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Example sentences for "assimilates"

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  1. Like a living being, an osmotic growth absorbs nutriment from the medium in which it grows, and this nutriment it assimilates and organizes.

  2. It is this vital unit that assimilates or aggregates protoplasmic matter into the morphological cell, or the initial organism in a vital structure, or an approach towards structural form.

  3. It grows rather than spins; it builds up tissue, rather than weaves it into warp and woof; it assimilates nutritive matter rather than plies a loom in any conceivable sense in which we may view that industrial machine.

  4. We find in human races, as in vegetation, that every successive level alters its character; thus indicating that the state of the temperature of high regions assimilates to high latitudes.

  5. In some respects the Australian peculiarly assimilates to two of the five varieties of the human race.

  6. But of what nature is this matter which the animal or vegetable assimilates with its own substance?

  7. Its commanding stature gives it a wide horizon; and its dim, pale, bluish-grey colour assimilates to that of the haze, and renders it invisible at even a moderate distance.

  8. In a majority of cases, however, the colour is undoubtedly protective, the brown hue being of a shade that assimilates very closely to the surroundings.

  9. Their business (like that of all leaves) is to catch and eat carbonic acid, which the sunlight assimilates for them.

  10. On one or two occasions the insect was detected reposing, and it could then be seen how completely it assimilates itself to the surrounding leaves.

  11. In this case the nourishment no longer assimilates entirely to the form of the animal, but the animal assimilates in part to the form of the nourishment, as is seen in the horns of the stag and the tail of the beaver.

  12. Yet these works revealed one trait, which assimilates them, in character, with others, of kindred stamp, in the west.

  13. This nearly assimilates it to the results among Europeans, leaving 8 years excess.

  14. A rim of cedar wood at the bottom, assimilates these birch bark sheets to the roller of a map, to which in stormy weather a stone is attached to hold it firm.

  15. The Reptile Life seizes upon another germinal speck, assimilates surrounding matter, and fashions it into a reptile.

  16. The quickening Life seizes upon the soul, assimilates surrounding elements, and begins to fashion it.

  17. Life merely enters into already existing matter, assimilates more of the same sort and re-builds it.

  18. No observer of nature can have failed to remark how the least movement on the part of an animal will betray its whereabouts, even though in colouring it assimilates very closely to the environment.

  19. It is obvious that, other things being equal, the more closely the creature preyed upon assimilates to its surroundings the more likely is it to escape the observation of its foes, and so to survive and give birth to offspring.

  20. Their sandy or chestnut colouring assimilates them to the horse, and separates them widely from the African wild asses, which are grey.

  21. It is the process by which every part of the body assimilates portions of the blood distributed to it.

  22. Each of the granules composing the nucleus assimilates nourishment, thereby growing into an independent cell, which possesses a triple organization similar to that of its parent, and in like manner reproduces other cells.

  23. The body assimilates only that which is like it; and so a man retains in his mind only that which interests him, in other words, that which suits his system of thought or his purposes in life.

  24. A vine bears fruit because it assimilates the natural elements which are furnished it by the Providence of God through earth and air and water, and works them into the fruit which is the end, the meaning of its existence.

  25. Is there any new and original principle that assimilates the heterogeneous elements and constitutes a new law?

  26. The manifold new and varied elements entering into its composition were being developed on all sides; but the synthetic power which unites and assimilates could never be attained by the Italian Commune.

  27. Palmer always takes nature for his model, and then assimilates it to that ideal beauty which dwells in his imagination and sheds a spiritual halo over the creation of his chisel.

  28. It includes and assimilates diverse data: but it excludes that which will destroy it: That, acceptably, the telegraph wires were alongside the track beyond, as well as leading to Linville.

  29. He assimilates the reported fall with his impressions of objects in the ground, in the first place.

  30. Anything that assimilates with one explanation, must have assimilable relations, to some degree, with all other explanations, if all explanations are somewhere continuous.

  31. These elements it assimilates into and makes a part of itself.

  32. Those who incline to this doctrine take issue with the materialist, who assimilates mental phenomena to physical; and they oppose the idealist, who assimilates physical phenomena to mental, and calls material things "ideas.

  33. He digests and assimilates his experiences and the gist is stored in the causal body and its growth includes an actual increase in size, just as in the case of the child's physical body.

  34. In the interval between incarnations it so assimilates the experiences of the last physical life that it comes to rebirth with added abilities which enable it to take higher and more difficult lessons than it could previously master.

  35. It then digests and assimilates it, the subjective activity.

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