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Example sentences for "efface"

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efecto; efektive; efen; efer; efery; effaced; effacement; effacer; effaces; effacing
  1. With it, the old litanies must sink to sleep; the more Christian of to-day efface the most Christian of yesterday.

  2. Louis Napoleon ordered the destruction of this venerable monument of antiquity, and did much else to efface the landmarks of the ancient Paris, and to give his elegant capital the air of a city entirely modern.

  3. The proof that was not upon himself was upon Lionel; but time would efface it, and if anon publication were made of what he was now about to show, it would then be too late to look elsewhere.

  4. I am sensible of the liberty I have taken in making this request; but I am sensible, whether you comply with it or not, you will pity the distress that suggests it; your humanity will drop a tear on the fault, and efface it.

  5. She could not with any grace do anything for Margaret now to efface the memories of the first part of her visit, and the Parkes must blame her doubly for the neglect which had allowed this engagement to take place.

  6. And then he was remembering with affright into how much slang he had lapsed in the course of his tale, and was racking his brains for some particularly proper farewell speech which should efface the recollection of it.

  7. There are such bold colors in the picture of Herodotus that modesty requires us to efface them, but we may say that he depicts to the life the brutal cynicism into which idleness had caused the military class to fall.

  8. They are both experienced without always knowing the cause, and sometimes, later, they are 826 transformed and modified to such a degree as to efface the first impulse they inspired.

  9. This was an excellent occasion to efface all differences, to re-establish union against Versailles.

  10. What noble occasion to efface the great wrongs of the schools during the Commune, to bring nearer the proletarian this part of our youth, which is drifting further from them every day?

  11. Nothing,” he says, “could efface from the minds of men the prevailing opinion that Rome was set on fire by Nero’s own orders.

  12. His name is mentioned elsewhere in these sketches, but I leave what I have written untouched: for I do not hold with those who would efface the recollection of all that was bright and merry in one taken from us.

  13. It is impossible to efface his memory from my mind, nor can I ever forget how on that day he showed all his best qualities and contributed mainly to our success.

  14. To such an extent did the admiration with which Ali's bravery inspired these barbarians efface the memory of his crimes.

  15. Why did you efface yourself so completely for my sake?

  16. He took advantage of the sentences which Audley had put into Randal's mouth, in order to efface the impression made by his uncle's rude assault.

  17. Then I might have felt assured that the Future would efface the Past,--and found the courage to tell him all.

  18. The only thing that seems to me of real importance at present is to efface as fully as possible the remembrance of this beautiful Fleurange, for, among other discoveries, I find that to be Gabrielle’s real name.

  19. The Catholic Church alone can restore to fallen woman her rightful inheritance, and so efface the brand of sin that its shame shall be merged into a glory as pure as that of baptismal innocence.

  20. So, by dint of the maddest hurryings we got the bodies of the three Cherokees hoist upon the horses, and were able to efface in part the signs of the late encounter before the band of riders coming down the Indian path was upon us.

  21. So, having this behind-time flash of after-wit, I made haste to efface the question I had asked.

  22. She had intended to efface this young man altogether.

  23. Let his be the hand to efface it in its infamy.

  24. The way in which she contrived to efface the tragic incident was admirable.

  25. The strength of the child is to efface himself in every possible way.

  26. And in that region the distinction between truth and beauty is ever tending to efface itself.

  27. Some German women are ever in a state of exaltation that amounts to affectation, and the sweet expressions of which efface whatever there may be piquant or pronounced in their mind and character.

  28. And after the tracing has done service for your drawing, you can efface it with a sponge and use it again for another tracing.

  29. With his usual want of tact, Otto proceeded to efface the pleasant impression he had produced.

  30. The Christian baptism through which the word passed did not efface this ancient Roman stamp.

  31. Efface it, for any reason whatever, and miracle disappears.

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