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Example sentences for "expunge"

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expropriating; expropriation; expulsion; expulsions; expulsive; expunged; expunging; expurgate; expurgated; expurgation
  1. He repeated it: forty-seven whigs formed a coalition with the democrats to expunge all the remains of the extra session which existed.

  2. He recoiled from the disturbance of the Missouri compromise: they expunge it.

  3. Expunge the whole, or lop the excrescent parts.

  4. Expunge the whole, or lip the excrescent parts.

  5. They repeated their desire to see the letter before it was closed, in order to expunge improper words; and insisted on the necessity of their so doing.

  6. It would be a saving to expunge them and no change would be necessary, except the introduction of such a litanical petition and suffrage with the Services for Deacons and Priests, as already exists in the Service for Bishops.

  7. The prevailing purpose seems to have been to expunge all obsolete words and phrases while dealing tenderly with obsolescent ones.

  8. Justice, money, time, or angels' tears can never expunge the wrong.

  9. This act is the darkest spot upon the proud escutcheon of the Continental Congress--an act that I would gladly "expunge from the record.

  10. And if a vote of expulsion should be agreed upon, he would afterwards move to expunge from the journals all the entries relative to these disgraceful proceedings.

  11. On motion to expunge the whole of the second section reported by the committee, in the words following: "SEC.

  12. In his opinion it was but right, if the debtor States did not dispute the validity of the debts due to the creditor States, that they should agree to expunge the claims against the debtor States.

  13. Martin Luther also took great pains to expunge the word you from the station which it occupied, and to put thou in its place.

  14. The motion to expunge them from the minutes was lost.

  15. An order to expunge or vary will not be made without definite proof that the existing entry is erroneous, and that the proposed entry in lieu thereof is correct.

  16. Archbishop of Canterbury, with a request that, if he found any objectionable passages, he would do him the favour to expunge them.

  17. The transport of Eustace, at such a proof of confidence, may be readily conceived, and he now felt assured that he should expunge all the stains on his reputation.

  18. We must also expunge the verse, which tells us how Pluto feared, 'Lest the mansions grim and squalid which the gods abhor should be seen both of mortals and immortals.

  19. And, upon this awful possibility, he began applying the said fateful pencil with dire force to expunge the offending lines.

  20. And we will expunge his name from 'the green book,' that he receive no more invitations to meetings.

  21. With the power of either house of Congress to expunge from its records, he pointed out that the President could have no concern.

  22. Did he believe it constitutional to expunge from the records of a house of Congress any of its proceedings?

  23. It certainly takes omnipotent power to expunge impurity from the mind.

  24. Physicians tell us that every particle of the body changes in a very few years; but no chemistry, human or divine, can entirely expunge from the mind a bad picture.

  25. I either soften or expunge many villainous seditious Whig strokes which had crept into it.

  26. At the moment that this resolve was adopted, I gave notice of my intention to move to expunge it; and then expressed my confident belief that the motion would eventually prevail.

  27. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "expunge" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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