly to subvert it.

  22. No man who is not prepared to subvert the Constitution, destroy the Government, and resolve society into its original elements, can justify such an act.

  23. Its direct tendency they said, was, by taxing the colonists without their consent, and by extending the jurisdiction of courts of admiralty, to subvert their rights and liberties.

  24. The members of the assembly, thus supported by the people, resolved to subvert the power of the proprietors.

  25. For this will of itself subvert every government, and will subject us to the vile tyranny of a profligate mob.

  26. There are besides these scores of other devices in vogue among railroad managers to subvert the principles of the common law.

  27. It is doubtful whether any contrivance connected with railroad management ever threatened to subvert long-established principles of the common law more completely than this.

  28. To allow any exceptions to this fundamental rule is to subvert the principle upon which free institutions depend and substitute arbitrary caprice for equality of right.

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