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  1. They have been compared with the data of experience, it has been seen how it was necessary to modify their enunciation to adapt them to these data; thereby they have been extended and consolidated.

  2. Is it simply that the things which seem to us beautiful are those which best adapt themselves to our intelligence, and that consequently they are at the same time the implement this intelligence knows best how to use?

  3. If arithmetic had remained free from all admixture of geometry, it would have known only the whole number; it is to adapt itself to the needs of geometry that it invented anything else.

  4. This reasoning being short, we see at a single glance all its parts, so that we immediately perceive what must be changed to adapt it to all the problems of the same nature which can occur.

  5. All such lesson material, which seeks to adapt the material to the needs of the child as he progresses year by year from infancy to adulthood, is infinitely superior to any form of ungraded material.

  6. Then adapt the subject matter we teach to the mind, interests, and needs of those we teach.

  7. The Graded Lessons, which seek to adapt the topics and subject matter to the age and needs of the child, and which therefore present different material for the various grades or divisions of the school.

  8. He has acquaintance with a considerable number of people, and has learned to adapt himself to their ways.

  9. The teacher, of course, will need to adapt the application of such principles as those we have been discussing to the age and the needs of his pupils.

  10. How can this material best be organized, or arranged, to adapt it to the child in his learning?

  11. The organization of this material must adapt it to the mind and needs of the child.

  12. Granting that he is already familiar with the work in a general way, and that he is intelligent and resourceful, he ought to be able to adapt himself without a great deal of instruction from above.

  13. He likes to know how the people who have had time to make an art of dining do it and to adapt his ways to theirs whenever he can.

  14. Instead of suffering Christianity to be a dead weight upon society, he would adapt it to the wants of the masses.

  15. Its essence and origin would not be divine if it did not adapt itself to all the different forms of human institutions.

  16. Its immediate origin was the attempt of Professor Van Heusde to modernize Platonism and adapt it to the nineteenth century.

  17. In architecture, this art makes it a principle that palaces and temples should not dominate a landscape but fit into it and adapt their lines to its features.

  18. But they seem unproductive and petrified, even in such matters as literature and scholarship, and their inability to adapt themselves to changing conditions threatens them with impoverishment and deterioration.

  19. The massive severity of the central arches lends an air of great impressiveness to the whole interior, though the peculiar position of the pulpit indicates how difficult it has been to adapt the building to congregational purposes.

  20. The subject was new, and full of especial attractions to his genius, and it would manifestly have been impossible to adapt it to an American setting.

  21. We should adapt ourselves more to the tastes, habits, and dispositions of our friends.

  22. Being honest, still adapt yourselves to new people as you would to new scenes: talk with the Englishman on such subjects as he prefers.

  23. Attempts have been made to adapt sectional boilers to marine engines; but very little progress has yet been made in their introduction.

  24. These advantages adapt the rotary engine, in an especial manner, to the driving of a locomotive or steam fire-engine.

  25. Suppose one inventor to adapt the engine to the use of steam of a range from 500 deg.

  26. And now, sir, pray adapt yourself to our humble mode of living, and remember that our home is your home while you remain with us.

  27. Ready at all times to adapt himself to circumstances, if he chance to get in arrears to his landlady, he will square the account by marrying either herself or her daughter.

  28. Then again be careful to adapt your questions well.

  29. That the conductor shall adapt his questions to each individual, and ask those questions with real courtesy and consideration.

  30. The reply may be--"To do this, and at the same time to adapt all the services to all the various ages and classes, is a very difficult matter.

  31. Other skeptics questioned if the Irish temperament which was well suited to dashing charges would adapt itself to the matter-of-fact necessities of the Somme fighting.

  32. The same influences which rapidly adapt the individual to his society, ensure, though by a slower process, the general uniformity of a national character.

  33. But Laplace's habits had been formed in the study, and he was too old to adapt them to the purposes of practical life.

  34. It would be entirely practicable to do that, because the National Government would control the School System, and would control the System of Life of the community and adapt it to the Homecroft Reserve System.

  35. To adapt it to the Swiss system of universal military training in the public schools will require a propaganda to educate public sentiment that will necessitate years of patient work.

  36. Thus it is that he should adapt and arrange everything in such a way that souls may be saved and that the brethren may do their work without just cause for murmuring.

  37. Thus he must adjust and adapt himself to all in such a way that he may not only suffer no loss in the flock committed to his care, but may even rejoice in the increase of a good flock.

  38. In fact, the negroes are our fellows and our equals much more than we imagine; they adapt themselves better than the Indians to our civilization.

  39. They killed out the archaic mind in France, a mind too rigid to adapt itself to a changing environment.

  40. When this movement is so rapid that men cannot adapt themselves to it, we call the phenomenon a revolution, and it is with revolutions that I now have to do.

  41. She found it difficult to adapt herself to the customs of civilized life and suffered many fits of sickness.

  42. The members of a plant community adapt themselves to one another as all living things adapt themselves to their environment, but there is no conflict between them because they are not conscious.

  43. Was always restless, could not adapt himself to civilized life, and died untamed.

  44. Communities of this type are not organized to resist or adapt themselves as communities to changes in the environment.

  45. She presented her back to Thorpe, who was clumsily endeavouring to adapt himself to her mood.

  46. I couldn't adapt myself to them if I wanted to--which I don't.

  47. So if you can not adapt your dress and manners to the company in which you find yourself, the sooner you take your leave the better.

  48. But surely underneath there was a definite entity, which did not chop and change and adapt itself, but remained Joan?

  49. He had recently presented his daughter with a low, comfortable phaeton of the sort which, as he explained, the gentlewomen of his day were accustomed to drive; and Pegasus was learning to adapt herself demurely to the role of a family horse.

  50. The senses, strongly affected in some one manner, cannot quickly change their tenor, or adapt themselves to other things; but they continue in their old channel until the strength of the first mover decays.

  51. He has, hitherto, legitimately feared that the attempt to adapt his morality to that of nature would risk the destruction of what was her masterpiece.

  52. We have seen with what skill the bees are able to adapt to their needs the occasionally disconcerting dwellings into which they are introduced, and the surprising adroitness wherewith they turn combs of foundation-wax to good account.

  53. But the ambassador was not slow in discovering that instead of having to defend an ill-used and discontented wife, as perhaps he had expected, he must adapt his diplomacy to the requirements of a happy married couple.

  54. Married as a mere child to an apathetic boy, she neither knew how to win his love nor how to adapt herself to the requirements of her position.

  55. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "adapt" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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