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Example sentences for "edit"

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edifying; ediles; edilie; edin; eding; edita; edited; editing; editio; edition
  1. It would be well if some competent man would write a life of Maitland, or at least edit his papers.

  2. The true function of art is to criticise, embellish and edit nature--particularly to edit it, and so make it coherent and lovely.

  3. Never was there illusion more cruel than that which this clause caused people," says Benoit, in his Histoire de l'Edit de Nantes.

  4. If I'll make striking phrases for it and edit it, too, he'll give me four thousand dollars.

  5. And the long and short of it is, Isabel, that he wants me to help edit it.

  6. March smiled and said, dryly, "Those are the numbers that Mr. Fulkerson is going to edit himself.

  7. I know one fellow--a Bohemian--that used to edit a Bohemian newspaper here.

  8. I consented to edit it for half ownership, for I had an idea.

  9. Kossuth now obtained permission to edit a political daily paper.

  10. The author refused to edit a third edition, and the bookseller had the necessary alterations made for himself.

  11. A, one of the plaintiffs, agreed with the defendants that he would edit the work.

  12. Note: "In truth the object and the sensation are the same thing, and cannot therefore be abstracted from each other--Edit 1710.

  13. Krochmal commissioned his children to hand over his papers to Zunz, who was to arrange and edit them as best he might.

  14. And even Hebrew literature does not find that support from the public which would enable scholars to edit Jewish books in such a way as Roman and Greek classics are prepared by Oxford and Cambridge students.

  15. Like their spiritual ancestors the Essenes, the Nazarenes protested that the Law was overlaid with inventions of a later date; these Jesus came to efface, that he might re-edit the Law in its ancient integrity.

  16. Ebionitism saw in Jesus the Son of David, come to re-edit the Law, to provide it with new sanction, after he had winnowed the chaff from the wheat in it.

  17. Every fool thinks he can edit or sub-edit a paper, but the proprietors are not of their mind.

  18. That the propositions we have endeavored to establish have a direct bearing in various ways upon the qualifications of whoever undertakes to edit the works of Shakspeare will, we think, be apparent to those who consider the matter.

  19. That Shakspeare did not edit his own works must be attributed, we suspect, to his premature death.

  20. As the work proceeded several of the most energetic and most competent workers undertook to sub-edit the materials already collected, each one taking a separate letter of the alphabet.

  21. Some foolish and bigoted people who edit newspapers, are complaining that Miss Anthony's proceedings are highly improper, inasmuch as they are intended to influence the decision of a cause pending in the courts.

  22. A small hand was able to discharge a musket, guide an engine, or edit a paper as well as a large one.

  23. Page could edit a magazine and turn a shipwrecked enterprise into a profitable one; but, in a tussle of this kind, he was no match for the shrewd business men who owned the property.

  24. This little company of scholars was composed of men who aspired to no ordinary knowledge of Greek; they expected to devote their entire lives to the subject, to edit Greek texts, and to hold Greek chairs at the leading American universities.

  25. This left him leisure to edit a number of literary works, such as the editions of Swift, Dryden and Sir Tristan.

  26. I tell you I have been in the editorial business going on fourteen years, and it is the first time I ever heard of a man's having to know anything in order to edit a newspaper.

  27. Who edit the agricultural papers, you--yam?

  28. Why, what put it into your head that you could edit a paper of this nature?

  29. If his author is not worthy to be mentioned, do not edit at all: if he be, edit honestly, and even flatteringly.

  30. Some foolish and bigoted people who edit newspapers are complaining that Miss Anthony's proceedings are highly improper, inasmuch as they are intended to influence the decision of a cause pending in the courts.

  31. After Porson's death (1808) Dobree was commissioned with Monk and Blomfield to edit his literary remains, which had been bequeathed to Trinity College.

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