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  1. There are a number of words which we abbreviate or contract, in our every-day use.

  2. We quite often abbreviate the names of the months, especially those which have long names.

  3. In correspondence or in any circumstance that demands the saving of time or space, we abbreviate the names of states and territories, as follows: Alabama, Ala.

  4. Where the snowfall accumulates to a great thickness, especially where it lodges in forests, the influence of the icy covering is somewhat to protract the winter and thus to abbreviate the growing season.

  5. Those who endeavour to abbreviate our conception of geologic time by supposing that in the olden days the order of events was other than that we now behold are going counter to the best traditions of the science.

  6. Do not abbreviate the names of political parties except in election returns, then: Dem.

  7. Abbreviate names of months when preceding date only when the month contains more than five letters: Jan.

  8. Do not abbreviate Fort and Mount: Fort Wayne, Mount Vernon.

  9. Do not abbreviate Oregon, Iowa, Ohio, Utah, Alaska, or Texas.

  10. Abbreviate the names of months which have more than five letters.

  11. Abbreviations:= Abbreviate the following titles and no others, when they precede a name: Rev.

  12. The saltness of sea water increases its density, and at the same time its buoyancy, thus adapting it for bearing ships and other burdens on its bosom; moreover, to abbreviate slightly Dr.

  13. There are still physicians who think they can abort a threatened pneumonia or abbreviate typhoid fever, but they are not those who know most about the science of medicine.

  14. I have known lords to abbreviate almost half of their words.

  15. The Apostrophe, placed above the line, thus ', is used to abbreviate or shorten words.

  16. To abbreviate expression, we not unfrequently, in this manner, convert adjectives into nouns.

  17. An Apostrophe, marked thus ' is used to abbreviate or shorten a word.

  18. I have known Lords abbreviate almost the half of their words.

  19. Do not abbreviate first names except in reproducing signatures, as, Wm.

  20. Abbreviate number when followed by numerals, as No.

  21. Do not abbreviate street, avenue, boulevard, place or other designation of a thoroughfare.

  22. Abbreviate clock time when immediately connected with figures to a.

  23. Abbreviate senior and junior with commas on each side, as John Jones, Jr.

  24. Abbreviate saint and saints in proper names, as St. Louis, Sault Ste.

  25. Do not abbreviate names of cities, as Kazoo, Frisco, St. Joe.

  26. In all letters of this sort they always abbreviate some words; it looks more business-like.

  27. I mean, in a business letter like this they always abbreviate some words.

  28. I have been compelled to abbreviate the translator's version and occasionally to vary the expressions, and have therefore felt it right to omit inverted commas.

  29. Hazlitt, but I have been compelled to abbreviate the extracts.

  30. I have felt compelled to abbreviate nearly all my quotations, and therefore occasionally to alter the phraseology.

  31. Nothing can be added to it, and it would be impossible to abbreviate it.

  32. But he has described the affair so well himself that it would be useless to try to abbreviate it.

  33. Do not abbreviate United States except: (a) in immediate connection with the name of an officer in the army or navy.

  34. Abbreviate the common designations of weights and measures in the metric system, as well as other symbols of measurement in common use when following a numeral; 1 m.

  35. Do not abbreviate the names of towns and cities, and avoid abbreviation of the names of states, except when they follow town and city names.

  36. In compound names, as North Dakota and West Virginia, do not abbreviate one part of the compound and write out the other.

  37. Either abbreviate both or write out both.

  38. Sometimes it is necessary to abbreviate a word by leaving out several letters.

  39. Don't abbreviate the signature as: Y'rs Resp'fly and always make your sex obvious.

  40. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "abbreviate" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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