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Example sentences for "assimilate"

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  1. Among the Romans no scientists arose to assimilate the results of the work of the Greeks, and sound ideas as to the form of the universe were rare even in the most intelligent circles.

  2. Can the intellect assimilate a simple idea more easily than a complex idea?

  3. The justification for this Method is found in the Psychological maxim that the intellect can assimilate a simple idea more easily than a complex idea, and a few ideas at a time than many ideas.

  4. It is sobering to remember, however, that he was one of those who could not assimilate Harvey's discovery of the circulation of the blood, which Descartes at once adopted and propounded.

  5. Implicite beleevers, ignorant beleevers, the adversary may swallow, but the understanding beleever hee must chaw, and pick bones before hee come to assimilate him, and make him like himself.

  6. Would not the tomb, as it were, be very apt to prey upon him, to snatch him up and assimilate him?

  7. In a treatise entitled "Jerubbaal, or a Word Concerning the Jews," Tugenhold contends that the Jews have already begun to assimilate themselves to Polish culture.

  8. The Venetian could to some extent modify and assimilate his Greek subjects; the Turk could modify or assimilate none but actual renegades.

  9. The effort to assimilate the individual with the universal law is popularly known as the practice of morality.

  10. Different men will assimilate the philosophy to be unfolded in different ways: for some it will be too iconoclastic altogether, and its further pursuit, after a certain point is reached, unwelcome.

  11. Each sex has the right to look upon the world and assimilate it according to its nature.

  12. In the consideration of nutritive value, the personal factor enters, for some persons assimilate food much more easily or completely than others.

  13. The nutritive value of milk is high in proportion to the effort required to digest and assimilate it.

  14. Many years are required to thoroughly assimilate the spirit of our institutions and life.

  15. To assimilate and Christianize these multitudes is one of the supreme tests of the reality of our faith and the vitality of our national life.

  16. And the test of fitness is the power to assimilate and promote moral and intellectual truth, and so to satisfy the whole man.

  17. We were writing as for Christians, but as for Christians perplexed by new knowledge which they are required to assimilate and new problems with which they are required to deal.

  18. We may have to acknowledge that the reason is not able to follow the idea of Karma through all its phases, nor yet to assimilate the various postulates which it demands.

  19. Contemplation and a strong desire to assimilate the blessed Gods, will enable him to do so.

  20. Yet one need not be an ascetic to assimilate spiritual life which will extend to the hereafter.

  21. The operations of nature, to his thinking, were carried on by mythical personages very like himself; and if he could only assimilate himself to them completely he would be able to wield all their powers.

  22. The upper part of her face was painted red and the lower part yellow, probably to assimilate her to the ruddy and orange hues of the ripe maize.

  23. This perpetual reserve, this unwillingness to assimilate himself to others, may have been necessary for the perfection of his art.

  24. What men need is, as much knowledge as they can assimilate and organise into a basis for action; give them more and it may become injurious.

  25. At anybody who can assimilate simple ideas plainly expressed," declared the other positively.

  26. But the mental effort necessary to enable the spectator, listener, or reader to assimilate the new information contained in the work, or to guess the puzzles propounded, by distracting him, hinders the infection.

  27. A man has but to assimilate this life-conception and he will be set free, as a matter of course, from the fetters that now restrain him, and feel free as a bird who spreads his wings and flies over the wall that has kept him a prisoner.

  28. We know that by constant common action a social group develops a common spirit and common standards of action, which then assimilate and standardize the actions of its members.

  29. A group is needed, organized on Christian principles, and expressing the Christian spirit, which will assimilate the individual and gradually make him over into a citizen of the Kingdom of God.

  30. In what way could they help to assimilate immigrants and to prevent the formation of several communities in the same section, overlapping, alien, and perhaps hostile?

  31. In point of scenery, however, it is greatly inferior to that of Trincomalee, to which the absence of cultivated land, and the want of human habitations, assimilate it in other respects.

  32. They probably derive it from the air itself, or perhaps they decompose atmospheric air, and assimilate its elements.

  33. They were entirely out of sympathy with the original race and its ideas, and did not assimilate their religion and adopt their practices as had the Gaels.

  34. Education seeks to assimilate its object——to make what was alien and strange to the pupil into something familiar and habitual to him.

  35. Equally false is the idea that health depends upon the quantity and excellence of the food; without the force to assimilate it, it acts fatally rather than stimulatingly.

  36. Circumcision was made the token of the national unity, but the nation may assimilate members to itself from other nations through this rite.

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